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Arcane Sniper [Matan’s Shooter] Chapter 161 English

Arcane Sniper [Matan’s Shooter] Chapter 161
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Since the guild war started, he fulfilled his responsibilities as a guild master.

He needed to provide the guild members with various items in order to fight properly.

Furthermore, various scrolls and buff potions were needed for guerilla warfare.

Of course, if it was an ordinary guild war, a huge guild would not suffer like this.

However, it was not an ordinary guild war.

Because a significant amount of funds had already been withdrawn in order to invest in Dale Castle.

This situation didn’t only apply to Hyein but also to the guild masters of Dragon Knights and Seomgwang guild.

The guild warehouse had been emptied.

“Seeing that you’re asking for more time, it should take about a week more, but…. It’s almost over.”

“Uh, fine. I’ll see you become more certain…. If we wait another week, our safety will be empty, but that’s ok. It’s still okay. If we eat Dale Castle, all the money we have spent would be covered. Isn’t that right, Sasuke?”

“That’s right, master. We would be able to recoup our current spending.”

Hyein was no longer listening to Sasuke.

His personality had already changed ever since they started going after Dale Castle. Watching him mumble to himself, Sasuke smiled for the first time.

“Assuming that you could eat Dale Castle…….”

“What was that?”

“It’s nothing. I will lead the guerilla warfare for now.”

“Okay, Sasuke. I only believe in you. Guerilla warfare is our stepping stone to accomplish big things, right?”

“Of course. Well then.”

Sasuke bowed his head briefly and left the safe house.

Byeolcho’s guild master just sat there and looked at Sasuke’s back as he left.

“Please, you’re the only one I trust, Sasuke!”

The guild battle between Hwahong and Byeolcho, which drew a lot of attention when the video of the early battle of the Tygonas Plain was uploaded, was slowly losing its popularity.

Contrary to the expectations of users who wanted to see a huge clash, it did not provide much spectacle because Byeolcho Alliance only used guerilla warfare, and Hwahong could only run around trying to catch them.

Two weeks passed. When the war continued for 15 days, strange rumors began to circulate in Aelstock.

“I heard Byeolcho prepared a big one?”

“Byeolcho? Ah, the guild war? Isn’t it over yet?”

“It’s great. I heard they were very determined to finish off Hwahong. Three experts from Byeolcho Alliance will meet tomorrow and make a decision.”

“Oh, there must be something, right? Did they end up bringing in Shin Nara or Lee Jiwon? Or Faust?”

“Leeha, whatever it is, it would be a spectacle. It’s going to be fun.”

Leeha listened to the users’ quiet conversation.

Everyone else was curious about what each guilds’ secret weapons were, but Leeha was curious about the purpose of this obvious ‘trap.’

‘It must have been a deliberate rumor. What kind of idiot would go around talking about a secret weapon to the point where ordinary users know about it?’

Byeolcho must have spread these rumors for Hwahong to hear.

In other words, it was spread in order to attract Hwahong. It was a blatant provocation. To be more precise, it is a trap in order to attract Hwahong.

‘The day after tomorrow. They even told the time. Hwahong would be on alert for the next three days.’

The location would be exposed on the same day. In order to attract Hwahong, they would show a tail on purpose.

Leeha opened his friends’ window and compared the position of Hwayeon and Hyein. The two guild masters wandering around the safe houses all over the Fibiel Kingdom would never meet by chance.

‘The I……?’

Leeha opened his character window and looked at his level. Level 99.

Now, even if he hunted a high orc alone, leveling up was still slow. They said that it would be the day after tomorrow, so even if he killed high orcs during that time, he could barely raise his experience.

‘I need to get to level 100 and follow them.’

It was the first time Leeha did not have to worry about any quest or adventure and only hunt.

However, it was impossible for him to move first. Leeha could only follow once the two guilds made their move.

‘And this…’

Leeha took out a few sheets of paper from his bag.

The work he commissioned to Holy Grill was delivered with a satisfactory result. The only problem was it was not just a satisfactory result, but a shocking one at that.

Leeha recalled the conversation he had with Madam Ju at the Holy Grill a few days ago

“This is what our informants confirmed. but…”


“They don’t have ahead.”


“They don’t have ahead. The people gathered there were from different guilds or people who didn’t belong to any guild at all. It is clear that they were taking orders from someone, but…. it would be difficult to find any traces of their leader.”

Madam Ju shook her head and continued.

“Our informants said they have heard the word ‘Oka-san,’ but that alone-”

“Oka-san-! Shinobi-gumi! Those guys are Shinobi-gumi! But they don’t have a guild?”

“Yes. So we couldn’t find any traces. They don’t even know where their head office is.”


How many people knew Leeha’s name? They knew of him because Ha Leeha was set as the guild master of [Setting Sun Desperado]. Wasn’t the Rising Sun’s guild master Kyokujitsu? Because both of them were registered.

In other words, Shinobi-gumi did not create a guild because they did not want to reveal their guild master’s name, which would be automatically registered in Middle Earth’s system.

So users and NPCs could not easily learn their information. At that thorough movement, Leeha had no choice but to stick his tongue out.

“First of all, I wrote down the people who were identified from their appearance and characteristics. It would be faster to chase after those people in the future instead of their organization.”

The pieces of paper Madam Ju handed over to him had the profiles of several people written on them. Equipment items, costumes, characteristics of appearance, and guild symbols if they belong to any guild.

“……Matsushige, Mame Hana……. As well. Both of them are from Shinobi-gumi- huh? What?”

“……I called to show you that.”

“T-t-this…… This is wrong, right?”

“No. We already checked it a few times.”

“No way……. No, no, so…… so it was like that?”

