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Childhood Friend of the Zenith Chapter 4

Childhood Friend of the Zenith Chapter 4
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One day, even though I was getting older, I had an accident.
Even thinking about it at the time, there was a point in time when I thought I was over-bought.

It was a major accident in which my father, who was mostly expressionless no matter what, rarely showed an angry expression, and the governor, who was infinitely generous to the blood of Sega, even scolded me directly.

Because of that, as a punishment given to me by Sega, I had to go to the Ohgeom University where her oldest sister is the main lord and be rolled for over half a year.
Of course, this fucking personality didn’t go away.

It was there that I met Wee Seol-ah properly.
It must have been a bad thing for her.

And such a meeting should have happened at least half a year later.
But why is she, who should have been, in front of me and in my place?

As soon as the sun came up and she opened the door, she was dazzled by the look of her face on her face and almost collapsed.
is it a dream is it a dream yes this must be a dream

“Yeah, I slept late yesterday.”

I’m tired, so that’s it.
This is why people need to sleep.

I turned around without any regrets and was about to enter the place, but I felt someone pulling me tight.
When I turned around, Seol-ah Wei was pulling my clothes with her slender hands.

… Could it be real?

“me… me… .”

Seol-ah above was stuttering and trying to say something to her, but someone appeared and slapped Seol-ah above her hand.


With her brief scream, the upper Seol-ah wrapped around the back of her hand as she hit her, pushed behind her.

Her eyes widened at the appearance of her figure.
Even Seol-ah above her is ridiculous, but Hyo-gun, above the swordsman (劍 尊) was there.

‘… Si, Shiva, you are surprised.’

Without realizing it, I almost spit swear words out of my mouth.
If only she spit it out, she might have died of a heart attack in that moment.

Wi Hyo-gun said to Wi Seol-ah with a stern expression.

“Wow, this guy! She must have told the master that he shouldn’t be rude!”

… Yes?

just what… ?

“Apologize immediately.”
“I’m sorry. installment… .”
“Uh-huh! You should give the apology to the master!”
“Sorry, I’m sorry. young master!”

What… . What the hell kind of shit is this?
In a storm-like situation, when I am distracted, Wihyo-gun bows his head to me. Why are you like this really… .

“It is said that it is a consolation that has been given by the Lord and has been taking care of the master from today. I may not like it because I am a powerless old man, but I will do my best, so please take care of me.”

consolation? Not Wihyo-kun?
When Wei Hyo-gun glances at Wi Seol-ah, Wi Seol-ah hastily takes a rather dignified stance.

“My name is Wei and Wee Seol-ah, who will be taking care of the master with my grandfather in the future. Please, please.”

bopil? who who… ?

“me… ?”

A sudden rush of dizziness made his vision blurry. I felt like I was going to lose my mind for a moment.

How am I supposed to understand this crazy situation?

Who is the swordsman Weihyogun?
He is one of the three lords in the world. They are the ones who are chosen as the strongest among the countless warriors in the midfield.

Among them, there were so many people that it would be difficult to list them as the achievements of the swordsman.
The Black Dragon Sword, who was called the king of Sapa, died without being able to withstand the fight with the swordsman, and as a swordsman from Nangin, he was a man who climbed up to the center of the faction, the Moorim Maengju, who built up achievements and ended up accumulating.

Leaving behind the Segawa clan, which made a name for themselves as checkpoints such as Namgung and Moyong, Hwasan and shaman.
A swordsman who was called the Jungwon First Sword (中原第一劍) due to his single strength.

At this point in time when Chunma didn’t appear in the midfield, he was the one who didn’t know that he might be the best in the world.

‘But are you going to take care of me all of a sudden?’


Is there any reason why you have to do this by even using a pseudonym to hide your identity?
If it were the three lords, they would be welcomed with open arms no matter where the four generations came at dawn.

