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Arcane Sniper [Matan’s Shooter] Chapter 167 English

Arcane Sniper [Matan’s Shooter] Chapter 167
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[You have leveled up.]

[You have leveled up.]

[You have leveled up.]


Leeha shut his eyes as his body shined with a bright light.

It wasn’t just the light. A lot of system notifications blocked his eyes, and it was almost impossible to see what was right in front of him.

Leeha, who knew everything, waited in the canyon from the time the battle began.

Even before Hwangryong had appeared, he laid down on his stomach while camouflaged, so he had virtually seen all of the battles.

How many times did he want to shoot during that time?

He managed to resist the urge to blow Sasuke’s head off whenever he noticed his movements. Because if he pulled the trigger too soon, the misunderstanding would have escalated rather than resolved.

Most importantly, it wasn’t Sasuke that Leeha was aiming for. Killing him wouldn’t do any good.

In order for the members to understand the situation, he had waited for Agromni Igor to appear.

To let everyone realize that although Hyein ordered it, the contract that Sasuke made with Igor was for the sake of ‘Shinobi-gumi.’

After that, everything went as planned.

When the first headshot hit Igor’s special headband and bounced off, he was really scared, but….

‘It was successful! Finally!!’

Leeha was the reason Kijeong was able to pierce Igor’s side. He also remembered Hwajeong froze Igor’s face in order to protect Kijeong.

It was a collaboration between Byeolcho and Hwahong. And Leeha, he dealt the final blow!

‘I’m happy, but this isn’t the time.’

He had no room to rejoice even though he had killed the 3rd in the world-level ranking.

First, Leeha closed all the system notifications.

The Czar’s guild members were still climbing up the cliff. He wanted to at least incapacitate one of them before the duration of the Delicate Hand Movement was over.

“Huu, huu.”

The only safety equipment they had was a rope tied to each other’s bodies. Nearly 500 members of the Czar guild climbed the cliff at an amazing speed.

‘I did kill 500 people, however, it was because Rising Sun was trash.’ But these were the ones who followed Igor. Leeha would not be able to deal with 500 high-level people alone. Leeha shot as soon as he finished reloading the Hummingbird. “

Bang- What Leeha aimed at was not a moving target.

Leeha’s bullet collided against the rock wall. Leeha pulled the trigger in anticipation of the path that they were going to climb.

Rock climbing is not easy. And to some extent, there’s a predetermined path to climb. What would happen if there’s less space to hold onto or step on?’

They couldn’t directly get to where Leeha was located. They had to find better paths in order to climb!


But Russians were Russians.

Despite the constant number of victims falling and dying, they persistently climbed up, and although they were quite a distance away from Leeha, they were able to succeed in climbing up the canyon.

“Igor is dead. Get that guy alive. Imprison him.”

“Yes, sir. !”

As the men who were dressed as monks, and wore hooded robes ran toward him, Leeha immediately threw away his camouflage.

“You struggled to get here! Goodbye, you ignorant bears!”

Leeha ran towards the canyon. It was scary, however, it was possible. Haven’t the 888 members of Hwangryong succeeded already?


Leeha threw himself down the cliff without hesitation.

As they saw Leeha jumping down the canyon, the members of the Czar had no choice but to stop.

They wanted to chase him right away and tear his limbs, however, now that Igor was dead, they had no chance of winning if they went down again.

“Let’s go back.”

“Aren’t we going to catch him?”

“It’s hopeless. Let everyone return and wait for Igor-nim’s instructions until he connects.”

“Yes sir.”

The Russian Guild tried to capture Leeha’s image even if it was a bit. Their burning eyes were set on Leeha, who struggled in the air.

Leeha fell on the cliff and struggled.

“Kuwaah—!! H-How were they able to survive at this speed!! I trained a few times myself, but this-”

He threw himself off the cliff and unfolded the small cloth, but he never expected the speed at which he would fall.

Were all of the Hwangryong crazy martial artists? Was there something like martial arts that made their body lighter?

“T-There’s a person falling!”

“What happened?? Why did Czar run away?”

