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Arcane Sniper [Matan’s Shooter] Chapter 236 English

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Kijeong’s guild members pushed him from behind, but this didn’t stop him.

“Kiskis, there’s no such thing in a war right now, Kay-nim is only one of the members of the 54321 platoon.”

“And it’s close, right? Run faster!.”

Biyemi and Leeha wedged in.

“It’s close! A bow won’t even reach the top! I think I can understand why the people from the first company were wiped out.”

It was about 50-60m from the forest to the bottom of the hill.

They had to climb a 130m hill from there. Kijeong was not comforted by the fact that the hill was not long because it was steep.

Even those who wielded the longbow couldn’t get an arrow from the forest to the top. But what if the range-dealer fired from above? It was sufficient to shoot someone fleeing from below.

“A structure where arrows shot from above can reach and arrows shot from here cannot reach……

“Right. So, even in modern warfare using guns, occupation from the high grounds are important. Whether it’s near or long distance, the high ground has an unconditional advantage.”

Except for the defense against artillery, the high ground advantages apply from ancient to modern warfare.

“Let’s get ready.”

Leeha carefully took out Black Bass.

The top of the hill was open. There were hastily built barricades but there was no problem with visibility. Most importantly, it they wanted to cast magic, the enemy also needed to show themselves.

“Waa……. That musket looks great.”

“Is that really a musket?”

Looking at Leeha’s weapon, the Byeolcho members were surprised. Since it was a rare job, no one noticed that Leeha’s item differed from your usual musket.

“Are we really going to do something like that? I’d rather do it with the members of the 1st company after at least 10 days…….”

The surviving member of the 1st company had an anxious expression. They knew because he had already experienced it once.

Occupying the hill within 15 days would be close to impossible. He even though that the correct answer would be to give up the detour and do an all-out confrontation instead.

“We can’t wait for 10 days. Time is life.”

“But if you fail-”


Click, Leeha inserted the magazine and pulled the bolt. He felt the hardness of the bullet.

“There’s no such thing in my dictionary.”

And then he carefully laid down.




“T-they’re here again!”


Shin, who received the emergency report went out of the tent. It’s been less than an hour since they dealt with the hundreds of previous enemy forces, but the follow-up team had already arrived.

‘He said they wouldn’t come more than once a day. They will only be able to come back 10 days later…’

Shin tilted his head.

It was even more questionable because ‘his’ predictions were never wrong. Maybe it wasn’t a full-fledge raid, perhaps they were just enemies passing by.


“How many- huh?”

Shin looked down at the bottom of the hill and turned his head towards the two users who reported to him.

“These bastards! Did you call me just for that?”

“But you told us to tell you right away if anything happened-”

“This bastard! That’s when the enemy’s surprise attack begins! Why is there only one person?! Did you think he will come up here?

Only one person was coming out of the forest and moving towards the hill.

It would be too wasteful for Shin to use his magic.

Is he coming here? But he was coming up here!

The man with shining armor began to run up the hill from the bottom of the hill.

“Waaaaaaak-! I loooove iiit!”

“Is he crazy?”

“I’m a guild master, I’m still a guild masteeeer! Dash! High Guard!” Even the watching users couldn’t help but scratch their heads and laugh as they saw the skills used by the user running from below.

The enemy running at a fast speed had light emitting from his shield.

“Hoho, that’s a special attack. I think his level is pretty high ……. Okay, I will give it to you. This is good, I was getting bored anyway.”

Shin leaned forward in front of the barricade. Yellow grains gathered in his hands again.

“Shall we cast as well?”

“Don’t interfere. I will crush that cheeky bastard with petrification-”



“T-that surprised me. What?”

They suddenly heard a loud noise, and the magician’s body shook.

“Where did that come…….” Shin-nim?”

The expression on the magician’s face distorted as he leaned his head out of the barricade.

He needed to clear his mind before asking if he was okay. Because Shin’s head, who was casting magic, was gone.

‘How did-’

That was it. The magician’s conciousness, who was looking at Shin’s headless torso, flew away in an instant.

He wasn’t able to hear the second explosion.

[You have earned 17 War Contributions.]

[You have earned 2 War Contributions.]

‘One more time.’

Click, he pulled the bolt, and aimed up the hill again. He killed the rock magician Shin and one of the magicians under him. A third wizard was seen rushing behind the barricade and lowering his stance.

Leeha was 200m away from the top of the hill in a straight line.

It would be considered quite a distance to others, but to Leeha, it was close enough that the scope would get in his way more than anything.

Using the Eagle’s Eye skill, the enemy’s eyes were clearly visible through the cracks of the barricade.

The scope’s cap was closed.

Leeha was able to aim with the naked eye as long as it was less than 1,000m.


And since he was accurate. He pulled the trigger again. A third explosion was heard, and the ash in the cracks in the barricade completely disappeared.

[You have earned 1 War Contribution.]

“Phew…… Let’s go. Hurry up and take over the hill. We need to check what kind of kind of group is occupying behind the hill.”

After confirming that the enemy was no longer visible on the hill, Leeha put the Black Bass into its case. Then, he suddenly discovered that the surrounding scenery seemed to have stood still.

“Why is it like this? Let’s go quickly. Kijeong- no, Kay is running all alone.”

