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Life After Prison Chapter 2183

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Chapter 2183

It did not take long for the battles to end. Soon, it was Diane, Wulricht and the others turn to battle. Their appearance caught many people’s attention because they were from the Pearl Light Isle, the same place where Severin was from. And many people heard that Pearl Light Isle had many valuable resources. To the extent that Diane and the others ate alchemical pills as if the pills were jelly beans.

Not to forget just how fast Severin prove his power in the sect.

Many people realized his potential and tried to grovel him.

However, Severin only spent his time training and producing alchemical pills. There was not even a spare time in his days that he allowed himself to entertain those people.

As such, those people could only think of another way. In the end, they had their eyes set on other people on Pearl Light Isle which were Diane, Wulricht, and the others. After a while, they got closer to Wulricht and the other people on the island.

“Look at those four women over there. They are Severin’s wives. In my opinion, they are prettier than Celeste.”

“I heard a few of the elders are Severin’s fathers-in-law and the others are Severin’s best friends.”

“Sigh, what a headache!”

“Why do I have to be up against them?”

Many contestants knew who Diane and the others were so they started to share their information with the other contestants.

When their opponents knew about their identities, they started sighing and feeling troubled that they had to fight Diane and the rest.

They still could not forget how Severin killed Riley just now. It scared them knowing that their opponents were Severin’s wives, families, and friends.

“Let the competition resume!”

As the peak masters announced, all the contestants in the arena quickly held their guards up. That applied to Diane as well. She quickly unleashed her power which created a sonic blast.

Her opponent was a level four supreme saint. As he felt the power Diane unleashed, he forced a grin.

“Miss Diane. It’s my pleasure fighting you but please go easy on me.”

However, he did not have the chance to finish his sentence. Diane started to make her move. She dashed out. Her speed was so fast that shockwaves appeared as she dashed. All in all, it happened within a couple of seconds.

Before her opponent knew it, he felt pain in his chest and was rolling in the sky because he was tossed up in the air. He could hear the sound of the wind blowing in his ears. As he tried to figure out where he was by searching the area, he discovered Diane was not too far from where he was.

Diane had raised her palm and it was shining with great divine light. Her body contained a heavy load of philosophy. Her vibe was so strong and so terrifying that it broke into the sky.

The opponent fell from the sky and crash-landed on the arena.

Suddenly, he felt a gush of blood rushing up his throat. The only expression on his face was fear. He had no idea when and how Diane attacked him.

He was a level four supreme saint and Diane was a level five supreme saint. Although they were a level different, in a normal situation, he could still be aware of an ambush from the level five supreme saint if he paid full concentration. At least not to the point that he had no idea when Diane attacked him.

This was what made him terrified the most. The fact that Diane’s speed was so fast that he did not even see how Diane attacked him.

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Life After Prison

Life After Prison

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Status: Ongoing Native Language: English
A series of unfortunate events befell Severin Feuillet and led him to a five-year prison sentence, but by the time he was released, he had acquired wisdom from the teachings of a savant. Once Severin stepped back into society, he was prepared to give his all for his fiancee, but she had cheated on him and married an assaulter. Unbeknownst to him, the president of a certain company—a beauty in the finest—had given birth to his adorable baby daughter in secret. She had waited five insufferable years for him, and so thus began Severin's most daunting challenge yet, becoming a father.


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