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Arcane Sniper [Matan’s Shooter] Chapter 243 English

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“Huhut, what do you think I will get after this supply mission is over?”

“……Well. Most soldiers would have hundreds of victories under their belt.”

She will be treated like the greatest contributor in advancing toward the enemy capital. In order to occupy high ground, someone will even sacrifice their life to get one or two contribution points….



Leeha, who had been thinking about something else for a moment, missed what she said. Kijeong, Tale, and Biyemi, who were next to Leeha, could barely hold back their laughter.

“Take care…… cough, Take care of yourself! Because Petyr is still lurking around!”

“Yes, don’t worry. Can’t you see our members?”

Most of the people who guarded the king were here. Ram Hwayeon looked at them, but her worries did not go away.

“In any case, be careful. Hmph, I’m leaving!”

“Yes, take care Ram Hwayeon!”

As soon as Leeha finished his farewells, Ram Hwayeon disappeared.

“Hmmm, hyung?”

“What? What’s with your face?”

As Kijeong slowly approached. He had a very serious expression.

“Hyung, this is a big deal, do you know how to speak Cantonese? I learned a little bit of Chinese… so I can at least speak a little Mandarin.”

“What nonsense are you talking about?”

Hearing Kijeong’s serious concern, Leeha had an ominous premonition. What was he even trying to say?

“They mainly speak Cantonese in Hong Kong. And again…… I don’t know if auntie will allow an international marriage-”

“W-what?! W-what cough-!”

“It would be nice if I get a sister-in-law from a chaebol family, right? Wouldn’t that be cool?”

In the end Leeha could not help but have a coughing fit, but Kijeong just would not stop talking.

Beside them, Biyemi and Tale were smiling brightly.

“Kikis, popular, so popular.”

“I understand to a certain extent that Leeha-kun is from the military, but hmm, I think he would get caught-”

“Biyemi-nim! Tale-nim, why are you like that? Stop it, stop it.”

They did not stop joking around only until Leeha flipped out.

The laughter that did not fit the atmosphere of this battlefield went on for a long time, but it eventually calmed down.

“Then what are we going to do, hyung?”

“I have a rough idea……. Let’s get information about the defensive barrier first, then we’ll talk about it again.”

“Don’t we have lots of time anyway?”

“Yeah. Everyone from Byeolcho have been through a lot. Since we have at least 15 days left in Middle Earth, let’s all get a good night’s sleep, get well rested, and meet again in the morning.”

They didn’t have to be always present to have a plan. However, everyone objected to Leeha’s proposal.

“Ha Leeha-nim is moving, so how could we sleep! I will level up to be of more help to Leeha-nim!”

“That’s right! I will participate in another high ground battle!”

“It’s nice to ride the bus, but Byeolcho also needs to get respect!”

They were the elites chosen by Kijeong. It meant that they were in awe and admired Leeha’s overwhelming ability, but thats what was also motivating them.

“Kek, okay. Okay. But don’t overdo it. I will contact you through Kijeong, so we need to be able to gather everyone together on time.”


Kijeong shook his head as he watched his guild members answer together. He grumbled, I don’t even know who the guild master is anymore.

“Then, see you later, Kijeong-ah, Tale-nim, and Biyemi-nim.”

“Okay. Be careful, hyung. Ah! I will give you gold for any dropped items.”

“Okay. I believe you.”

After saying goodbye to Byeolcho, Leeha headed to the capital.

Getting information from a simple battlefield nearby would be quicker, but Leeha wanted to know the larger picture of the upcoming siege warfare. In other words, it was obvious where he was going.

“Oh, are you busy?”

“Yes, I’m busy! Wait! Those are the documents that are going to the royal palace!”

He was in Madam Ju’s office in the Holy Grill. Unlike usual, even Madam Ju’s room was overflowing with all kinds of documents and personnel.

“I have a question about this siege.”

