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Arcane Sniper [Matan’s Shooter] Chapter 132 English

Arcane Sniper [Matan’s Shooter] Chapter 132
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Jaco looked like he was about to burst out laughing. stupid bastard Is the place he runs away from the level 15 monster habitat?

It is an understatement to even say that it is ominous.

Even if only one of the people here goes inside, he can annihilate all the monsters inside…

“Have you decided your own grave, Lee Ha!”

Jaco raised his voice as much as possible, but the following response was not heard.

“Ichibang-nim, I think you can catch it here.”

“Are you going to catch me here?”

“The forest is a place where there are few places to escape. If you lock up the space and summon all the FBAs…”

“Hmm, how many FBAs can you call right now?”

“I have received direct instruction from the representative. I can convene FBAs from all nearby branches.”

As Tikal bowed his head, Ichibang laughed.

“Kuk, okay. Tikal, I’ll follow your instructions.”

“all right.”

Tikal looked at Jaco and Ichibang alternately and whispered to Donyoku.

All FBAs near the forest where the light does not enter, the call is ordered!

Scrolls were constantly consumed to maintain the space lock magic, and the personnel of Rising-Sun, who were scattered here and there, began to cover the entire forest.

“23 minutes after Lee Ha entered the forest, the summoning of 531 Rising-Sun FBAs was completed. The head office FBAs, including Ichibang and Jaco, should take charge of each unit commander. Twenty groups of 25 people form a raid and go inside. Please let each other know the streets and close the siege. The rest of us will wait outside with me.”

Tikal exclaimed as if intoxicated beyond her proud feeling. The forest is quite large, but it is not impossible with this number of people.

“I will start the operation name Siege and Annihilation ( ).”

You can finally kill Hai-Ha.




A sphere of light floated in the air with the simple casting of the wizard.

Low-level wizards might not be able to cast them carelessly because they’re afraid of mana vampire bats, but for them, that’s not a problem.

“The forest is quite wide.”

“Yes. It is a low-level hunting ground, but as far as the width is … You may get lost.”

“Spread as wide as possible. As you know, he uses a strange stealth. He has to look for it with the naked eye, not a skill, so keep your eyes open.”


It wasn’t just Jaco. The fighters at headquarters were certainly experienced.

Rising-Sun’s raid, consisting of 20 teams of 25 men each, moved quickly and formed a siege network 15 meters apart from each other.

“Did you think you could hide in the dark?”

“Couldn’t you have logged out?”

“Quick-quick, I’m already in combat. The moment an arrow flew and flew past him, he couldn’t forcefully end it.”

Logout is possible only in peace state. The FBA, who applied for Jaco’s words, was greatly impressed.

‘Where are you, Lee Ha…the sunset guy who dares to block our rising sun…’

To face the guild called the setting sun in front of the guild called the rising sun.

Even just hearing the name of the guild did not resolve his anger.

I’m sure you’ll slap the reputation of Rising-Sun, which has a reputation for organizational management among users in Europe and the United States, in this way.

‘It is also an honorable death to make a robbery. You have to writhe in pain and bite your tongue to make it die.

Suddenly, Jaco grinded his teeth.

If it were right in front of you, he would suffer the most and do everything he could to make him die.

After entering the forest, I slowly narrowed the siege for about 10 minutes. No traces have appeared yet.

“Isn’t he still in the forest?”

“It doesn’t reach the detection magic distance… but it’s not a logout because you see a whisper coming in. The space is also blocked.”

Where are you? As many as 500 people formed a huge circle and encircled the entire forest.

A normal person would not be able to overcome the pressure and would try to escape to any one place.

‘Have you just given up on everything? Are you going to die in this?’

If so, did he choose this place because he didn’t want to see him die?

“Knock-knuckle, bastard… I know you’re offended.”


“No, nothing. Keep moving.”


The further into the center of the forest, the more dense the trees.

Due to the large number of people and the momentum they exuded, the swarm of spiders covering the ceiling did not come down.

Of course, it was only because of the level difference between the monster and the user that he gave up on his first attack.

Thanks to this, the darkness gradually grew darker.

Another 20 minutes passed with nothing.

The distance between the personnel of the Rising-Sun, which was close to 15m from each other, has been reduced to 10m from each other.

The first gunshot rang out at the point of entering about 1/3 of the forest without light.



The goal is to block the sight. When the wizard was knocked down in a single blow, the light magic disappeared from the air.

“No, it’s a bastard! Block everyone! Lower your stance!”

Jaco quickly lowered his head.

“Kat! Nu, Snow!”

“Keep down until you are dark-adapted! Everyone lower your posture!”

The combatants hurriedly lowered their stances at Jaco’s command.

But that’s it. Jaco couldn’t find any traces of the following anywhere.

‘where? where? how?’

no smoke visible There is no flash of gunpowder.

In this densely-grown forest, did you shoot while maintaining a distance where even the sparks could not be seen?!

“I can’t because the trees are in the way—”


Jaco grabbed his ear and lowered it again.

A scream was heard again from somewhere, and the forest grew darker.

“Again? Did you hit it again?”

And only those who use lights? Is he sniping right now to turn off the lights?

“Where are you? Where are you, Lee Ha!”

