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Life After Prison Chapter 2213

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Chapter 2213

Felipe grinned as he gazed up at the spiritual vortex atop the mountain. “Your daughter takes after you, Severin. Both your talents are otherworldly,” he remarked.

Wuhlricht added, “I couldn’t have said it better myself. Severin was just a warrior emperor when he first joined the Skyblue Sect. Then he led us to the Bleurealm, and he’s now preparing to leave for Midland not even a year after he entered the Grandiuno Sect!”

Wuhlricht was aghast at how Severin from going from strength to strength. Severin was only a warrior emperor at the Skyblue Sect, while Selene was only just starting her attainment training.

With Severin securing a breakthrough to level two supreme saint, he had become an invincible existence among the Grandiuno Sect’s younger generation. Selene, on the other hand, was fast catching up as she was on the cusp of a level two supreme saint breakthrough.

When Severin heard Wuhlricht and Felipe’s lamenting, Severin remarked sheepishly, “It would be such a waste not to push my talent to its fullest potential, don’t you think?”

Severin’s breakthrough to the supreme saint allowed him to activate the Chaos Constitution, a heaven-defying constitution that was listed among the top ten divine constitutions.

Similarly, Selene’s breakthrough to supreme saint had activated the Celestial Bone Foundation, which was superior even to Severin’s Chaos Constitution. Such a constitution would easily propel Selene to the level of a child favored by the heavens, and plenty of the older generation would want the privilege of nurturing a talent at her.

Felipe grinned wryly after hearing what Severin said. With qualifications that were only slightly above average within the sect, he could never reach Severin’s level. Talent, after all, was predetermined by destiny. Envying a talented person was futile.

As they chatted away, the spiritual energy vortex over Selene dissipated gradually. Soon, the aura of a level two supreme saint permeated through the air.

Severin rejoiced, knowing that Selene’s breakthrough had been successful.

A streak of light then flew out from the mountain and landed right in front of him. Selene was still surrounded in a flowing light, as her aura from the breakthrough had yet to disperse.

Her hair had been dolled up in a little bun, and she pounced on Severin as soon as she arrived at the courtyard.

“Look, dad! I made another breakthrough.”

Severin caressed her head and praised her. “Well done! Your last breakthrough wasn’t too long ago, so this one came pretty quick!”

“Of course! I’m a little genius!” Selene raised her head high and beamed with pride after being praised.

Severin chuckled at her response. Diane and everyone else joined in the laughter, as they too were amused by Selene’s antics.

After the laughter subsided, Diane advised, “Remember not to be too arrogant, Selene. There are will always be people stronger than you out there.”

As night fell, the courtyard lit up with a burning bonfire, and the atmosphere echoed with bursts of joy and laughter. Wuhlricht and the others had proposed a small party to celebrate the double breakthrough that Severin and Selene had made.

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Life After Prison

Life After Prison

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Status: Ongoing Native Language: English
A series of unfortunate events befell Severin Feuillet and led him to a five-year prison sentence, but by the time he was released, he had acquired wisdom from the teachings of a savant. Once Severin stepped back into society, he was prepared to give his all for his fiancee, but she had cheated on him and married an assaulter. Unbeknownst to him, the president of a certain company—a beauty in the finest—had given birth to his adorable baby daughter in secret. She had waited five insufferable years for him, and so thus began Severin's most daunting challenge yet, becoming a father.


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