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Arcane Sniper [Matan’s Shooter] Chapter 228 English

Arcane Sniper [Matan’s Shooter] Chapter 228
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He could clearly feel his level getting stagnant. His level increased to 159, and he then killed Snee from the Midnight Circus and captured many monsters in Adamantine Mountain.

‘No, there weren’t that many. So, for the time being, I should be content. How many people can raise their level by one level and gain 42 stat points?’

The first discovery achievement, 10 levels of bonus stats, and 5 levels of basic stats, for a total of 42 stat points.

‘That’s not all. After Jin Gonggong raised his affinity, didn’t he help me raise 32 stat points?’

Jin Gonggong also received the first discovery achievement.

All three of them achieved it so Jin Gonggong did not need to express gratitude to Leeha that much. However, he really wanted to thank Leeha.

Right now, he had gotten a total of 500 agility from achievements, and and 100 of that was because of the help from Jin Gonggong.

‘Aerial shooting…… I mean, that was a lot of work. Haha.’

There was nothing to worry about. Leeha invested 2 points in strength and the rest was invested to agility. He now had 50 strength and 1,677 agility.

Not long ago, he only had 1,400 agility, but now, it was on the verge of getting to 1,700.

“Okay, let’s go.”

After finishing the stats check, Leeha entered the academy. No new musketeers were to be seen.


“Oh, you’re here.”

In the director’s room, Browless was sitting alone. Leeha greeted him.

“I have investigated the Matan’s Shooter.”


“Yes. I also met the dark elves in person.”

“That’s really fast……. Much faster than Luger and Kidd.”

“Oh? Is that so?”

It was the first time he had seen Browless surprised.

He had no choice but to be surprised. Dark elves basically do not care for other races.

Far from entering the village, it took more than a few months get familiar for them to not get attacked.

After getting close enough to meet them face to face, one had to show that you have no intention of attacking. Of course, dark elves will attack you, so you have to survive and run away from their attacks.

And then find them agan, get close enough to face them, and again, surviving their one-sided attack, surviving and running away…….

Leeha finished the quest with the help of the necklace. which could remove the tedious and annoying task and directly meet with them, so it was only natural that there was a difference in speed compared to them.

Leeha joked while looking at Browless’ expression.

“But hasn’t Luger and Kidd investigated everything already?”

“Huh? What?”

“About the story of Matan’s Shooter.”

“Well. I don’t know what you are talking about.” Browless shrugged his shoulder with a look of incredulity.

He just said that Leeha was faster than them in meeting the dark elves, so how come he is pretending that he doens’t know? After Leeha discovered the unavoidable blindspot of the ‘game’, he laughed.

After all, they must proceed with their own quest for now. “Then I will tell you what I have heard from the dark elves’ chief.”

Leeha sat on the chair in front of Browless and started talking.

[You have completed the quest – The traces of two people – 2.]

“The first Matan’s Shooter was a human…?”

“Yes. The dark elves, who the Matan’s Shooter saved from persecution, said that he was clearly human. And the chief also verified the information that the Matan’s Shooter was human.”

Leeha confirmed by opening the Dark elves’ quest window.

It was clearly written in the chief’s words. ‘-If you are a descendant of the Matan’s Shooter, if you want to become his descendnt-’ He said.

‘In other words, it meant that the dark elves did not think that Matan’s Shooter came from the dark elves.’

It was natural to think that Matan’s Shooter came from humans.

“Then even during the second human-demon-”

“Of course, it wasn’t a dark elf. They were upset. Saying that everything was a misunderstanding from the beginning…… even after delivering the chief’s words, Browless’ thoughts did not change immediately. In any case, the dark elves were a dangerous race, right? His expression became quite complicated.

“Human……. If this means that only humans can become Matan’s Shooter, then maybe…”

Leeha quietly looked at him.

He could guess what Browless was thinking about right now. From the moment he heard that Matan’s Shooter was human, no, from the moment two of the Three Musketeers, Mr. Brown, and Ms. Elizabeth, were going to the demon king’s army.

“No, that can’t be right! Did you mention that there was a testimony from the wood elves?”


“It’s in the records. Didn’t you say that it was written that it was a wood elf who confirmed that the Matan’s Shooter intervened, that Matan’s Shooter was defitnitely a ‘dark elf’.”

“Ah, yes. Yes. How it was possible to hit from 5 to 6 nautical miles. It was written that a wood elf, who was at the boat at the time, testified.”

Leeha confirmed the statement that was in the Royal Archives. And judging by Browless’ reaction, the next quest would be.

[The traces of two people -3]

Description: ‘If Matan’s Shooter was a human, and Matan’s Shooter appeared around the end of the second Human-Demon war……. No, surely. No. I still have to know. I definitely have to. Can you look at it? The Matan’s Shooter is a dark elf. If not…… if it was a human, then who was it.’ The existence of the Matan’s Shooter that appeared at the same time that his companions disappeared. Browless has an ominous premonition. Content: Obtain information about [Matan’s Shooter] from the wood elf who confirmed it.

Reward: ??

– Would you like to accept?

‘You’re already saying that it’s not a dark elf.’

