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Arcane Sniper [Matan’s Shooter] Chapter 230 English

Arcane Sniper [Matan’s Shooter] Chapter 230
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The conversation that started pleasantly ended in an atmosphere similar to Leeha being kicked out. The only thing he found out after persistent questioning was the degree of confirmation of existing assumptions.

‘It was not a dark elf. Even the wood elves don’t know what it is!’

Was it just a fateful relationship? To make the dark elves they hate to be hated more by the public as well?

The persecution against the dark elves must have been much worse because it was from a wood elf’s words.

Leeha left Elm and immediately came to Aelstock and spoke to Browless.

“Then in the end-”

“There’s a possibility that [Matan’s Shooter] is a human. Of course, he said that he didn’t know who the person was…”

Browless would know better. Throughout the secound Human-Demon war, there were no snipers who could be opponents for the Three Musketeers..

Of course, there were monsters that could attack from a distance.

However, what can they do with their skills? Even if the Three Musketeers did not use any ‘skills’ and used normal muskets would have been more than enough to deal with them.

If they could not compete with the Three Musketeers, they would have used [Matan’s Shooter] from the very beginning. In fact, it was said that the command system of the demon king’s army was severely damaged by the Three Musketeers.

In other words, there was only one conclusion about the identity of the sudden appearance of [Matan’s Shooter].

“No way…”

Browless’ body trembled slightly.

[You have completed the quest: The traces of two people 3.]

[You have acquired 20 stat points.]

[Skill- Chain Teleport : Three Musketeers have been learned.]

‘Oh?! Stats and skill?’

He also expected that other items might be given.

Looking at Middle Earth’s behavior so far, the expectation was that he will give a compass to chase the other members of the Three Musketeers. However, it was a whopping 20 stat points and a skill? It was like Middle Earth was ‘shooting big’.

[Path of Growth]

Explanation: ‘Are Mr. Brown and Ms. Elizabeth [Matan’s Shooter]? Why are they……? However, as long as there’s a possibility, we cannot let our guard down. It would be in vain if I let the next generation of the Three Musketeers chase after them prematurely.’

Browless speculates that his former companions who had disappeared may have become [Matan’s Shooter]. If it is true, it would be difficult to chase them with the current skills of the Next Generation of the Three Musketeers. The director of the Musket Academy is waiting for the growth of the next generation of the Three Musketeers.

Description: Wait until Browless’ instruction is given

Reward : Quest – The Three Musketeers and the Three Musketeers

– Do you want to accept?

“If one of those two is [Matan’s Shooter], no, maybe both? After all, they have that kind of ability, it is out of the question.”

“What if it’s too much……?”

“It’s not even something you can do, for now go and catch some monsters.

Improve your skills. When you reach the point where you can use all your powers, I will call you again.”

Browless’ eyes were determined. There were not hunting instructions. Leeha tilted his head at the vague words of growing and being able to use all his strength.

“You mean Luger, Kidd, and me?”

“That’s right. The three of you must combine your powers.”

“I see. Okay.”

Leeha pressed the accepth button. Bringing the power of the three people together? The director said that it would be easy but Leeha thought that he was in trouble

At least I am close with Kidd. Sometimes, his sense of rivalry is burning, but conversation still works. But what about Luger?

‘Will he remember me breaking his shin bone? I hope he forgot……’

His styled with pomade oil. Just imagining Luger in the wall with no visible gaps frightened him that his hair rose.


“I…… understand.”

The quest no longer progressed. Leeha left the academy. All he could think of was the expectation that the remaining road would be quite difficult.

‘In other words, a linked quest? It feels like joing quest 1.’

Leeha looked at the quest window.


No matter how much he looked at it, it was clear that he would not be able to do it alone.

‘It was what the director said. Unlock the power of your ‘attributes’-, if that’s the case, it must also be related to weapons.’

Then Leeha looked at the Black Bass. There were still 6 seals left.