There was no need for him to hide his identity and work as a user in a place like this.
That he was favored by Gu Cheol-woon. It must have been that Gu Cheol-woon sent it.

‘Does your father know?’

Nothing like this had happened in a previous life.

The reason I saw Wihyo at that time was only a passing relationship.
Even that wouldn’t have been particularly good because of the things I bought and hit.

His head hurt.

I was going to keep the original flow and just endure until the end of the Jeongma War.
As soon as he made up his mind, the future he knew was twisted.

He looked at Wei Hyo-kun carefully.

He was a dwarf old man with a seemingly benevolent smile. If I had not seen him for even a moment in my previous life, I would have seen him as an ordinary old man.
Even now, if it weren’t for Seol-ah Wee, he might have known him as an old man who looked just like him.

‘What should I do?’

what to ask
Why did I have to ask? that’s a bit weird
It was strange to pretend to know about Wihyo-gun’s identity. So should he know and pretend he doesn’t know?

What scares me the most is that if they are here now, maybe many things will change.

‘Damn, where did you go wrong?’

If there is one difference, it is that he treated Wi Seol-ah more kindly than in the past on the street.
But can it be that just one of those things can get things to this point?

So, even now, should I make use of my old personality and play a chess game saying that there is no need for such an old man and little bastard?
It was then that countless thoughts filled his head.

“The granddaughter.”

While confused, Wihyo opened his mouth.

“The granddaughter may have many shortcomings in the eyes of the master because he does not know the world yet, but he is a fast learner, so I will educate him well so that he will soon like him.”

At those words, I saw Wi Seol-ah holding the hem of Wi-hyo-gun’s robe.
You can see the trembling eyes between the messy hair.

What is the true nature of that anxiety that Wi Seol-ah sees? Seol-ah Wei, who made eye contact with me, said.

“I will work hard… . I’ll work really hard… .”

What are you so desperate for? Why did you leave your father or Gu Yeon-seo’s residence and come to me right now?
In the end, I, too, had no choice but to open my mouth.

“no… . Yes, please.”

I can’t see the answer. This life felt like something was fucked up from the start.
At my words, Wihyo asked me to lower my voice.

That was probably too much.


“Are you really okay?”

The time when Guyangcheon was practicing Guyeomhwaryungong at his residence.

Cheol-Woon Gu was chatting over a candle in the living room.

“Where is there not to be, that we are not in a position to cover the fire.”
“Don’t you know that if the elders and elders want it, not only the four generations, but also the master will help. No need to suffer like this… .”
“I don’t think it’s hard work, Guju.”

Wei Hyo-gun took the cold teacup and drank it slowly.

“You can’t say that this is hard work. If it’s for her granddaughter, I could do more, wouldn’t I be lucky if I could avoid it even like this?”
“Old man.”
“Rather, I’m sorry that Gu-ju had to grant me a heavy request because of my relationship with this useless old man.”
“I am old.”
“I heard that Shaolin and the shaman are looking for Seol-ah. I put you in an even heavier debt.”

Looking into Wei Hyo-gun’s eyes, Gu Cheol-woon could not speak any more.

“Actually, Gu-ju, I didn’t even plan to come to you, I’m a shaman and Shaolin.
“…but why?”
“It is the greed of a dying old man. I thought that living alone with such an old man would not be as happy for Seol-ah, so I wanted to experience the world a little bit.”
“Then, even worse, you stay in my residence, my child, but he is a child who lacks much.”

Gu Cheol-woon couldn’t understand Wihyo-gun’s wish to stay in the residence of his son Guyangcheon, who was a ghoul.
Unlike his daughters, Goo Yangcheon was an immature child. As a father, I wanted to correct my crooked personality, but I didn’t have time to do that because of the things that happened one after another.

When she heard that they had met on the street, didn’t she first give an apology to Hyogun Wei, thinking that Gu Yangcheon might have said something terrible?
At Gu Chul-woon’s words, Wihyo laughed haphazardly.

