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Arcane Sniper [Matan’s Shooter] Chapter 252 English

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Leeha put the Black Bass in its leather case and prepared to move as well. They had to break through the Marching Plains, where no one other than Crowly and Faust knew how.


“…What happened?”

“What do you mean what happened? Don’t you know what’s about to happen?”

“Isn’t Alexander coming? That’s kind of what I’m expecting. Why are you looking at me like an idiot?”

“I have a request.”

“What is it.”

“Please activate your skill.”

“What Skill?”

“Chain Teleport.”

The emergency contact network Leeha thought of where you can Chain Teleport between the Three Musketeers.

Of course, it was not something that could be communicated. The conversation was possible if one person moved toward another, but that was it. There was no way to go back.

“……If you activate it, Luger will also be able to teleport.”

“I know that. So don’t do it right now. You can activate it at a time when you think I should come for support, and when Luger would teleport and won’t make trouble.”

What Leeha thought of was not just using teleport directly.

He just needed to set the words in advance so that he could guess the current situation even with just the ‘state’ of the skill.

What if he knew how the situation in Minis has changed, and when Luger Teleports to Kidd, but he can’t point his gun at them?

“I see. That’s how..”

That was when Alexander appeared.

Using one skill, it has an emergency contact network and an emergency movement device that only the Three Musketeers can use.

“Then, please. This is something that only ‘we’ can do.”

“What do you see me as?”

Kidd looked in admiration for a moment, and then his pride kicked in. Even his appearance was familiar.

“I see him as a sleepyhead, but he’s a wolf. Well then, the rest of you, turn around and let’s go!”

Leeha ran towards the already-gathering Byeolcho Special force.

“Byeolcho Special force, move!”


Leeha and the Byeolcho Special force began to move away from Fibiel’s main forces which were near the capital of Minis.

Ram Hwayeon looked at her back for a moment.

“Be careful. Ha Leeha.”

There was no need for prisoners in Middle Earth’s war.

This was especially the case for the Fibiel armies’ siege advancing towards Minis.

Those who succeed in escaping survive, and everyone else dies.

It’s the same with NPCs. Except for merchants and some NPCs who did not participate in the battle, all the NPC troops for a defense that did not escape were killed.

“Tale-hyugnim, how’s the surrounding?”

“I don’t feel anything. It appears that no one has entered the castles separately.”

The Byeolcho Special force members hid behind a rock facing the occupied castle and whispering.

“Kikis, that’s good. The rumor has not yet spread to the internet yet.”

“Yeah…… Still, we must be vigilant.”

Nevertheless, Leeha asked them to survey the surroundings thoroughly. It was because they did not know where and what kinds of traps had been put in place since the enemy’s strategy was so clever and bizarre.

“Hyung, I’m ready.”

“Alright. Let’s all lower our postures and run while being vigilant of the surroundings.”

Leeha gathered his equipment, put on his night vision, and moved forward. Thirty-one elite members ran in a row taking advantage of the darkness where the land could not be lit properly.

Their hearts were heavy. To the extent that they felt it would have been better to stay and fight in the war, and the quest they got this time was too much for them to handle.

“But can we really protect Dike Beach on our own? Ram Hwayeon was like that too, so I think our job will put us at a disadvantage.”

“I feel the same way. What can a Highlander do in naval warfare? Hmmm.”

“That’s true. Kikis, even in my days as Nguyen, I didn’t go hunting on ships. It’s hard to chase, and it’s also hard to run away. I am not able to tear off their sails with just a few poison spells.”

Kijeong, Tale, and Biyemi all expressed their anxiety.

But what could they do? People who couldn’t even handle a boat will protect Dike Beach?

“A-aren’t we supposed to fight those Kraven bastards after they land? I don’t think it would be possible for us on a ship.”

“No! The condition for failing the quest is them landing, so how can we fight after they have already landed?”

The other members of Byeolcho were all the same. Leeha was the only quiet person in the group, who were all exchanging their opinions.

“Hyung? What do you think?”

“About what?”

“Dike Beach. Do you think we can do it?”

“We should be able to.”

“Aren’t you speaking too half-heartedly?”

Kijeong pursed his lips and continued.

“You’re saying that we can do it, but your not saying how.”

“Let’s go first. We only need to conquer one Minis castle and the war will be over. Tale-nim, please scan the surroundings.”

Tale was rather flustered at Leeha’s casual words. However, Leeha did not specifically say anything.


Leeha’s head was already dizzy with his own thoughts.

‘The news of Alexander reaching max level…… It was probably visible to all users.

Even if one didn’t see it, the rumors would have already spread throughout the community by now. Alexander is the representative user of the Minis Kingdom.

What kind of content would he do after reaching the max level? Another quest? Item farming? No, it couldn’t be something like that.

‘That’s something to think about later. There’s content in front of us right now.’

Participation in the War.

Alexander, who has never appeared before, will appear. If everyone thinks the same, what about the other users in Minis?

‘Users who deliberately avoided the war will participate.’

With Alexander, they are sure they will win!

If there are 1.2million Minis forces in the Minis capital at the moment, it is expected that the number of troops will increase by at least 10% in the future.

If so, at least 1.3 million or more, how many defenders were hiding in the other Minis castles that have not been occupied?

‘It is around 200,000 to 300,000…. The number of non-human armies of Crowley and Faust, who have been slowly advancing through the Marching Plain’s side after cutting the supply line will probably exceed a thousand. If we consider not only only the number but also the qualitative ability, they can be regarded as more than one division.’

Then, the advantage of 1.66 million in Fibiel in an instant..

