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Arcane Sniper [Matan’s Shooter] Chapter 130 English

Arcane Sniper [Matan’s Shooter] Chapter 130
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“Gee, the branch manager! The branch manager!!!”

“The branch manager was beaten! The branch manager was beaten!”

“Everyone, don’t go outside! Hurry up and hide!”

“What the fuck! What did the tanks do, the branch manager not protecting?!”

There was great chaos near the branch office.

Director’s death! One of the things that should never happen in a branch. The members of the Rising-Sun were desperate, screaming and bewildered, like believers who had lost their principal.

“Won dealers, go over there quickly! Run! Run according to the branch manager’s last instructions!”

“Hey you bastard, if I go out, I’ll be behind too, so how do I run?”

“What? You bastard? This bastard has no top or bottom…!”

“Up and down? I’m on the same FM as you, what’s wrong with this bastard!”

A cistern of emotions mixed with fear, panic and anger. Even so, the personnel who can’t come out because they are afraid of the sniper below.

The deputy chief of staff shouted and tried to stop him, but the situation had already begun to roll out of control.

While they were fighting inside, white smoke was no longer coming from the distant mountains. This meant that the following had left, but Rising-Sun personnel were not aware of this.

“What kind of bastard are you attacking? Ranker?”

“Damn, how do I know? You mage bastards usually act like they’re smart, but they can’t even use detection properly?”

“How do I know it won’t be detected! The branch manager then searched!”

“What? Look around?! This bastard has something to say to the branch manager and something he can’t!”

No one cared.

The fact that one guild had declared war was spread, but it was one of the most common things.

So no one could have predicted.

In just one day, the Guild Guild attacked the South Pubiel Branch, the Pappeld Riverside Branch, the East Pubiel Branch, the Amois Mountain Branch, and the Emerald Jungle Branch.

The fact that 3 of them will kill a branch manager, two of them will kill a deputy director, and at least 4 FMs from every branch will be killed.

No one could have predicted.


Naturally, there was no response from the internet either.

Rising-Sun had a large gang of more than 6,000 members, so it was said that Lee or lower killed him all day, but it was just the blood of new feet.

But what if indiscriminate killing adds a day, two, or three days?

The members of Rising-Sun, who were helpless without even understanding the attacks below, were naturally forced to atrophy their activities.

Only then did the Middle Earth community finally detect anomalies.

< Title: Doesn't it seem like the beginner hunting grounds are quiet these days? Lee Ha >

Merging? Somehow, the number of people seems to have decreased a bit ㅋㅋ I don’t see anyone fighting every day at the beginner hunting ground.
-20. The kobold village is also a little quieter…

-Hey, I guess Middle-Earth’s new influx is over now. The writer seems to be the lowest level in Middle Earth

Oh shit, is that so?

bullshit. The number of subscribers is still growing.

At first, it was just a simple chat post with few views and few comments. An article in which even the letter ‘Ra’ in Rising-Sun does not appear.

However, as time went on, the words ‘I didn’t know what it was’ began to increase gradually.

There were fewer people in a certain hunting ground.

He even gave a notice that Rising-Sun was coming to steal the items, but he didn’t come, and then I came to think of it, and as I was passing through a ruined village, I saw a bunch of corpses.

When a small snowball rolls and rolls for a week, ten days, or a fortnight.


< Title: Is it true that Rising-Sun is being robbed now? >

< Title: Urgent Acquisition] Securing a video of the Wizard of Clouds. >

< Title: [Sunset Outlaw] It seems that you are definitely ranked in the guild. >

< Title: I heard that the Japanese community also exploded ㅋㅋ Rising-Line was robbed and 3ch was talking about it all day long. >

< Title: Hey, I saw the video, where are you attacking? Are the rumors that the operator intervened? >


The community began to be covered with stories related to Rising-Sun.

“Hey … quack, look at the reaction, look at the reaction.”

Lee Ha had his mouth wide open and he was enjoying great interest in himself.

It’s not bad. In order to shake up the members of the Rising-Sun, it is necessary to make the [Sunset Outlaw] guild look as inflated as possible.

‘This is nonsense.’

< Title: It seems that you are definitely ranked in the 'Sunset Outlaw' guild. >

Gilma Haihara is a person, but first of all, she’s not in the top 10. It is not on the list of the top 500 rankings previously surveyed in the United States. ㅇㅇ It seems to be right for Gilma to sit down in his pants and shoot an arrow by an archer ranker..

– Can’t watch the video? There are no arrows on people’s corpses.

– Isn’t that a gun? I heard a crackling sound.

