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Arcane Sniper [Matan’s Shooter] Chapter 201 English

Arcane Sniper [Matan’s Shooter] Chapter 201
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The body of Ram Hwayeon was launched into the air.

The assassin, who had transformed into a chair, let go of his disguise and lifted his body.

Leeha’s action was slightly faster than the assassin’s, who had only just realized he had been caught.

Even if the assassin was the hummingbird, if Leeha’s musket had been a regular musket, the assassin would have been able to flee safely.


However, not now.

It was from a [Black Bass] that shot a bullet the length of a woman’s palm, not from a musket that fired iron bullets.

It was a bullet with the same caliber as an anti-ship sniper rifle and the destructive power to rip a human body apart just by grazing it.

The assassin’s ankle vanished in the same way.

“Unni! Ice-”

“Guild master-nim!You!”

Ram Hwajeong and Jacheong raised their weapons.

Seething with anger, they had the momentum to freeze and destroy the assassin at any moment!

Leeha quickly spoke.

“Don’t kill him!We need to capture him!”


Swiiik, However, Ram Hwajeong’s casting was too fast.

A spear made of ice had already pierced the assassin’s chest.

“Damn it, check his face-”

He approached the assassin who had already turned dark.

He wanted to see the face of the guy wearing a mask, however, Leeha was not able to.

He wondered if he could find any clues….


The guy in the mask was shattered by the ice spear instantly.

“H-he was about to die anyway-”

Seeing Leeha’s hardened expression, Ram Hwajeon quickly spoke.

She knew.

Leeha’s bullet blew off the assassin’s ankle, but the damage wasn’t only at that level.

Even if she hadn’t used magic, the assassin would have died.

Even so, the thought of her sister being in danger made her angry, resulting in her casting magic…….

So the assassin disappeared faster.

“..So..rry oppa.”

Ram Hwajeong, spoke in a quiet voice and provided no further explanation upon seeing Leeha’s face harden.

She wondered if her Leeha oppa would get angry.

He might even scream.

Middle Earth’s genius, nicknamed Ice Witch, was still close to being a ‘child.’

Seeing the tense atmosphere between Leeha and Hwajeong, Jacheong tried to speak, however, Leeha’s hand was already raised.

“H-Ha Leeha-nim-!”

Will he slap Ram Hwajeong?!

Of course not.

Isn’t it her job to prevent her unni from dying?

Ram Hwajeong, who had her head bowed, flinched the moment Leeha’s hand touched her head, but her face turned red as his hand softened.

“It’s okay.It can’t be helped.I was able to check one thing.”

Leeha smiled and stroked her hair.

He thought of it as experimenting with the additional content that appeared in the quest window.

[Intimacy with Fibiel’s Royal Family increased by 5%.]

“Ah, what is it, Jacheong-nim?”

“Ah, no- nothing. By the way, what-?”

“It’s a notification window. The intimacy increased by 5%.”

The quest description said that the intimacy with the royal family would increase whenever an assassin was killed or captured.

Leeha told them the answer, but Jacheong and the others’ faces were clueless.

“Oh?It didn’t show up for you?”

“……It seems that it will only appear for the person who killed the assassin.”

“Ah, then?!”

Then Leeha realized that the person who made the mistake of killing the assassin was him.

Leeha stopped stroking Ram Hwajeong’s hair.

He was the one who made a mistake but tried to pass it on to Ram Hwajeong!

There was no way for him to hide his embarrassment.

“Did such a notification pop up?”


Haha, that’s right.

Why did it only show up for me?

I-it’s as expected.

“I didn’t know he was hiding in here.”

Leeha, who was embarrassed, quickly changed the subject.

The assassin hiding in the conference hall was surprising, and the short period of finding and killing him was surprising, but the most surprising thing was that they were preparing for battle.

Leeha suddenly realized the weight of the quest and the skills of those involved.

“Kikis, I told you. We shouldn’t underestimate [Midnight Circus]. sAnd speaking about them already infiltrating…….Did you know?”

Biyemi glanced at Shin Nara.

While everyone was prepared for battle, the person with the most shocked face understood Biyemi’s words correctly.

“The royal mages……. Does that mean the trap was broken? Not even by Petyr, but by just one of the normal guild members?”

Shin Nara’s face turned pale.

Leeha also knew about the CCTV and the security system in the royal palace.

The gray corpse in front of them now meant that the defenses had become useless.

“Nara, what does that mean? Are you saying we shouldn’t trust NPCs in the future? It wasn’t like that until yesterday!”

“Maybe it’s because of the quest requirements.”

It might not have been that the NPCs were negligent of their duties, as Leeha-Kun went around and met the quest’s condition……

Tale responded to the flustered Bobae.

Shin Nara remained quiet.

“I think Tale-hyungnim is right. It’s also in the quest description. It says that they can’t trust each other, or that they have to protect themselves with their own strength. Now that all 10 of us are here, it is better to not think of them as the same NPCs as yesterday.”

Kijeong agreed and Biyemi, who was listening, quietly nodded his head.