Did it mean that he had to unseal all of it before they could proceed? It was no longer just a matter of level or stat growth. As Leeha knew, if he wanted to be someone who could shoot a target from 10km away, rich combat experience and skills to support him would be needed.

[Chain Teleport – Three Musketeers]

Explanation: Those with high soul affinity can use mana to move to each othere’s position.

Effect: Teleport to an activated friend (Limited number of people: Luger- Inactive, Kidd- Inactive)

Mana : 200 Cooldown : 2 hours

Fixed skill, no rank or level. He wondered what Chain Teleport meant, but that was it. However, there’s a limitation that it can only be used between the three musketeers, and not all the registered friend in the friend window.

‘Hmm? Not only that…… It is a skill that can only be used after activation, but what was the status of the two people who had acquired the skill?

‘It’s like this.’

It’s still the same even if I don’t it. There was no way that Luger and Kidd can use the skill to move to each other’s position. If everyone agrees and activates it, we don’t have to activate only one person to expose his position and the weakness of the surprise attack.

“And the premise of the agreement is already meaningless. Kidd was someone who never loses when it came to chivalry, but what about Luger? I’d be happy if I didn’t die. In the end, it said that skills were uselessl……. I would put it into agility.”

Now his agility was in 1697.

Leeha stopped for a moment and checked his condition. How should he move forward?

The dark elf quest needed time to walk for a month, the new continent exploration quest was put on hold after the war, Browless’ quest was also on hold.

‘Most importantly, there’s still a month left……’

It was the beginning of the National War. What did he need to do now? What was the most effective way to move?

It wasn’t just about leveling up. First, he needed to secure agility.

‘At that time, there were field bosses who were level 150 or higher…… haha.’

There were quite a few field bosses below level 150.

Of course, the lower the lever, the easier the monster is, so there will be more competitors, of course, it was not a problem for the current Leeha. ‘First, raise the stats and unseal the Black Bass.’

Leeha immediately headed to the Holy Grill.


“How much is a normal health potion?”

“5 gold each.”

“Eh? How much?”

The user was terribly surprised. The merchant NPC just scratched the back of his head and said the same thing again.

“5 gold each.”

“How is an ordinary health potion so expensive? I wouldn’t pay that much for a special potion. No, is that right? 5 gold for an ordinary potion?”

“T-that can’t be helped. If we want to pay our taxes…”

“Oh, that’s crazy. All right, I won’t buy it. That’s dirty.”

The user grumbled and spat on the floor! Stamped on it and left. Jacheong watched from afar.

“This, our image…. Are we really okay, guild master-nim?”

“There’s nothing we can do about it, for the time being. Even if our image is slightly damaged, don’t worry, because we can restore it at any time.”

Jacheong was actually talking to the lord of the castle, Ram Hwayeon. She also bit her lip and watch her gamble.

“But if we stock up on supplies like this in a situation where we aren’t sure about the war yet- if there’s no war-”

“It’s not possible. After all, we went to the Royal Palace to check the atmosphere for a several times. War is surely going to happen. Until then, what we have to do is-”

Ram Hwayeon unfolded her checklist. “-securing as many items as possible. It goes without saying that, in any way, profits will remain as it was the business of the state. Our job is to get as many rights as possible other than simple profits by adjusting the price of each item.”

“Of course I know that, because I have heard the explanation, but……”

The prices of essential PVP items such as health potions, teleport scrolls, and abnormal status removal scrolls have all been raised. Normal users are not even able to buy.

In other words, it meant that Dale Castle was just piling up things while losing its capital.

If the money did not flow, Hwahong guild will inevitably suffer financial damage. What if the war did not happen?

Not only does the money not rotate, but even Dale Castle’s image was deteriorating.

It’s like saying, let’s not use it again because it’s a place that make unbelievable amount of profit.

‘It’s okay. 70% of the items we are piling up can be doubled or tripled in price after the war. That alone is beneficial.’

And the lost trust and image? They could give the remaining 30% for free! It would go to the greatest battlefield the war is taking place on, and give it for free in the name of Hwahong.

