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Golden Mage Chapter 152

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Book 6, Episode 2

Demons are higher life forms that exist in the demon realm. It is an advanced life form that possesses a high level of intelligence, along with the celestials of the heavenly realm, the gods of the divine realm, and the dragons of the middle realm.

The demons… such a higher life form… a higher-ranked being among the demons has now appeared in the Middle Realm.

The Marquis of Brilkend’s face twisted at the sight of the demon. The appearance of demons meant a lot to him.

His face contorted, but after a moment he relaxed his expression, which had become surprisingly sober.

The Marquis of Brilkend stroked the tip of his chin and muttered to himself.

“It cannot be helped. I’m afraid this is the end of our ‘fun’.”

With that, the Marquis of Brilkend’s new model began to glow with a pure white radiance.

The light exploded for a moment, and then faded away along with the Marquis of Brillkend’s new carriage.

Ridding the world of demons is his mission.

For it was the duty of his clan, the dragons, to defend Middle-earth….

And he finally appeared where the Archduke of the Demon Realm, Beramund, had appeared.

As Brilkend, the Red Dragon, a giant red fuselage that stretches over 100 metres.


The terrifying dragon peer shook the entire Golden Valley.



The Golden Valley’s inhabitants scream and run as the mighty Dragon Peer engulfs the Golden Valley.

It was a dragon, a higher life form that lorded over all life in Middle-earth.

The Red Dragon is considered the greatest of all dragons.

The golden dragons were the most powerful in magic, and the red dragons were the most powerful in physical combat.

Dragons are creatures that grow until they die, and the fuselage of the current Brilkend was over a hundred metres long.

In other words, it had reached the Ancient class.

An Ancient Dragon, this is when a dragon is at its strongest.

A dragon at its strongest! In human terms, this is the time when they pass through their youth and enter early middle age, when youth and age overlap.

Brilkend was a mature dragon, having lived for nearly 8,000 years.

Covering the Golden Valley with dragon blood, Brilkend’s red eyes turned to Vermund. Beramund stared back with cold black eyes.

Brilkend’s voice echoed around them.

“Demon of the Demon Realm, why have you come here when you should be in the Demon Realm? I know of the treaty between the Demon Realm and Middle-earth that was made in the past in the battle against the Demon King. Why have you come here?


Beramund stared at him, saying nothing.

After a moment, he slowly began to speak.

“I… I am here by contract, nothing more, nothing less. If you try to stop me, Red Dragon, I will fulfil my end of the bargain and eliminate you.”


Brilkend bared his teeth and grinned. The sight of his sharp fangs bared was eerie.


The others, including Elle, watched in silence.

A demon and a dragon, two things they rarely saw in their lifetime. They were witnessing both right here and now.

Dragons, the stalwart guardians of Middle Earth, living for 10,000 years and protecting this world.

Demons, slayers and demons, dwelling in the demonic realm, fuelled by the Dark Aurors and living for infinite ages.

How can it be said that such beings are easy to look upon?

Especially for Elle, their existence was quite a shock.

He faced off against Gaylance and Zikril with great difficulty.

Gaylance and Jikril were among the strongest on the continent, and it was El who had fought against them to some extent.

But the moment he saw the demons and dragons, El felt his head go white.

He could tell at a glance that these beings possessed powers far beyond his own. Why did Elle fight so hard and go toe-to-toe with those stronger than herself?

It is to protect those she cares about.

That’s what he’s been fighting for, and that’s what this battle is all about.

But demons and dragons….

The sight of two beings whose absolute power he could not match stirred a dormant will in El’s mind.

The appearance of transcendent beings.

What if such an entity was after his life?

She would never survive.

Not only would she die, but her family and loved ones would die as well.

He’d never felt so helpless as he did today.

Elle clenched her fists tightly.

No matter what, she must survive this. And I must find strength.

Such was her will.

Meanwhile, the conversation between Brilkend and Beramund continued.

So he wasn’t going to back down?

“I acknowledge that you are a strong Red Dragon who has reached Ancient. But don’t underestimate me. I am the Archduke of the Demon Realm, in the service of the Demon King.”


The two beings slowly began to emanate energy.

Red and black currents of air that threatened to explode at any moment. It seemed to engulf the entire surroundings, colouring the air and enveloping each other.

Fazik! Fazik!

The mere collision of momentum created a tremendous shockwave.

This is the power of a higher being. It was the power of dragons and demons.

Ordinary demons would be no match for an Ancient Dragon, but Beramund is a high ranking demon in the Great Duchy of the Demon Realm.

Ascended by the blood of sacrifice, he is able to wield the full power of the demonic realm.

His power is immense, as he possesses the full range of his powers. He is no match for the Ancient Dragon.

However, his opponent is the mighty Red Dragon. An Ancient-class one, too. There was no reason for him to be intimidated by the fact that his opponent was the Grand Duke of the Demon Realm.

However, he couldn’t help but be surprised. For a man who was arrogantly confident, Beramund’s strength was unexpected. The name Archduke of the Demon Realm was not in vain.



Both Brillkend and Beramund exclaimed as they realised that the other’s strength was more than they had expected.

Their mutual strength was a tautness they could feel.

And just as they were about to draw even more power, a figure appeared in their midst.

It was Einens.

Brilkend’s face twisted into a frown as the human interrupted their moment.

What, human?

“This demon’s opponent is none other than me. Do not interfere, dragon.”

Ainens spoke to Brilkend, his words calm but prickly.

In response, Brilkend’s sharp fangs flashed once. His mood twisted at Ainens’ words.

But then his expression changed.

He had seen the divine sword in Ainens’ hand.

The wielder of the divine sword is a different story.

In the past, dragons and divine sword wielders had worked together to defeat demons.

At that time, dozens of dragons attacked the Demon King, and the Wielder of the Divine Sword finished off the defeated Demon King.

At that time, the dragons acknowledged the Master of the Divine Sword. They recognised its power as a protector of the continent, and they recognised its wielder.

It made Brilkend’s blood boil, but he could not help but endure.

He accepted Ainens’ words without question.

You are the wielder of the Divine Sword. Interesting. Very well, I will yield to you for a moment.

“Thank you.”

Ainens thanked him and began to confront Beramund, who stood before him.

Within moments, the hall was filled with their presence.

Chapter 2 Ainens and Beramund’s Confrontation

Beramund stared at the sword in Ainens’ hand.

A divine sword that had brought a demon back to the Demon Realm. It was a dimension-dominating sword with the most unusual power of all the divine swords. Even though he is the Grand Duke of the Demon Realm and possesses great power, he is unable to guard against it.

“Is this the sword that slashed the Demon King….”

Beramund muttered to himself as he looked at the divine sword.

But it was a muttering, and it didn’t change anything.

In short, he didn’t seem to care about Ainens at all.

“I can’t believe that’s how you reacted to the new sword….”

Was it because he didn’t like Beramund’s reaction?

Ainens’ eyebrows twitched once more.

But that aside, he was going to have to fight this thing anyway, and it was no good getting excited beforehand.

Taking a deep breath to steady himself, he turned his gaze to Beramund. It was mind control at its finest.


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