“I heard about it. Leeha, the captain of Byeolcho Special force. You took on a special mission to infiltrate the Minis Kingdom, right?”

There was a little delay from leaving the command post of the Marching Plains to this place. He had a chat with Ram Hwayeon and Kijeong. However, during that brief period, the information had already reached Madam Ju in that short period.

“This is why I like talking to Madam Ju, the conversation is always quick.”

He was no longer surprised. Leeha smiled and sat down on a chair.

“……Then do you know where the keystone is?”

“You have to find that yourself. I don’t even know where they put it in that wide outer wall.”


Leeha expected it to be difficult, but it was more annoying than he expected. The more he heard Madam Ju’s words, the more he frowned.

“Are there any special characteristics? For example, if they are usually placed in the middle of the gate next to-”

“Minis wizards aren’t that stupid. They must have hid it well. However, as long as it’s a brick infused with mana, it must face the direction of defense. The keystone of the southern wall can only protect the southern wall.”

“You’re saying that it is possible to see from the outside….”

Middle Earth is also a game. Of course, attack points should be given. However, it was completely absurd.

Without any clue, they had to find that one brick that had a pattern on it out of the countless bricks that made the outer wall. Does that even make sense?

‘If we get too close-‘

We would get caught. Minis’ knights, NPCs and users are grinding their teeth in Castle Van Cowl, they would run out and tear Leeha apart if they caught sight of even a strand of his hair.

‘If the distance is far-‘

Observation would be difficult.

‘If we arrive too early and start looking for it-‘ We would also run the risk of getting caught. The more movements he made, the higher the probability that Minis would recognize Leeha.

‘If we go too late-‘

There’s the possibility that he wouldn’t find the keystone in time before the siege troops arrived.

‘Even if I take the Byeolcho guild as an escort-‘

If they moved in groups, they would be conspicuous.

‘If I go alone-‘

Leeha will die a dog’s death.


Leeha covered his face and sighed. Even when he thought about it to himself, the answer did not come to him easily.

“Are you okay? Your face doesn’t look so good.”

“Don’t lie, your face never changes. Aphew, yes, who told you it would be easy?”

Leeha stood up feeling desperate. It was nothing new. Quests with huge rewards always boasted extremely high difficulty. And Leeha had cleared all those quests before.

“Madam, do you have any schematic drawings of Castle Van Cowl? The length and height of each fortress wall in the east, west, north and south, as well as the surrounding terrain.”

“Sure. As long as you have the complete map of Minis, you can see it as much as you want.”

“Give me one. Ah, since it’s war time, please send all the information requesting fees I requested to Commander-in-Chief Granville.”

“That’s what I was going to do. I will take advantage of that, because a certain someone has never paid for the information usage fees before.”

Madam Ju smiled as she handed Leeha the map. Castle Van Cowl, the first destination of the siege warfare, was clearly shown to Leeha.

‘At least 15 days, and a maximum of 30 days until the start of the siege.”

In the meantime, Leeha opened his character window to check his experience bar. 88%. It would be fine as long as he raised his level while movig through the Marching Plains.

Tik一 Tik- Tik一.


His eyes near the scope did not even move.

Leeha slowly adjusted the scope’s horizontal-vertical level without blinking, as if his eyes were fake.

‘There would be three more after passing through this high ground.’

It would have been shameful to even call it a defense line. Capturing this high ground in the middle of the four remaining fronts meant, in effect, the end of the battle for the Marchich Plains.

There were overgrown weeds, blood, and the gray corpses of soldiers. Leeha’s muzzle was aimed at a large white hat.

The person wearing the hat was not yet visible.

He could only see the hat sticking out.

But Leeha knew who it was. The person wearing the hat was ‘Saint’ Raphaela.’

Among the outsiders, she was a unique healer, famous for her wide-area healing. Looking at the seven tanks with shields lining up around to protect her, one could see her importance to the Minis army.

Two bear-like tankers in front and one on each side of her. And since she was standing behind them, one couldn’t even see her figure.