Additionally, if they get surrounded by an army with similar or greater number than the Fibiel army.

‘Granville might have already thought about it, and since he’s an NPC, he might already have information that I am not yet aware of. It is only natural to rush a full-scale attack.’

Perhaps as early as tonight or tomorrow morning, after an immediate formation adjustment, an attack will be carried out.

‘And… the enemies will be expecting it.’

That person who had made such a huge move. Whether they are users or NPCs, they would be able to guess that Granville will be in a hurry.

So what will be their next move?

It will be an important turning point whether they would notice that first move and block it or not.

“There’s nothing in the surroundings. Now, just past Castle Van Cowl will be the Marching Plains.”

“What about Faust and Crowley?”

“As Ram Hwayeon said, it will be foggy…… or maybe there would be undead soldiers, but I don’t feel that kind of energy.”

“I tried mana detection, but nothing came up.”

Byeolcho’s guild member helped Tale.

Leeha could also see because he had the help of Night Vision. If that was the case, it was certain that they were not around.

“Okay. Then, I will talk to you as the captain of Byeolcho Special force.”

“Everyone, please gather around.”

Because it was an operation to break through the Marching Plains.

After the Byeolcho Special forces gathered, everyone in Byeolcho shouted as they listened to what Leeha had to say.

And the person with the loudest voice was Kijeong.

“Eong-ah?! That’s crazy! No way!!”

“No, it doesn’t make any sense. What do you think of this Biyemi-nim?”

“……I think it’s possible. Kikis, no, after thinking about it, I would do the same.”

“Is that so? Biyemi-nim is thinking the same as well. Listen to me, Kijeong-ah.”

“I-! Stupid hyung, I am worried about you right now! It doesn’t matter whether it’s possible or not!”

Kijeong clung to Leeha with a face that was almost crying. Because of the meaning of what his cousin said. It didn’t make any sense.

“It doesn’t matter. This is important.”

Leeha placed his hand on Kijeong’s shoulder.



Even though the musketeer’s hands were light, what was the weight he felt? However, Kijeong was also a guild master. And if Leeha said this, it meant that he was confident that he could definitely do it.

If he didn’t believe him, who will?

“Okay. As the guild master of Byeolcho, and vice-captain of the Byeolcho Special force…. I will do my duty.”

Kijeong nodded his head.

It was just past midnight in Middle Earth when the moon was already passing their heads.

“How is the camp maintenance?”

“It’s about 50% complete, sir.”

As Granville spoke, the NPC advisor hurriedly bowed his head.

“T-the division commanders are encouraging them, but the soldiers are still-”

“They must have felt it too suddenly. Okay.”

“Yes, sir. I’ll get to work as soon as possible.”

The NPC, who understood Granville’s meaning, hurriedly finished speaking.

“50% …”

Granville felt regrettable, but it was as reported by the advisor. It wasn’t just the NPCs who were flustered. It was also the command like a thunderbolt on a clear sky for the users who just wanted to log out.

“What? What happened?”

“I don’t know, didn’t they say that we will attack at dawn?”

“Now? Why?”

“I don’t know as well. How would I know that.”

“Damn it, I heard that Alexander reached level 300, what if he comes?”

“Let’s try to finish it before he comes then.”

“If we log out, the rewards would not be worth it if we succeed……. What should we do?”

“We have to fight. Our commander-in-chief also has an idea, so we have to do it.”

The users also organized their items and conversed with one another. It was a waste to log out, and the situation wasn’t good if they stayed.

However, setting foot on a battlefield where Alexander might come isn’t what they normally dared to do.

“Don’t worry! Our Fibiel forces aren’t so weak either! Together with all of Hwangryong members, I, Pei Wu, promise to be at the forefront of the Fibiel Army!”


“The same goes for Hwahong! After this war is over, all items will be on sale at half the price in Castle Date, so please don’t make the mistake of losing your life!”


Fortunately, some users were spreading out and encouraging others.

Those who discussed the urgency of the current situation in the conference room tent, especially the famous users of Fibiel, including Pei Wu and Ram Hwayeon, encouraged the normal users.

“……If Alexander comes, Lee Jiwon will not stand still.”


“No, I am talking to myself.”

Kidd pulled the brim of his hat and walked around with a smirk.

However, the waves of the words that flowed out were not weak. Because it was able to make ordinary users realize what they had forgotten. They were encouraged that way.

“T-that’s right! Lee Jiwon will come as well! It is said that he was trying to fight Alexander.”

“Isn’t it worth a try then?”

“That’s good. This time, we have to make a big contribution.”

Even at dawn, when fatigue was pouring in, Fibiel’s camp was restless. Excitement mixed with commotion and fear from various places, delivery operations for the final offensive, etc., everyone was busy moving around whether they were NPCs or users.

“Oh, so there’s no one around Granville.”

Some soldiers are standing in front of the tent where the commander-in-chief is, but only a few regular NPC legionnaires. Pei Wu, Kidd, and Ram Hwayeon couldn’t care less about it.



Is it lieutenant?”

Granville, who was looking at the map, heard the noise from the entrance of the tent and turned his head. However, he did not hear any answer.


Instead of answering, he heard a light breeze, and when he thought he could hear a small noise, the light magic in the tent had been put out.

“… Dispel!”

At the same time as Granville was surprised, the tent flapped.

Several figures were in front of the entrance in the faint moonlight that leaked into the tent where the light source had disappeared. There was no need to ask if they were allies.

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Arcane Sniper [Matan’s Shooter]

Arcane Sniper [Matan’s Shooter]

Arcane Sniper, Mystic Musketeer, 마탄의 사수
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