Middle-earth have guns?

– Even the judges carry shields hahahahahahahaha If you’re not a ranker, you can’t do that.

– [The rising sun] is to be dealt with as [the setting sun], huh.

blah blah blah blah blah.
Two effects from packaging. The strong is added, and the identity is hidden.

The situation is as expected when the following was planning the indiscriminate sniper.

“Keukkeuk, there must be downsides to being too famous.

still good First off, I like the nickname.”

Below, I clicked on a video of his activity.

< Title: Urgent Acquisition] Securing the 'Cloud Wizard' video >

20 is. How do you attack from there? It’s 2 minutes long, but it’s impactful.
-Kya Lee Ha ​​Rising-Sun Look at the head popping Lee Ha ​​I thought it was an FPS game lol

-Where he went, there are only two left: [Death] and [Cloud]…

hahaha This bastard is here too.

-Humanly, if you’re a level 70 tank, isn’t it a little tired? What the fuck are you going to die in one shot lol

is an instant death decision ㅇㅇ If you get a headshot, you die.

You said you hit your head in the place where the clouds bloom? Is it Aim Nuclear? No, the range was that much before that?


The video below quickly became a hot topic on the Internet. It was taken by someone from the Rising-Sun personnel being attacked.

In the video, in the chaos reminiscent of a battlefield, there was only white smoke rising from somewhere in the distant forest.

The members of the Rising-Sun organization collapse near the shooter whenever new smoke rises.

It was a short video in which the gaze of the photographer suddenly turned off while he was running to avoid an unknown attack, but the impact was different.

Within 2 minutes of filming, the heads of each person in their 50s, 60s, and 70s exploded! because it exploded

“You probably haven’t caught it yet.”

Of course, the following is correct.

But what about the appearance of the foamer? invisible!

Even if you zoom in as far as possible, even the silhouette of a person is not visible. First of all, it is hidden like a Ghillie suit, so it will be difficult to find it easily even if you look closely, let alone a video.

An attack distance that is hard to even imagine for ordinary users, and the overwhelming power of one-shot-one-kill.

When the following things started to spread on the Internet, it was only natural that he was given all sorts of nicknames.

[Cloud Wizard], [God’s Mace], and even [Operator].

‘Nevertheless, Rising-Sun does not take any action. Are you just ignoring it? That would impede their ‘sales’. At the very least, it’s likely to be hidden in a separate ward.

The following terrorism is the full moon. Clearly, the Rising-Sun Guild had less frequent gatherings at the branch office.

However, the following haunting locations should have been grasped to some extent now. It even comes up with a video.

If so, there should be some kind of reaction from Rising-Sun, but Lee Ha hasn’t felt that way yet.

‘Well, it’s fine if it comes out like that. Slowly, as if dying like that, even if only the members of the organization are removed, the organization will collapse.’

Although there has been no full-fledged departure yet, what if the power of the name Rising-Sun disappears?

They have no reason to be in the Rising-Sun if they can’t go around the gang and steal other people’s items with PK.

‘The moment the departure begins, you are finished.’

Below was a sly smile.


“So, the current income for each branch is -43% on average compared to the previous month. In the case of branches with fewer members, up to -70% has occurred, which is expected to have a significant impact on our business in the future-.”

“Director of Planning.”

“-Bar, yes, yes! President. Yes. You can tell.”

As the profound voice spread, the personnel reading what was written on the paper hurriedly bowed their heads.

“What do you think I called a branch manager-level special meeting for?”


“Did you call it together to hear that the numbers you tap on the calculator, like my blood – no, like the blood of our branch managers and above?”

“No, of course not. Representative Kyokujitsu.”

About 25 people gathered in a dark room like a dark room.

They were Rising-Sun’s guild master Kyokujitsu and branch heads of each branch.

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Arcane Sniper [Matan’s Shooter]

Arcane Sniper [Matan’s Shooter]

Arcane Sniper, Mystic Musketeer, 마탄의 사수
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2017 Native Language: Korean
A series about a hyper-realistic fantasy game! “Sergeant First Class Ha, you crazy bastard. You shot another full round of bullseye?” The sharpshooter Ha LeeHa simply wanted to be a part of the army forever. However, due to an unfortunate accident, he became paraplegic and was tossed back into society. The revolutionary VR game [Middle Earth] presented a new life to him. Money obtained in [Middle Earth] has real-world value! Yet, he ruined his chance by selecting the lowest-tier character! “I’m not like the others. This is all I have.” Black gunpowder, iron balls, and ramrods… I’ll show all of you what a real ‘musketeer’ is!


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