Still, it is only human to need confirmation. although, Browless was an NPC.

Leeha understood his feelings. And pressed the accept button.

What does it mean when the reward has question marks. It meant that this quest line was almost ending.

“Will you look into it?”

“Of course. I’m also curious about the Three Musketeers of the previous generation.”

Browless’ eyes widened at Leeha’s comment. However, he didn’t show it in the end.

“P…… Please.”

It was about the assumption that his companions had joined the Demon King’s army and became Matan’s Shooter and aimed their guns towards humanity.


Leeha walked out of the academy. It’s been a dreadful connection since he heard about it from the Dark Elf Chief’s, this somewhat cleared things up.

“Hmm, no I have to go and check it out now. The wood elves.”

Unlike dark elves, wood elves were a race that had their own territory. It was also located at Fibiel Kingdom, so there was no need to suffer like the dark elves did.

‘It’s said that I would arrive with only just one ride at the warp gate…”

On the way to the warp gate, Leeha suddenly had a question.

How far did Luger and Kidd progress on this quest? Leeha opened the friends window dedicated to the Three Musketeers and checked if they were connected. Seeing that the two of them were connected, Leeha whispered to Kidd.

-What are you doing?

-……What do you think I’m doing? You can see my location clearly.

-Well, were you about to sleep?

-Of course. Just keep it simple.

Kidd’s voice was hoarse. The location was an inn in a village in the Fibiel Kingdom.

‘Is his goal to sleep at every inn in Middle Earth? The place changes everyday.’

Leeha suppressed his curiosity and asked a question.

-Did you complete the data collection quest for Matan’s Shooter? Was it Kaztor’s Lab or something.


-Why are you so surprised?

-A-are you on that part of the quest already?

-Already? I went looking for a lab, but there was nothing there. If you know something, please share. No matter which of us finishe’s it sooner, why don’t we share our information so that we can finish it sooner?

-Did you even find a lab? Was it the 6th?

Hearing Kidd’s surprised voice, Leeha was convinced. The fact that Fernand had just guessed.

-As expected, the 1st to 5th were already opened. That’s right, I found the 6th.

– Haaa. Luger had already set his eyes on it and is currently looking for it- no, as much as possible, don’t tell him that you found it. He will try to kill you.

-I-I didn’t even want to talk to Luger, so it should be fine. He doesn’t even know that I found it. -No, he would find out if you found it. Because we have the technology to find out who the first discoverer was. It’ll be fine if he just gets over it…….

Leeha frowned as he listened to Kidd’s voice. He was already shivering at the thought of that weird looking cannon getting aimed at him again.

-Anyway, you guys still haven’t recovered Kaztor’s data yet. I quess I have caught up.

Kidd did not reply. After a while, Leeha smiled as he saw his location from an inn to a wasteland.

Is that lazy guy’s fighting spirit burning? Kidd couldn’t stand the fact that Leeha had caught up with him.

-I will find the 7th lab first. I will inevitably become Matan’s Shooter.

-Hmm, okay. Then, see you next time.

It was not like he contacted Kidd for no reason. Based on his reaction, Leeha was able to figure out several things.

‘He is going to be Matan’s Shooter? The 6th lab did not have a clue as who could be or how one could become the Matan’s Shooter.’

What did Kidd know? It meant that the contents of the previous laboratories were all different.

‘And the rival that he once told me about…… Wouldn’t Luger’s reaction be like that?

Based on the words and actions of Luger and Kidd, Leeha was convinced.

[Matan’s Shooter is ‘something’ that can be used or become to by the trio, and only one of them could have that qualification.]

Even Luger was able to estimate that it could be ‘taken’ from each other. Kidd didn’t thought differently, but he thought that only one of the three could get it. So, it was clear why he used the word ‘rival’.

Moreover, Luger and Kidd did not discover the 6th lab, and there was a high probability that it would not be discovered in the future. Because it was hidden in the frontier that Fernand was wandering around.

“Good. I did not just catch up. At this time, I’m actually one step ahead.”

Was it possible to narrow down the scope of the location of the 7th lab to some extent? The keyword was clearly left in the 6th Lab.


‘There was a possibility that it would not be in a remote place like an unexplored island this time.’

Surprisingly, there was a possibility that it would be in a city, town, or castle. And it was the wood elves who were able to catch the movements of the dark elves the fastest.

“Where are you going?”


That was Leeha’s next destination.

“Elm, an autonomous city within the Fibiel Kingdom. 1 person. That will cost you 1 gold and 30 silver.”

“Ah…… Why is the warp gate always so expensive? No matter where the elven village is, why is-”

“If you don’t want to use it, get out. Next-”

“No, no, who said I didn’t?”

Even though he was determined, he could not stand that he had to suddenly spend 1 gold and 30 silver. Leeha cried as he took out his precious money and handed it over.

“I hope you have a pleasant trip.”

The next moment, Leeha arrived in Elm, the city of the elves.

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Arcane Sniper [Matan’s Shooter]

Arcane Sniper [Matan’s Shooter]

Arcane Sniper, Mystic Musketeer, 마탄의 사수
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