“There are rumors that I was worried about, but she was a much more decent child. I guess the old man is a little more greedy for his children than he looks.”

Wei Hyo-gun also came to Shanxi to hear the rumors about the third child of the Gu family.
I wonder if the rumors spread all over Shanxi that the Gu family’s minority, Inseong, was so violent.

Wihyo-gun thought that the daughter Bok had so many householders who had no luck with the son.
In the meantime, it was pure coincidence that I met Gu Yangcheon on the street.

It had been a long time since her godly granddaughter could not be stopped and let her run.
Then she saw her granddaughter speaking her words to a boy her age.

It was easy for her to know that the boy was a child of the Gu family.
The fire flowing through her body was the same as the energy of Guju.

It was a defect that the energy contained in it was weak compared to being a child of Guju, but it was definitely Guyeomhwaryungong.
Gu Yang-cheon’s impression was that his first impression was that his eyes were torn and his face was sharp.

Her granddaughter handed the child of the Gu family a sweet potato.
What should I do if I am a violent child like the rumors say?

Wei filial piety did not intend to go and save his granddaughter unless his life was threatened.
He also had the experience to realize that there are not only good words in the world.

However, contrary to expectations, the boy did not say anything bad or do anything with his actions.
Rather, he stopped the escort’s action to kill her granddaughter, and handed her granddaughter her medicine.

Until he saw Hyo-kun Wi, who was late approaching his granddaughter, and took an example. Looking at his shabby clothes, he would have thought he had a low status.

‘Hyo-kun. You are still lacking in training yourself.’

He heard that he was a swordsman, so he thought he was a perfect human being.
Wei Hyo-gun rebuked himself.

He looked so foolish that he judged only by the face of the child and rumors.

“That kid is enough. On the contrary, Guoju’s child should like us.”

What would have happened if it had been a rumor?
If Yangcheon Goo had done something bad to Seol-ah Wee, would he have made a different choice than now?

“..Okay, old man, if there is any problem, please tell me.”

Gu Cheol-un couldn’t understand how Wei Hyo-gun liked Gu Yang-cheon, but he didn’t say anything more about him.
At the end of the conversation, Gu Chul-woon asked again.

“But are you really okay?”

It was a different question than the first one asked.

Wei filial piety also knew the meaning behind him, so he could not answer easily.

“If the manager spoke up… .”

Shaolin’s chief said that he had the Cheonan (天眼), so he could read the flow of cause and effect.
Wei Hyo-gun answered with a bitter smile.

“Yeah, what would happen if that friend spoke like that? But you can easily understand.”

In an instant, the small candle that was barely attached to it was extinguished by the wind blowing from the window.

“The fact that Seol-ah is at the center of the coming blood eons, that our Seol-ah must hold the sword to withstand the blood eons.”

Wei Hyo-kun chuckled and smiled.
As he spoke his words, he had the illusion that his wrinkles were getting darker little by little.

“So I ran away. It doesn’t matter if it’s selfish Why was it Seol-ah? Isn’t it funny There are old people who support them by saying they are three lords, and there are a lot of prestigious families who stand up tall as they say they are pillars of political faction.”
“Old man… .”

The image of Wei Hyo-gun, who was exhausted by ideals and reality, was heartbreaking.

“I can’t give you a sword, saying that even if you give me a flower, there will be blood riots.”

Wei Hyogun repeated the dry face wash with his wrinkled hands.

“So even if my soul is turned to ashes to death, I will never give Seol-a a sword.”

It was a story that Guyangcheon would have been desperate to hit the ground with if he had heard it.

Childhood Friend of the Zenith

Childhood Friend of the Zenith

CFZ, Childhood Friend of the Zenith Under the Heavens, The Zenith's Childhood Friend, 천하제일인의 소꿉친구
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Instead of struggling meaninglessly, he acknowledged his place.


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