‘Normally, that kind of defense would have been enough. No one would have been able to target her.’

The tankers could perfectly defend against the arrows and even magic. However… there was one thing that the Minis army, including her, was mistaken about.

Suppose they had really wanted to protect her. She should have never worn such a conspicuous hat.


The wind direction and wind speed have already been taken into account. The clicks have been adjusted accordingly. Leeha slowly released his breath and pulled the trigger.


A bullet with a speed of roughly 830m/s left the muzzle in about 1.16 seconds.

The white was soaked in blood. It was a bonus that the face of the tanker standing in front of her disappeared.

[You have leveled up.]

‘I hope the assimilation rate is low, and that she had already logged out before she felt the pain.’

Leeha stayed silent toward her and the tanker protecting her until the brilliant light enveloped him disappeared.

He sniped at a distance of 970m on the plain.

Immediately after the death of Saint Raphaela, there was great chaos in the Minis army. It wasn’t just because the saint had died. But It was also because everyone could imagine how the saint died.

‘It’s the Byeolcho Special force’s again! It would have been crazy, and that’s why the name shouldn’t be too well know. The only thing that’s left when a sniper’s name became well known, is a wanted man.’

Leeha got up and put the Black Bass in the case. Now, only ten days before the battle on the Marching Plains would come to a close. He had around 8 to 10 days left before the order was given to him.

‘Strictly speaking, it is not easy.’

He must find Castle Van Cowl’s keystone. And be prepared to destroy it as soon as the command is issued.

“Uwaaaaah, tsk. What else can I do but die? Whatever. Character window!”

Name: Ha Leeha / Race: Human

Job: Musketeer / Level: 162 (0%)

Title: Fearless / Achievements:93

HP : 4,420(3,094)

MP : 1,160

Strength: 280(+195)

Agility: 2,026(+817)

Intelligence: 148(+97)

Constitution: 145(+52)

Mind: 40(+30)

Remaining Stat Points: 5

The 26 accumulated stats from killing 100 enemies were already distributed to his agility. His health was low because Forbidden Rage rage was applied, and there was nothing else he could do.

Investing five stat points now would not increase his chances for survival.

‘Is there a character that is forced to have agility like this? No matter how much I want to….”

It could consider a fortune among misfortune that because of the achievement he had obtained so far, his constitution is pretty good.

Leeha distributed five stat points into agility and opened the map he got from Madam Ju. The map showed the whole of Minis, there were a lot of notes. When one zoomed in, he could see all kinds of symbols and numbers written around the castle..

Of course, everything was written by Leeha.

‘Castle Van Cowl…….’

His analysis was complete. All that was left was to put it into practice. Leeha looked at the penetration route he made and points of caution once more.

‘I’m taking the risk, but I feel sorry for Kijeong.’

When Leeha shared his plan, Kijeong and the remaining Byeolcho guild members protested. However, they were not able to do anything. Because the circumstances didn’t allow for extra personnel.

In fact, the given mission was tantamount to a solo mission that was only for Leeha.

Leeha tore a scroll towards the location of the siege.

Arcane Sniper [Matan’s Shooter]

Arcane Sniper [Matan’s Shooter]

Arcane Sniper, Mystic Musketeer, 마탄의 사수
Score 7
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2017 Native Language: Korean
A series about a hyper-realistic fantasy game! “Sergeant First Class Ha, you crazy bastard. You shot another full round of bullseye?” The sharpshooter Ha LeeHa simply wanted to be a part of the army forever. However, due to an unfortunate accident, he became paraplegic and was tossed back into society. The revolutionary VR game [Middle Earth] presented a new life to him. Money obtained in [Middle Earth] has real-world value! Yet, he ruined his chance by selecting the lowest-tier character! “I’m not like the others. This is all I have.” Black gunpowder, iron balls, and ramrods… I’ll show all of you what a real ‘musketeer’ is!


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