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Arcane Sniper [Matan’s Shooter] Chapter 173 English

Arcane Sniper [Matan’s Shooter] Chapter 173
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Leeha was amazed as he saw Ram Hwayeon and Ram Hwajeong like that. Not everyone could be a celebrity.

“We’re here now.”

“Hmm, there are a lot of people.”

Like that they arrived at the Sealed Underground Waterway instance dungeon inside Dale Castle.

Users gathered and formed parties near the entrance, and the guards controlled the users and checked the tickets.

“I greet Hwahong’s guild master.”

“Ah, thank you for your hard work. Here, this man is going to enter the dungeon”

“Come in.”


Of course, Ram Hwayeon could freely enter. One of the things Leeha was curious about was whether he could get a free pass with his current stakes.

Perhaps reading his expression, Ram Hwayeon spoke first.

“You also have a stake, so you can come anytime. I only came this time to show you the location.”

“If it’s about the location, I already knew it…“


“No! Nothing. Thank you.”

“If you think it’s dangerous, use the return scroll right away. Don’t overdo it by being greedy for the experience. If you ever need a tanker, we can lend you someone from our guild.”

“Hey, that’s enough I don’t want to bother you that much. Anyway, thank you, Ram Hwayeon-ssi, Ram Hwajeong-ssi.”

“Be careful!”

“I got it!”

Although Ram Hwayeon looked anxious, Leeha threw himself into the entrance without hesitation. A lone dealer went to the dungeon alone. It was clear that he would have a hard time even with his skills.

“It’s okay, unni.”


“This won’t be a problem for him.”


Hwajeong looked at Hwayeon and said vague words. In her hand, the information check scroll was torn.

“Phew, it wasn’t necessary for them to implement even the humidity.”

The dungeon, where the rattling sewage flowed leisurely, felt really humid. Leeha had a practical reason for coming here.

It was a sewer,not a cave, so the dungeon was wide, and there were many straight paths.

‘Still, the solo recommendation was level 145 or higher.’

In other words, this dungeon was sufficient to accumulate experience points until level 145. For Leeha, who was level 118, it would be the sweetest fruit.

‘That is… if I could catch it.’ Huu, huu. Leeha finished reloading the musket and pistol and proceeded carefully. There was no map, and even the lights were dimly lit.

There was no middle ground in an instance dungeon.

Either clear it to the end and get experience or give up halfway to save your life.

Of course, if you leave in the middle, the experience points you have accumulated would be lost.

‘So compared to the Sentinel Mountains, there are fewer solo players in an instance dungeon. I mean, there are a lot of risks.’ Leeha was somehow confident- but he didn’t let down his guard and kept his eyes on the path. It was then that he saw bubbles bubbling in the slow-flowing sewer.


The frog resembled a human, tulloc! The monster’s puffy cheek was ready to spit out poison toward Leeha at any time!



“That surprised me!”

Leeha’s body was faster than his words. Before it could spit its venom, the tulloc turned into a shriveled frog.

One shot, one kill.

“What? One-shot?”

Leeha, of course, was not able to adapt to his body, could react faster than expected. Besides, no matter how fast he was, the monster was level 130 or higher. One-shot?

Leeha didn’t even hit its head. It was just shot somewhere in its body. It still died in one shot.

Ram Hwayeon, who was still outside the underground waterway instance dungeon, asked Ram Hwajeong.

“What do you mean by he would be fine, Hwajeong? Did you see Ha Leeha’s stats?”

“Yeah, I saw it.”

“How is it?”

“Agility 1,000.”

“……Thousand? Agility is in the thousand? It isn’t his total stats?”

“He also has Igor’s skill. Nothing can stop him in the Underground Waterway.”

“Ah, no, wait, Hwajeong! Is it really 1000? Ha Leeha? He’s not even 120 yet! Then what-…”

Without knowing the admiration felt by Ram Hwayeon and Ram Hwajeong, Leeha continued to explore the dungeon. It was exactly as Middle Earth’s Genius, Ram Hwajeong, said.

“Why am I so strong?”

Leeha was surprised by his own strength.



Bang, bang, bang, bang!

Every time a gunshot rang out, a monster died. It was a situation in which the monsters died regardless of whether they got hit in the head, chest, stomach, or even thigh.

[You have leveled up.]

And how much experience was given?. It was enough to level up.

“Can this be called a dungeon? It’s like riding ‘The Adventures of Sinbad’. The humidity is similar.”

If it was a party of 5 level 130 users, they would have explored the dungeon while grunting. However, it was nothing more than a theme park ride for Leeha.

‘Is it because of Forbidden Rage? It really is too strong. Besides, my reload speed…….’

It had become so fast that he wondered if he would still need the skill Delicate Hand Movement.

The Musket Mastery skill was steadily rising, but the movements based on his agility became so fast.

Taking one stat to 1,000 had a special meaning. If you want to get a single stat to 1000 just by leveling up without any achievements, you would have to get close to level180 even if you put all your points into it.

Of course, if you distribute your stat points to different stats because of equipment requirements, it would be impossible to get 1000 on a single stat at level 180.

It was only natural for Ram Hwajeong to feel relieved after seeing Leeha’s stats.

“It’s so easy that I’m feeling sorry…… Haha.”

