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Arcane Sniper [Matan’s Shooter] Chapter 220 English

Arcane Sniper [Matan’s Shooter] Chapter 220
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“That human inherited the hero’s power.”

“Did a human do it?”

“That’s even better! Because that means he passed all of the tests to inherit the hero’s power!”

Small dark elf NPCs poked their heads out of a crypt-like area.

It was a location not far from Siand Frontier. The dark elves lived in numerous crypts dug into the cliffs.

Several trees were attached to the simple stairs leading down the cliff from the ground.

“It’s this close, but it’s still undiscovered-”

“Here, there is a barrier around Takado-Pia, so it’s okay. No one can enter without permission. Those who try to break in by force will be stopped by us.”

“Hmm. I see.”

Seeing the giant ant den that could be seen in movies everywhere, Leeha nodded.

In the first place, even if they found it, Like an external barrier, it would be a difficult structure to ‘subjugate’ the dark elves as in the legend.

“Chief, this is Tatar. We have brought the one who inherited the power of the hero.”

Among the numerous crypts, in the huge cave in the center of the cliff, where dizzying patterns were painted around the entrance, the ‘captain’ who led Leeha politely bowed his head.

“Oh, come in, come in.”

“Come in. I’m…”

“Ah, yes.”

Perhaps it should be regarded as an exalted name.

Leeha waved goodbye to Tatar who treated him as if he was his superior, and finally entered the crypt.

The interior was so spacious that one small lamp could not light it all up, but the ‘chief’ didn’t seem to mind.

“Are you the one who inherited the power of the hero? Is the anger of our blood still exuding from it?”

“Hello. Yes, I am Ha Leeha.”

The old dark elf bit the pipe, shook his head and gave a moving expression, making it awkward for Leeha.

He didn’t know what was happening.

“Right, you who inherited the power of the hero. Why did you come here? Sit down, sit down.”

The chief, who was sitting down, had an expression saying ‘Ask me anything.’. Leeha felt burdened, so he immediately brought up his reason for coming here.

He believed in the power of 100% intimacy.

“I have a question about the [Matan’s Shooter], do you know anything about it?.”

“……The Matan’s Shooter! Is the strength of the hero not enough?”

“Oh- That is right. I need the power of Matan’s Shooter.”

After hearing Leeha’s words, the chief took a deep breath.

“I see. To annihilate those damned wood elves, you will need to rely on legends….

However, you who inherited the power of the hero, we don’t actually know much about Matan’s shooter. At least right now.”

Talking about annihilating the wood elves made Leeha feel awkward, but he pretended not to feel anything and asked the chief something. “’Right now’? Then, does that mean you knew about it in the past?”

“Yes. There was a time. We are a race that likes to record things. However, we lost the records for that legend.”

“Lost? How? Where? Then-”

“It was stolen. It was around a 100 years ago. Even today’s young elves do not know much about the Matan’s Shooter. They only remember stories that old people like us could have heard…”

Was it stolen? How could it be possible to come all the way to this place and steal it? Besides, if it was 100 years ago, it’s obvious. It was a story even before Middle Earth was released.

‘Then what will happen to the quest?’

Leeha, forcing down his ominous premonition, asked a question first.

“Do you know anything about Matan’s Shooter?”

“……It’s an old story, a very, very old one.”

The chief deeply inhaled from his pipe and then began to speak. It was a story about the world that could not be found on the Middle Earth website.

The God and the Devil created various races in Middle Earth, they watched the races they created with joy. They were able to enjoy the joys of being a creator to their heart’s content.

However, conflict soon arose between races. One of the main reasons was that the creators were divided into two, Good and Evil.

They had to hide from Middle Earth. However the Devil didn’t like it.

He felt wonderful that his creations worshipped him.

The Devil did not give in to God’s persuasion and proposed a bet. On the condition that the winner’s words will be unconditionally obeyed.

The bet was simple. Because it was meant to show who had the stronger power.

It was the other party who designated the target. However, it was forbidden to point their strength at each other.