“Hey, Jaco-sama! It’s dangerous if you scream!”

not far away I know it’s definitely nearby, but you can’t catch it!


“Damn you bastard!!!”

The gunfire echoes in the forest, where even light cannot penetrate, and the sound is even louder.

You can’t get directions through sound, and you can’t see smoke, so what’s below is completely transparent.

“Hey, Jaco-sama! If I do this, I will die-.”

“Stay still! I will tell the representative about your death well.”

“Uh, uh-uh-!”

Jaco grabbed the Rising-Sun personnel near him and put them in front of him.

“Reveal, Lee Ha! Where’s the cowardly hiding and shooting! Come out! I’ll rip your limbs off right now, come out!”

human shield!

In fact, Jaco was criticizing Lee Ha for the subject that he used the same team as a shield.

Touk, something fell on Jaco’s head.


A red light burned dazzlingly from the object that fell to the floor after it touched his shoulder.


“Chick show…”

Right. It was over his head.

Jaco is a master of battle. So it was known He said he couldn’t live.

“Po, po, po,”


A huge flame broke out in the forest where no light came in.


“Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good!!

“Po, it’s an explosion! There’s an explosion!”

“No, cast magic! Where is he-.”

The siege of Rising-Sun was disrupted in an instant by the intense light and flames arising from the explosion.

Above all, the fact that they couldn’t see the surroundings came to them as their greatest fear.

‘Is it okay to just cast like that… If you fight in the dark, you have to go into the dark thoroughly. The moment you ignore the light control, you’re just a target for bombardment.’

Ttt and Lee Ha clicked their tongues and set fire to several bombs in succession.

Rising-Sun’s countless fighters don’t even care, ‘over their heads’.

‘Quick, there’s a reason why I only went to the West Pubiel branch recently.”

aimed He also predicted that he would form a separate wing.

I was a little embarrassed because the detached unit was bigger than expected, but it wasn’t a problem.

Even if you are a combat agent at Rising-Sun’s headquarters, you are only an expert in combat, and if it’s war and strategy, you can’t be beaten by the following.

Tikal and other Rising-Sun personnel predicted that Lee Ha would appear again in the West Fubiel branch, and they sprinkled bait and finally started their pursuit today, but all of this was within the following plan.

‘The first order in war is to decide where to fight. If you trust only your head and run blindly, I will be disappointed.’

While looking at Pubiel’s map as if drawing in her head, Lee Ha found the best place, a forest where no light enters.

In addition, there are few general users who will be in the way. There are quite a few beginners, but they also stop hunting at night.

In other words, if only I could bring the detached wing during this time when the sun started to set?

It means that it is optimal to show the following skills.


Bombs as far as possible. In order not to get caught in his position on the tree, he scatters it here and there and throws it.

Boom- boo!

Each of the four silver weapons spread flames and noise indiscriminately, easily destroying the Rising-Sun camp.

“Catch it!! Use detection!!”

“Light! Write me a light! We need to find out where he is!”

“I’m casting now!”

“Don’t cast! Don’t do it!”

“Yes? Yes, but just now, Deikoku-sama—.”

“Do it! Cast! You have to see to fight! You can’t do it like this!”

We don’t know who died and who lived. The situation has been entrusted to each engineering commander rather than being under the command of one person as a whole.

There are people who direct the casting, and there are people who block it.

As he was too busy taking care of his troops, the command system of Rising-Sun fell into chaos.

What if you try to cast Eoyoung Booyoung like that?

Mana gathers in the bodies of the wizards. And mana shines.

“In other words, it’s my food.”


This time a gunshot rang out. A new hole was drilled in the wizard’s neck.

“Damn!! Where are you! You bastard!!”

There is no time to look at the sky in the dark.

Rising-Sun’s fighters, in complete chaos, finally began to go crazy.


“Kahak-! You madman! What if you stab me!”

“Ha, ha, I can’t see it! I can’t see it!”

“It’s me! It’s me! Don’t attack!”

He swings his spear at the sound of a branch breaking or a stone being trampled on. Of course, only the allies around him are right.

‘Five hundred blindfolded people. It’s spread out in this wide forest, it’s not 1:500, it’s 1:1, it’s 500 times. Besides, you can’t even see me

Chi profit-….

‘I have no choice but to be beaten like this.’

A spark erupted at the place where it struck someone’s shield while swinging a sword.

Lee Ha once again threw down the bomb with all his might. He found a small spark and threw it right at the target.



The achievement of turning the bodies of two combatants to ashes with a single bomb.

The following wanted to smile. If it wasn’t for the white brilliance emanating from his body.

[Level has risen.]

“Huh… I didn’t think of this.”

“It’s up!!!!! It’s up!!!!”

“Such a fucking bastard!!!”

The heads of all the Rising-Sun fighters rose to the sky. The figure of Lee Ha sitting comfortably on a wooden pole at a height of 7 m caught my eye.

“Uh… Lee Ha, can’t we just view it as a celebration of level-up?”


Of course it couldn’t be.

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Arcane Sniper [Matan’s Shooter]

Arcane Sniper [Matan’s Shooter]

Arcane Sniper, Mystic Musketeer, 마탄의 사수
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