Leeha scratched his head.

A huge snake opened its mouth from the ceiling, but grapeshot bullets shot from the pistol destroyed its head.

“Aigoo, sorry. Why did you surprise me like that?”

Leeha explored the underground waterway while looting items. It was a problem if it jumped down by surprise, but there was no particular danger if he preloaded in advance.

[You have leveled up.]

“Phew, Now…… I need to focus a little.”

After raising another level, Leeha stood in front of the boss room. It was the final part of the instance dungeon.

If you succeed, you would be able to take out all the experience you have gotten so far, but what if you die here? The death penalty, was only natural, and you will also lose all the experience you have received in the dungeon.

‘The boss is a berserk giant Tulloc. I already know its information . I also know about the underlings that appear together with it.’

It has a speed that doesn’t fit its huge body. Besides, like a mutant contaminated with sewage, it has a hard outer shell that repels most swords and spears.

As it was a frog, it was a boss that attacked by jumping, with long-ranged poison.

In addition, if you position yourself in the wrong place when preparing for the boss, there was the danger that the magician, ranged dealer, and healer could quickly get killed by the tullocs.

Leeha removed the gunpowder and the residue from the musket and pistol and reloaded them.

“Okay. The return scroll is also within reach.”

Dying would be the worst thing that could happen. He had to avoid at least that. If something bad happened, he was ready to run away at any time! Leeha opened the iron gate leading to the boss room.


Leeha stepped into the room full of sewage and heard a frog’s cry in the darkness.

Crooak- Croooak-

“Huu, it’s not like I wasn’t prepared for anything.”

Leeha, from the run-up, threw what he was holding as hard as he could.

As long as he did not have any light source such as a light or torch, there was only one way to get light!

Boom—! Croooak–!!

The bomb exploded and spewed out flames.

“Nice! One on the right!”


Leeha turned and used the musket while simultaneously pulling out the needle gun pistol!

“Two on the left!”


He killed two tullocs in an instant.

The giant tulloc, who lost its sight from the sudden heatwave, struggled.

Boom, boom-!

It was so powerful that the walls shook and stone powder fell. The frog, carrying the sparks from the bomb, cried.


“Come, you rotting frog!”

The hummingbird was already reloaded. Calm Mind, snipe- and click.


Bodily fluids splattered from the giant tulloc’s body along with the gunshot. It wouldn’t be easy to knock down such a huge body with one small hole, If the hole wasn’t located at the head.

[You have leveled up.]

The boss of the Sealed Underground Waterway Dungeon, the gigantic Tulloc, which exploded from the clean headshot, shone from the light emitted from Leeha’s body.

“At a time like this, having a big head is not an advantage. I mean, whatever you do, you’re at a disadvantage. Even a hat won’t fit well.”

The frog probably wouldn’t wear a hat, but Leeha only laughed. It was ridiculously easy that it was a joke for him to be nervous before entering the room.

“Hmm, I mean, I have to take this as a reward……”

Leeha trudged and grabbed the fluid sack under the gigantic tulloc’s chin. Even the sticky texture was implemented, so it was something the female users would not like to pick up.

“Kek, I’ll have to live here for a while.” Up to 3 levels per round. In addition, it took less than an hour to clear. He could stay here at least until level 130.

“What is Ha Leeha doing?”

“Today he went to the underground waterway as well.”

“Still? How many days has it been?”

“He has a great commitment.”

When Jacheong smiled brightly and complemented Leeha, Ram Hwayeon inflated her cheeks slightly.

“He should sleep as well.”

When will he log out? She always wondered if she could see his face in Dale Castle when she looked at her friend’s list, but he didn’t come out of the underground waterway.

“Are you worried? It seems that he has leveled up a lot.”

“What worry?! He doesn’t need a ticket, so it seems like he’s trying to get the most out of it. Jacheong! Collect an entrance fee from him in the future!”

“Haha, would that be okay, guild master-nim?”

Jacheong laughed and looked at Ram Hwayeon. Ram Hwayeon looked at his eyes for a moment, then shook her head right away.

Strangely, when they talk about Leeha, she gets mad at herself when she can’t win against Jacheong.

“Hmph…… no! It’s okay. Are the guild ‘donations’ related to Armios and Rehes city over?”

“Of course. If you wish, we can also arrange a meeting with those guilds anytime.”

“Okay. After we occupy those two places, our primary goal is complete, so let’s do our best and move on.”

“Yes, guildmaster-nim.”

Arcane Sniper [Matan’s Shooter]

Arcane Sniper [Matan’s Shooter]

Arcane Sniper, Mystic Musketeer, 마탄의 사수
Score 7
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2017 Native Language: Korean
A series about a hyper-realistic fantasy game! “Sergeant First Class Ha, you crazy bastard. You shot another full round of bullseye?” The sharpshooter Ha LeeHa simply wanted to be a part of the army forever. However, due to an unfortunate accident, he became paraplegic and was tossed back into society. The revolutionary VR game [Middle Earth] presented a new life to him. Money obtained in [Middle Earth] has real-world value! Yet, he ruined his chance by selecting the lowest-tier character! “I’m not like the others. This is all I have.” Black gunpowder, iron balls, and ramrods… I’ll show all of you what a real ‘musketeer’ is!


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