The God and the Devil poured out their power. They didn’t know what the opponent was going to tell them to destroy, so they had to make it as strong as possible.

So the bet started. The Devil designated the target and God destroyed it. Next, God designated the target and the Devil destroyed it…….

They each alternatively showed their power six times, but no creature was able to withstand the power of their creators. They were all destroyed.

And finally, on the Gods seventh turn, the Devil tricked God.

“The seventh target is yourself.”

It meant to destroy himself.

It was nonsense, but it certainly wasn’t against the rules, so even God was unable to say anything. God gave up.

However, there was no victor, and it was still the turn of God to assign the Devil’s target.

And God naturally set the same goal.

“The seventh target is yourself.”

“You must remember that we decided to listen to the words of the victor.”

“If you win, I will go back to Upper Earth alone. But, if you destroy yourself-”

“-I am not going to beat God, I am the Devil that transcends the Gods.”

However, he did not wait for God’s words to end. The Devil crazely smiled and then shot his own power towards his forehead.

The Devil created a bullet-shaped force, and the seventh bullet pierced his forehead.

It wasn’t known how shocked God was. Anyway, it didn’t matter now that the Devil disappeared of his own accord. So God was satisfied and went to Upper Earth.

Even though we could use the powers of God and the Devil in Middle Earth right now, that’s the reason why we couldn’t see them.

“And that is how the story has been told throughout the generations. The magic bullet was the last thing the Devil had created, and the only power that could overcome even God. And the one who handles it is…-”

“[Matan’s Shooter]…”

Leeha listened to the story as if he was listening to a fairy tale. However, there were some parts that were a little odd.

“But why did the Devil shoot himself in the head? Besides, why we can’t see them? That’s not really the problem. But there’s also a being called the Demon King-”

“That’s right. That was the Devil’s plan. He removed a part of himself and sealed it away. As time went by, a being that succeeds his will, will awaken it.”

“……Oh……. So then, what about God?”

“Will God break his promise? The devil aimed for that from the beginning. God could never leave Upper Earth. Even he is bound by his own words.”

“In other words, the Demon King…”

“It can be said that the Demon King is the son of the Devil and the Devil himself. That is, according to our legend.”


Leeha nodded. It was an interesting setup. However, what mattered now was not God or the Devil.

Leeha opened his mouth again.

“So, who is the Matan’s Shooter? What does it have to do with the dark elves?”

“We are related. It is said that the Matan’s Shooter is the one who had saved our people.”


“We were being persecuted. Although we are physically stronger than the wood elves, they were good at using magic powers in a lot of different ways. But most importantly, the dirty and vile wood elves were good at seducing humans who were in the absolute majority. They despise us because we enjoyed eating meat, and because we have dark skin. They tried to kill us by accusing us of being a cursed race that joined hands with the Devil. The one who appeared at that moment, defeated the wood elves and saved us,… Is the Matan’s Shooter.”

“I thought he was the first dark elf- no, that was what I hea-”

“No, sometimes such people come. People said. “Wasn’t the Matan’s Shooter the first dark elf? Or didn’t the dark elves send out the Matan’s Shooter during the second

Human-Demon war?”……

“I see.”

Leeha somehow wanted to laugh. The story of Luger and Kidd was clear.

“According to our legend, Matan’s Shooter saved our race.”

“Who was the Matan’s Shooter?”

“He was a human.”

“Human……. How is that possible?”

“It was a long time ago. My great-great-great-grandfather heard from his great-great-great-grandfather……


Leeha nodded. It meant that it wasn’t during the second Human-Demon war. “How did that human become the Matan’s Shooter?”

“We are a record-loving race, and we had a book in which it recorded that story, including conversations of one kind or the other-”

“I see! If you could just show it to me-”

“-It was stolen 100 years ago.”


Right, it was stolen 100 years ago. At that moment, a notification window appeared in front of Leeha.