Aside from Matsushige and Mame Hana, the profile of another person was written on the paper.

He couldn’t keep his mouth shut. The ominous puzzle was put together in Leeha’s mind on where it went wrong.

‘I wasn’t sure before. It was all an assumption.’

However, this was not an assumption. There was little clear information anyway. Leeha shook his head to remove all distracting thoughts.

“For now, I should focus on leveling.”

After he moved back to Kunigo Hill, he encountered the high orcs that he recently thought were boring to hunt. Their distance was approximately

280m. Leeha, without using any skill, crouched and took a shooting posture.


He aimed two clicks above the high orc’s head and three clicks to the right. It was fine until 200m, however, as the distance increased, the effect of wind and gravity got stronger. In particular, the wind in the meadow could not be ignored.


Before, although he found the trigger point, he could not properly aim at his target. It was because the Hummingbird would move

Even with just his heartbeat and pulse.

However, it was now firmly fixed. It wasn’t just Leeha’s level that had risen over the past few days.


The high orc’s head exploded as a result of the gunshot.

“It would take two days.”

After checking the experience points, Leeha quickly reloaded.

“Jacheong! Is it ready?”

“It’s done. We have caught the tail of Byeolcho Alliance.”

Good. It’s the same as last time. They are trying to bait us-” Hwahong’s guild house was busy.

Hwahong has already heard about Byeolcho Alliance’s plan that they shared openly. Even though she knew it was a trap, Ram Hwayeon couldn’t help but bite into it.

“-But you can’t catch a dragon using a kitchen knife. Hwajeong! This time, move according to the command system. If you move alone like last time

I won’t forgive you.”

“Understood, unni.”

“What about Hwangryong?”

“I have contacted Pei Wu. He said that 888 of Hwangryong’s elite is already on standby.”

“Tsk, he’s so eloquent, but they are nothing without Pei Wu. The bluffs of those mainland guys are-”

“S-Shhh! Director- no, your voice is too loud, Guild master-nim.”

As Ram Hwayeon grumbled, Jacheong quickly covered her voice.

Most of Hwahong’s members were from Hong Kong. However, there were also people from the mainland. It would not do any good if they heard her words.

“I got it. Let’s make our plan run smoothly. Tell the Alchemist to wait. Those damned outsiders. I gave them money, but only one came……

“Yes, guild master-nim.”

Hway, eon was so on the edge that she said things that she would not normally say. The operation of a corporation and guild

So different.

‘No. Rather than that……. I should praise the enemy that did not surrender. If it was a normal enemy, it would have been over in less than a day. I heard that Koreans in the game are expert fighters themselves…

They were a difficult enemy for Hwayeon, who had already devoured several companies while under her father.

It was the difference between Byeolcho Alliance, which treats Middle Earth with the concept of ‘war,’ and Hwayeon, which treats Middle Earth as ‘business.’

Moreover, the biggest variable was that Byeolcho Alliance was made of Koreans.

‘Good, I should learn from my failures. Thanks to those Koreans, I learned a lot. Instead of thanking them, I should give them a shot.’

For the Hwahong guild, it was one shot for revenge. It would be their last trap as Byeolcho Alliance. The popcorn would not be enough for the spectators!

The rumors shed by Byeolcho Alliance spread, and the fight between Hwahong and Byeolcho heated up again.

It would be really over this time. If the two guilds waged an all-out war, this battle would decide everything!

Byeolcho Alliance had the same idea.

“This is the last time.”

“That…… I’m worried if it’s possible, Hyein-nim. Even the timing is a little late-”

“There’s nothing to worry about, Euncheon-nim. Hyein’s strategy had never failed until now. The question is, how long would it continue?”

“That’s right, Gaetong-nim.”

The three guild masters of the Byeolcho Alliance agreed on the last trap plan. However, they were worried that all of them would act as bait for the trap.

If the guild masters died, their voice within the alliance was bound to weaken. If their members lost their guild masters, it was inevitable that they would be helpless in battle and would be pushed to the back and gain lower contributions.

They have to get it together and prevent the other guild masters from taking more money. They wanted to check everything

With their own eyes. Because their alliance was made with profit in mind, they did not trust each other well.

“I can…… see them……!”

“Oh, t-they’re coming!”

“Crazy fucks, buff! Buff me-”

“They still have a long way to go! The Byeolcho Alliance members, which had already been buffed when they gathered, had their buff removed in the middle of the battle

They were drenched in fear. They had preserved their troops by using guerilla warfare,

however, it was inevitable that they still felt fear of Hwahong’s name.

“Master. You lead.”

“Okay, Sasuke. Protect me.”


Hyein, the leader of the Byeolcho Alliance, stepped forward.

“Prepare for battle!!!! Let’s get those bitches’ heads and proudly enter Dale Castle!!!”

A total of 563 members of Byeolcho Alliance gathered at the center of Amas Canyon

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Arcane Sniper [Matan’s Shooter]

Arcane Sniper [Matan’s Shooter]

Arcane Sniper, Mystic Musketeer, 마탄의 사수
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A series about a hyper-realistic fantasy game! “Sergeant First Class Ha, you crazy bastard. You shot another full round of bullseye?” The sharpshooter Ha LeeHa simply wanted to be a part of the army forever. However, due to an unfortunate accident, he became paraplegic and was tossed back into society. The revolutionary VR game [Middle Earth] presented a new life to him. Money obtained in [Middle Earth] has real-world value! Yet, he ruined his chance by selecting the lowest-tier character! “I’m not like the others. This is all I have.” Black gunpowder, iron balls, and ramrods… I’ll show all of you what a real ‘musketeer’ is!


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