Not to mention the normal Byeolcho guild members, or the surviving 1st company members. Even Tale was surprised at the incredible rate of fire.

“Just what… did you do?”

“Hey, what did you think I did? Come on, let’s go. We don’t have time for this.”

“H-Halihali-nim, your aiming speed is really fast. Kikis.”

“Hmm, well. It just so happened to turn out this way, haha.”

It wasn’t even precision aiming with a scope, but his 2,000 agility was really great.

Users who have no way of knowing such a fact had no other words other than ‘cheat key’ and ‘isn’t this a scam?’.

Kijeong, who was still running towards the hill, turned around and shouted.

“C-come quickly! I don’t want to die alone!”

“This is…”

Tale forcibly pulled out his sword and went out of the forest.

Not only Shin, but also the two wizards used for the emergency report between Shin and the front line were killed. It meant that the rear was literally empty.

“-The tension for this war suddenly dropped.”

“Kis. I feel the same way.”

Thirty people from Byeolcho headed toward the hill with leisurely steps as if they were taking a walk.

“Ah, did anyone get a contribution?”


“Hmm, even if you have a party, you have to contribute to the battle to get some.”

“Eong-ah! Me! I got about 5 points.”

“Really? You can get points as a bait as well?”

“Can you at least call me a tanker…”

Automatic Distribution by Middle Earth’s system. It was not because of that reason that Leeha frowned upon hearing Kijeong’s words.

‘I only got 20 points. Kijeong got 5 points. In a surprise attack like this, I got rid of the enemy from behind, and it’s only 25 points in total?’

He opened the quest window. What was the failure penalty for not capturing the hill within 15 days?

‘Contribution -100 points! Instead of getting points by taking quest for nothing-’

He might become a debtor if he didn’t contribute. Middle Earth’s unique brutal exchange rate shone even in this place.

“Let’s keep our guards up and be cautious.”

Kijeong, who had almost reached the top, hardened his expression. Everyone who had laughed as if they were treating their guild master as a scapeggoat until just now became serious.

The magicians that were with Shin were busy escaping.

They saw Minis’ headquarters spread out on the high ground along the tent as they crossed the improvised barricade.

‘What should we do now? ‘Occupy’ means……. Do we just kill them all?’

They heard a voice in the nearby area.

Leeha carefully gave instructions to the platoon members.

“Most of it would have gone down the front line. All those that remained here are those who stop by for supply or treatment. It’s unlikely that there will be many, and if there are people, it means that they are still getting treated. They must also be seriously injured with near 0 HP or mana. Any injuries will be dealt with near the front line.”

With those words, everyone understood.

It meant they could easily wipe them out if they were careful.


He hid behind the tent and lowered his posture.

The place where people’s voices could be heard was a tent with a red cross and flag at the top. It certainly looked like a relief station had been prepared for the front liners.

‘Are you guys ready?’

Everyone nodded when Leeha opened his mouth. Leeha opened his bag.

‘Hyung, what is that?’

‘It’s a little stronger than before, so you shouldn’t approach recklessly.‘

It was not ‘Lesser’-class. Leeha brought out an [Excellent improvised explosive] made of Hell Anvil’s Dwarven gunpowder.


The short fuse caught fire. He measured the timing by looking at the length of the burning fuse.

‘Three, two, one-’

When the countdown for the firework display, which was unimaginable not only for the people below the hill, but also for the personnel in the Minis treatment station, was over. Leeha threw the explosives with all his might.




“What? What is happen-”

[You have earned 2 War Contributions..]

[You have earned 4 War Contributions..]

[You have earned 3 War Contributions..]

Trrring, trring. Even in this chaotic situation notification windows appeared. Leeha closed all the windows. Everyone understood what to do next.


Biyemi, Tale, Kijeong, and Byeolcho’s magicians and dealers casted their skills simultaneously.

“I-it’s Fibiel!! Fibiel’s army has come-”

“Fire stab-!”

Tale’s flaming sword pierced the enemy.

Puuk, puuk-

Minis’ knights suffered a fatal blow with a slumped posutre without even being able to take out their swords.

The magicians tried to quickly raise their wands, but Biyemi Kaaaak-!! Spat out poison resins. When the sticky venom made of resin came into contact with their skin, mana could not accumulate in their bodies.

“Huh? Skill interference! Get rid of the status ailment-”

“Did we get caught too?!”

“Potion! Give me potion! Isn’t this a relief station?!”

Arcane Sniper [Matan’s Shooter]

Arcane Sniper [Matan’s Shooter]

Arcane Sniper, Mystic Musketeer, 마탄의 사수
Score 7
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2017 Native Language: Korean
A series about a hyper-realistic fantasy game! “Sergeant First Class Ha, you crazy bastard. You shot another full round of bullseye?” The sharpshooter Ha LeeHa simply wanted to be a part of the army forever. However, due to an unfortunate accident, he became paraplegic and was tossed back into society. The revolutionary VR game [Middle Earth] presented a new life to him. Money obtained in [Middle Earth] has real-world value! Yet, he ruined his chance by selecting the lowest-tier character! “I’m not like the others. This is all I have.” Black gunpowder, iron balls, and ramrods… I’ll show all of you what a real ‘musketeer’ is!


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