[Find the lost records of the Dark Elves]

Description: ‘The one who inherited the heroes’ power, can you find our race’s stolen records? Materials containing the wisdom of our ancestors, including the Matan’s Shooter, must be recovered. However, we have already turned our backs to the world and cannot go out to search ourselves……. So please. If you are the descendant of the Matan’s Shooter, no, if you want to be the descendant of the Matan’s Shooter, help us, like the human of legends.’

With 100% intimacy, the dark elf chief is giving you a direct quest.

Content: Return the Dark Elves’ records and compensation including the journal of the Matan’s Shooter

Reward: ??

– Would you like to accept?

‘It’s here.’

He had expected it from the moment he heard the chief’s story.

From the hidden rewards he hadn’t seen in a long time, to the content of the quest that he actually had to find and return the item. Leeha guessed that the difficulty would not be easy.

“If there is any other information or content related to the Matan’s Shooter, I will let you know. Can you bring them back instead?”

“Where…… Should I go to get it back?”


The chief sighed.

After exhaling for a long and heavy breath, as if he was grieving over the plight of his people, he had difficulty parting his lips.

“His name is Kaztor. A dark elf full of strange curiosity and with a twisted desire since childhood. I think he must have set up a place where the eyes of the other races could not reach, but……”

“It was a long time ago, so you couldn’t be sure.”

“That’s right.”

In the end, this quest meant that Leeha needed to find Kaztor’s lair and retrieve the records from there. Anyway, there was no reason to give up.

Actually, it was not a musketeer’s linked quest.

Leeha calmly pressed the accept button.

“Do you have any idea where Kaztor’s location could be?”

“Even if I did, it would have been 100 years ago, of course, it wouldn’t be there now…”

The chief rose from his seat and moved to the depths of the crypt.

The crypt was so deep that even the light of a candle could not reach it, and the figure of the chief disappeared completely from Leeha’s view.

A rustling sound was heard from the deep darkness, and a moment later, the chief reappeared and now held a small marble in his hand.

“If you use this, you will be able to find traces of him.”

“Is it a crystal ball?”

“Our race is not close to mana, but Kaztor was different. From a young age, thanks to his understanding of mana, and extraordinary dexterity, he used to create strange things. He was smart enough to create something to use if he went missing or was captured by the wood elves. A 7-year-old kid made this while saying that…”

The guy who made this when he was seven years old ran away 100 years ago….

Leeha was doubtful whether a crystal ball made 107 years ago would still work, but he received the item and put it in his bag anyway.

“It doesn’t seem really smart to runaway without realizing that your village still has something that could be used to track him, but anyway. I will make sure to bring it back.”

“Please. The one who inherited the power of the hero. Our clan always repay kindness and enmity. I will never forget you.”

The chief held Leeha’s hand tightly.

Leeha went out of the crypt and to the dark elf village, which welcomed him excessively.

‘I think I have satisfied Browless’ quest now ……”

After walking through the forest toward Siand Frontier, Leeha fiddled with the crystal ball.

All Browless wanted was to hear the legend of Matan’s Shooter from the mouth of the Dark Elves. However, it was not because he wanted to know the story of their birth or the secret of their power, but because he was curious about the Matan’s Shooter during the second Human-Demon war.

‘At least I can be sure with the information I have now. That the Matan’s Shooter during the second Human-Demon war was not a dark elf.’

And that the circumstances of the dark elves and the circumstances that Browless knew were different.

The truth was already different compared to the rumors that the Matan’s Shooter was a dark elf. Since the beginning was different, all informationup to now is bound to diverge.

‘Browless’s quest is already cleared, but the problem is-’

These other quests.

Chasing after Kaztor, who ran away 100 years ago, and finding Fernand, who was wandering around unexplored areas, was nothing short of finding a needle in the desert.

“Phew……. As soon as the sun rises, I’ll have to go the Hell Anvil.”

After logging out at Siand Frontier, Leeha will only login again after taking a long break and eating.

The sun was rising in Middle Earth, but it was midnight in the real world.

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Arcane Sniper [Matan’s Shooter]

Arcane Sniper [Matan’s Shooter]

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