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Novel Harvey York’s Rise To Power Chapter 2802

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Harvey York took the phone from the other side of the table and scrolled past a few pictures with a faint smile.

“I have to admit. I’m impressed that you’re willing to sacrifice your own daughter for your own benefit.

“But, you’re asking me to be your son-in-law?

“Let’s not even talk about whether I want to or not…

“Even if I did, you’d probably restrain and destroy me after you’re done using me, right?

“You probably came up with the plan to shut my mouth with family relations just now.

“Surely your daughter didn’t know that she got sold out by her own father at that very moment.

“I never understood how distant wealthy families could be, but now I do.”

Harvey slammed the phone on the table, then squinted while crossing his legs.

“Your offers are really attractive, Third Lord York.

“It’s a shame I don’t like cooperating with a dirt bag like you.

“That’s why I’m declining your offer.”


Noah York furiously slammed on the table with an enraged look.

“You truly disappoint me, Harvey!

“Do you know how many people want to cling to me but can never get the chance?!

“Do you know how many people want to marry my daughter, but I never bat an eye at them in the first place?!

“I’m giving you a chance to rise and marry you into the family, but not only do you not cherish the opportunity, but you’re also using the chance to slander me?! “Don’t you think that you’re the one crossing the line here?!”

While Noah was still speaking, the distant woman and the few bodyguards glared at Harvey as if he were some sort of idiot.

They thought that Harvey was just some ignorant fool.

The blessings that other people would never hope to achieve in their entire life was handed to him on a silver platter, but he thoroughly rejected them. ‘He must have a death wish or something!’ “I’m the one crossing the line?”

Harvey chuckled.

“I can do something far worse.

“For example, I can disclose to Lady Judd everything that transpired here today.

“I’m sure she and Lord York will be able to discern what’s right from wrong.”

“How dare you?!”

Noah was boiling with anger. “You think you can leave this building alive without accepting my conditions?!”

There was no point in playing pretend at this point.

Noah’s wretched look on his face was blatantly apparent.

Harvey shrugged. “What? You don’t actually think you can keep me here with a bunch of nobodies, do you?” replied Harvey calmly. “I can keep your secret if you want.

“Kneel and beg me for it.”

Noah squinted as he glared at Harvey, who seemed extremely nonchalant, before Noah burst out laughing “Hahahaha!

“Not bad! Not bad at all! No wonder even Vince and Julian suffered so many losses against you! “The new’s constantly replacing the old, I see!

“I’ve seen quite a lot of great talents in my life, but this is my first time seeing a young man this arrogant! “You know nothing of your background, strength, and limits…

“And yet you’re still acting so high and mighty! “This is the first time in my life seeing a person like you!

“You should know that rich heirs from wealthy families and royalty will call me ‘Third Lord York when they see me. “Even if I give them a lecture, they can only take it respectfully.”

“But not only is a man from Country H disrespecting me even though he’s without power and connections, but he’s also trying to threaten me?!

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Harvey York’s Rise To Power

Harvey York’s Rise To Power

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Taken in as a son-in-law, he led a miserable life. The moment he gained power, both his mother-in-law and sister-in-law kneeled down in front of him. His mother-in-law begged him, “Please don’t leave my daughter.” His sister-in-law said, “Brother-in-law, I was wrong...”


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