In other words, it was not an exaggeration to say that the guards and royal mages are no longer present.

Besides, other assassins might have already infiltrated the royal palace!

Shin Nara, who listened to other people’s opinions, tried to run out of the conference room.

Impatience was evident in her expression.

“Then what should we do? We are, no, the king!If Petyr already came-”



“It’s not good to rush at times like this.Calm down.”

Leeha held onto Nara and looked at her.

He knew very well that doing anything while in that state could end horribly.

“Take a deep breath!





Leeha inhaled Nara’s breath.

Ram Hwayeon, Ram Hwajeong, and Bobae looked at it with different emotions.

“Have you calmed down?”

“……Yes. Sorry.These days, just thinking about it drives me crazy.”

As Shin Nara calmed down, the conference room became quiet, and Biyemi spoke again.

“Kikis, anyone would be like that. Being the king’s escort is a crazy quest. Anyway, to stop Petyr and the [Midnight Circus], it would be best to be with the king 24 hours a day……. We won’t be able to get into the king’s bedroom, can we?”

“That’s right, Biyemi-nim. Even if we escort the king into his office, I am the only one who can stand next to him. Most importantly, even I can’t enter the bedroom.”

Shin Nara was also a knight.

In other words, they would not be able to get into the king’s bedroom based on the rumors, that even the guards and the royal mages did not believe.

“Cough, it’s difficult. So what should we do? Do we need to take turns to stand guard?”

Kijeong held his chin.

It wasn’t a complete solution.

In the end, Kijeong’s suggestion was the best, but….

Everyone was lost in their own thoughts.

All of them were people who had goals when it came to hunting, dungeon raids, and raids.

But this time, they were in a defensive position.

What the hell were they supposed to do?

It was not easy for people like Tale, a martial artist, or Bobae, a former archery player, to come up with an answer.

Except for one person.



In the quiet meeting room, Leeha opened his mouth.

“I need some supplies from Hwahong. For everyone. And Nara-ssi, I want you to give me a map of the Royal Palace and the routes of NPCs currently on patrol. Biyemi-nim, tell me everything you know about the members of the guild called [Midnight Circus].”

“What are you going to do…?”

The head of the former soldier spun endlessly.

No, he expected something like this in the first place.

Wasn’t it the reason why he gathered the people like this?.

“If we can’t trust the NPCs, we have to protect the castle. Everyone, please listen.”


-Is the patrol team okay?

-Jacheong-nim talks to the NPCs a lot, so it’s a little slow, but…. There’s nothing special.

-All right.

-Please continue working hard, Tale-nim.

-Always watch out for traps.

Leeha stuck his head out through the window of the tallest tower in the Central Palace and examined Tale and Jacheong as they patrolled the ground.

He monitored what was happening using the Eagle’s Eye skill and the 444m dedicated scope attached to the Hummingbird pistol.

Leeha was extremely alert in monitoring the entire palace’s garden, and the south side, the main entrance to the royal palace.

“Bobae-ssi, how is everything on your side?”

“Yes.The wall I am looking at is the closest to the Central Palace, so I shouldn’t neglect it. I’m watching while using scrolls and my detection skills.” Besides him, Bobae watched over the entire northern wall.

All sorts of scrolls had been added to the eyes of the top 10 world-ranked archer.

She would not miss a single ant if she only needed to look at one side without paying attention to other things.

“Okay, this one is over, and the next……”

Leeha looked at the coarsely drawn map of the royal palace and contacted the other team.

It was rather surprising that Shin Nara could not get a perfectly drawn map of the royal palace.

-Western wall, is everything good?

-Of course!…

-Are you doing well, Ha Leeha! Aren’t you flirting with the girl next to you, Bobae or something?!

-What are you talking about……. Bobae-ssi is very vigilant right now. We don’t even have time to talk.

-Bobae-ssi? You’re already calling her like that?

Ram Hwayeon’s voice was deafening-!

Leeha’s head rang.

When the group formed the boundary, she was like, “Why are they together.”

Leeha could not understand why the red-haired woman was like that.

‘She didn’t speak much at first, but became very hysterical.’ However, he could not do anything because they needed to check for irregularities every hour.

Leeha held his ringing head and whispered again.

– What do you mean already? Anyway, I wish you all the best. According to Nara-ssi, the western wall was originally a place with a small number of traps. That’s why I put Ram Hwajeong there so that she could build a boundary system-

– What!? Don’t you believe in Hwajeong?

-Phew, I believe, I believe! Of course, I believe Ram Hwajeong-ssi. By the way, Ram Hwayeon you-

-What?! What about me?! Hmp, I just didn’t get past level 200, but I am pretty much an outsider?! Ram Hwayeon, out-!

She shouted.

Leeha secretly sighed and continued.

-I’m still worried. Ram Hwayeon, I’m afraid you will get hurt.

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Arcane Sniper [Matan’s Shooter]

Arcane Sniper [Matan’s Shooter]

Arcane Sniper, Mystic Musketeer, 마탄의 사수
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