The normal guild members, who still weren’t able to understand the situation, murmured as they watched Leeha fall.

“Leeha-hyung!!! You will die!! You idiot!”

“How can someone who caught Igor be so stupid?!”

Kijeong and Ram Hwayeon cursed at Leeha. He’s the kind of person that always end’s up doing well!

“Don’t just shout and do something! Help me!”

“I have no mana.”

At Leeha’s shout, Hwajeong sighed.

She was able to gnaw away the mana of the Russian Berserker. Unfortunately, the mana she barely recovered was used up by the freezing skill earlier!

There was no one who could help Leeha. Except for one person.

“I’m glad I didn’t block the space.”

“What? H-Hyein-hyung?”

Hyein leaned on his staff and got up. Fine lavender particles gathered into his body.

Kijeong was confused for a moment. Was Hyein trying to kill Leeha in this situation? Could it be that he would suddenly attack and create confusion?

“Hold Dimension.”

However, it was a misunderstanding. As Hyein swung his staff, Leeha’s body, which was descending sharply, stopped in the air.

Scrolls could not penetrate the space while it was locked, but Hyein was able to do it with his magic. Hyein slowly lowered Leeha’s body.

“Haa. Haa……. I was about to die. T-thank you, Hyein-nim.”

“Ha Leeha…”

“No, this is not the time! Sasuke- Find Sasuke!”

Hyein’s eyes looked wet. Leeha shouted as soon as he landed safely, but it was already too late.

“He ran away. The moment Igor died.” There was a lot of strength in Hwajeong’s voice. It was surprising for Ram Hwayeon, who had never heard her sister’s voice like that.

“Hey- what happened, Hyein-nim?”

“What happened in Byeolcho, wasn’t it Hyein-nim’s plan to summon Igor? Isn’t this person…… the ‘Cloud Magician’ Ha Leeha……? Why is he here?”

Was the situation deemed to be safe?

The other guild masters of the Byeolcho Alliance, Gaeryong of Dragon Knights and Eunchon of Seomgwang, approached Hyein.

Before Kijeong knew it, Tale was next to him and was looking at Hyein. He still had the authority of a guild master. If Hyein said anything, Kijeong and Tale would do everything they could to stop him.

“I will explain it.”

“Leeha-hyung? No, how are you, hyung? Why are you here? Besides, what explanation-”

“Listen first. Listen while I talk, Kijeong. All the guild masters and vice-guild masters, please gather! I will tell you who really was behind this war!”

Leeha raised his voice. His bag was filled with information that he had received from Madam Ju, as well as the screenshots he had collected by himself.

In the screenshot, Sasuke was with Mame Hana and Shigematsu. They were at the dyeing workshop along with various camouflage cloaks, in Shinobi-gumi’s hideout near Candle Castle.

“Surely……. Did they steal the guild mark with this?”

They had fast movements, and if they revealed it half-covered with a cloak in the middle of the war, it would look like Hwahong’s guild mark. Just as Kijeong made a mistake at the capital?” “Right. It was probably Sasuke. Didn’t Sasuke also hand me the photo of that unknown ‘person’? He must have taken our photo and doctored it himself.”

“I see…… that explains why the movements were somehow familiar……

Kijeong and Tale trembled at Leeha’s words. It meant that Sasuke had made a plan and moved meticulously.

Does that mean that Kijeong and Tale were branded as traitors at the safe house due to the thorough preparations for the trap?

“There is a lot more than that. And I have an NPC that can confirm everything which I have said as the truth.”

Leeha showed the information he knew about ‘Shinobi-gumi’s’ meeting. Sasuke’s organization was a guild that was not registered.

Shinobi-gumi did not make a guild themselves, they infiltrated other guilds while hiding, or created a paper guild when necessary.

“Daijunana……. It means 17th. This is probably the 17th guild that Shinobi-gumi made to make profits. Its guild master must have been completely different, and a low-leveled person.”

Upon hearing Leeha’s words, all the guild masters’ faces turned pale.