Since the profits will be left elsewhere anyway, the trust and image will be restored with that work alone, and it will be better than before.

‘If we can even acquire the trust of the royal palace, that would be a bonus. It would be great if we could get government bonds or other provinces at a low price.’ The problem was timing.

War is already certain. But when? Even Ram Hwayeon wasn’t sure about that, so she couldn’t hide her uneasiness while making this kind of investment.

‘Our informants told us that there would be two to three weeks left……. What the hell is that man doing?’

Ram Hwayeon confirmed Leeha’s location from the friends’s window that was floating in front of her.

Where is he hunting. From Ram Hwayeon’s point of view, these were places that low-level people would likely go to.

‘He’s been only going to places like this for almost two weeks……. Is the war still far away? Is that why he is taking his time like this? If it was delated for more than a month, the loss would be even greater.’

She wanted to ask. She wanted to send a whisper. No, regardless of the reason, she wanted to see Leeha’s face.

However, Ram Hwayeon held back. ‘Phew, if you don’t want to contact me first, then I don’t want to be the first to contact you.’

She had never been treated like this before, so she had no choice but to have more ambiguous feelings for Leeha.

All her life, she had only been supported by those around her. No man could escape from her looks and intellectual charm, .

‘Should I just call him first? No, no!’

Ram Hwayeon held back. She instinctively knew that ‘pushing and pulling’ was necessary in times like this.

Who was the target of pushing and pulling this time?



[Achievement: One Shot, One Kill – Stitched Spider(D+)]

Congratulations! Instakilled a Stitched Spider in one blow! Aren’t you ashamed to play in the beginner zone at your level? Make way for the next generation! But you still need to receive a small gift for the achievement, right?!

Reward: Strength +3, Agility +5, Intelligence +1

Without knowing anything about Ram Hwayeon’s feelings, Leeha had been focused in sweeping achievements for the past two weeks.

‘This the 17th achievement now……. It has come down to D+ level.’

He didn’t even get to the Hall of Fame. He had been greedily killing fieldbosses with the momentum of eating everything as long as it raised agility even by a little.

‘C+, C, C-, everything that gave a lot of agility, but it’s still less than 2,000.’

He hadn’t reached 2,000. The result of not eating and sleeping for the past two weeks was never light.

Leeha opened his character window. Agility 1,862.

IT meant that his agility level alone had risen by over 160 in two weeks.

‘I feel like my brain is going to break because of tiredness, but five days will fly by if I go out to sleep…’

He rubbed his temples and rechecked his plan.

Could my agility increase by 140 points by getting D+, D, and D- ?

‘Can I do it? No. It must be done.’

There were still two weeks before the war. He didn’t know what would happen after that. The way to live was to try as hard as possible at the moment.

Leeha ripped a scroll and disappeared, the location of Leeha in Ram Hwayeon’s friend’s window also changed. Where did he go?

“I will go, Jacheong. After the war starts, check the investment plan again.”

“Yes, guild master-nim.”

Ram Hwayeon turned around and snorted.

‘Perhaps Leeha is alo wondering how I’m doing. He will be contacting me soon!’

It was unfortunae for her that that would never happen.

Of course, Leeha’s indifferent behavior further ignited Ram Hwayeon’s feelings.

Arcane Sniper [Matan’s Shooter]

Arcane Sniper [Matan’s Shooter]

Arcane Sniper, Mystic Musketeer, 마탄의 사수
Score 7
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2017 Native Language: Korean
A series about a hyper-realistic fantasy game! “Sergeant First Class Ha, you crazy bastard. You shot another full round of bullseye?” The sharpshooter Ha LeeHa simply wanted to be a part of the army forever. However, due to an unfortunate accident, he became paraplegic and was tossed back into society. The revolutionary VR game [Middle Earth] presented a new life to him. Money obtained in [Middle Earth] has real-world value! Yet, he ruined his chance by selecting the lowest-tier character! “I’m not like the others. This is all I have.” Black gunpowder, iron balls, and ramrods… I’ll show all of you what a real ‘musketeer’ is!


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