“They might have wanted to take all the profits after the Byeolcho Alliance and Hwahong lost their strength from fighting each other…”

“They would have ended the situation by bringing in a third party that had power but needed money, that is, Igor and Czar…”

“And finally, they would have taken over and transferred all the profits into the paper guild……

In this case, it was similar to a spy that could be seen in the movies. Even Ram Hwayeon was horrified at how precise the Shinobi-gumi was.

“Was it also because of the Shinobi-gumi that we suffered from guerilla warfare?”

“That should be true. Neither Byeolcho, Dragon Knights, nor Seomgwang could have gathered information about Hwahong. Perhaps they are also hiding in Hwahong. Because they found the locations of your safe houses.”

They didn’t know about it. Leeha was only able to get the information related to the war, and he was not able to get detailed information about the agents.

Hearing Leeha, Jacheong opened his mouth in fear.

“T-that can’t be the case, guild master-nim! All our guild members belong to the head office-”

“I understand, Jacheong. Keep quiet. We’ll talk about it later. So? What are you thinking, Ha Leeha-ssi? Now that you’re brought this much information, should we join hands to stop the war?”

“What are you talking about? Igor intervened, but we won-”

“Do you want to continue, Dragon Knight? You no longer have Igor and Czar. And you need to deal with my Hwahong and Hwangryong. If we keep going, you might regret it.”

Gaeryong was speechless. Right, they had previously won the battle, but not anymore. Things have turned around 180 degrees.

What would happen, assuming that Pei Wu would arrive soon? The space had not been released yet. The Byeolcho Alliance might get annihilated here.

“I also know Byeolcho Alliance’s disappointment. And Ram Hwayeon, I also think that this is not the time for the two groups to fight. Nothing good will come if we hastily make moves while we still don’t know the identity or financial power of the Shinobi-gumi. At least, the current guild battle should end. Before Shinobi-gumi could make a move

we need to get Dale Castle.”

“Then who won?! If you tell us to back off-”

“Calm down, Ram Hwayeon. Everyone here knows that Hwahong doesn’t need to back down. Most importantly, Byeolcho Alliance is responsible. Isn’t it, Hyein?”

Leeha calmed Ram Hwayeon down and spoke. Judging from the remaining power, Hwahong was victorious.

And Guild Master Hyein, the head of the Byeolcho Alliance, was responsible for all of this, to begin with.

Not only was it Hyein’s mistake that he raised Sasuke to the rank of vice-guild master and played with him, but it was also Hyein that made a sin against the guild.

Hyein, whose complexion had changed from earlier, let out a big sigh.

“That’s…… right. That’s right Phew……. Where did it go wrong?”

Every time Leeha presented evidence, Hyein could not help rebuking himself for being deceived by Sasuke.

“Wait! That- Ram Hwayeon-ssi……? Hyein might have been responsible, but what about Dragon Knights and Seomgwang!”

Their faces distorted as they acknowledged the defeat of the Byeolcho Alliance.

“So that’s why I want to propose something. This should be good for both Ram Hwayeon-ssi and the Byeolcho Alliance.”


“I realize that there is still a lot of work to be done after getting Dale Castle. They will need troops for escorts going through the Dale Castle to the Shazrasian Federation, managing dungeons, mercenaries during siege battles against other guilds, and they will also need troops for normal guild battles. So to speak……”

Leeha cleared his throat.

The war had progressed and deviated from its original path. Shinobi-gumi might have wanted for either the Byeolcho Alliance or Hwahong to collapse.

And Leeha’s suggestion was the best that he could think of to prevent that.

“How about Hwahong hire Dragon Knights and Seomgwang? It’s like how you hired Hwangryong right now. Since they don’t have a ranker like Pei Wu, they would be cheaper than Hwangryong, and the combat power of the two guilds has already been proven as they were able to stand against Hwahong. How about that?”

The guild masters’ eyes widened at Leeha’s suggestion.

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Arcane Sniper [Matan’s Shooter]

Arcane Sniper [Matan’s Shooter]

Arcane Sniper, Mystic Musketeer, 마탄의 사수
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