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Novel Harvey York’s Rise To Power Chapter 2976

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Harvey York squinted indifferently, without showing too much emotion.

“I heard that Grandma York herself used to be quite the killer during her prime,” said Harvey, with a faint smile.

“Many people were after her, but they were all piled up into a mountain of corpses…

“Did that really happen?

“At this point, it‘s all old news. The previous lord of the Yorks had issued a gag order many years ago. That‘s why all we have are rumors.

Nobody knows if it‘s the real deal.

“That said, Grandma York is quite the formidable woman.

“If Vince York manages to force her out by playing victim, Queenie York would have to deal with a lot of pressure.”

Harvey chuckled.

“That‘s nothing to be scared about. We‘re not the ones trying to ruin her banquet anyway. We‘re upstanding citizens here.

“Don‘t forget, Leslie Clarke still owes me my Good Citizen Award!

“But if Grandma York‘s going to take action, we might have to lend a hand to the fourth princess…

“I‘ll have a pretty big headache if she doesn‘t manage to hold her own against that old lady…”

Harvey then showed a warm smile before segueing to a different subject

“So, what‘s going on with our dear Young Master Leo? Is he begging for mercy yet?

“I‘m still waiting for him to conquer lands for his fourth princess


“Sir York, I locked him in an air–conditioned room for forty–eight hours as you ordered,” replied Edwin Mendoza.

“He gets his coffee that smells like sh*t every hour and a cold bucket of water every two hours to clear his head.

“The air–cons are also turned up all the way.

“It‘s hard to imagine that a high and mighty God of War looks that miserable now…

“It won‘t be long before he pisses his pants.”


Harvey calmly smiled.

“I have to admit, this trick used by the government of Hong Kong against corrupt officials is pretty effective.

“Even a man that stubborn is about to give in.

“Soon enough, he‘ll listen to every single word I say…”

Harvey was the one who wanted to deal with Jason Leo this


After all, he knew there was no point in torturing a God of War‘s

body. If that were the case, it would only make Jason more rebellious.

Only by using means like this, Jason‘s self–proclaimed indestructible will could be crushed.

“Come. Let‘s take a look at how Young Master Leo‘s doing.”

Harvey stood up and wiped his hand with some tissues.

“Get me some nice food while you‘re at it.”

Edwin nodded lightly before he went off.


Ten minutes later, in an air–conditioned room under the Mordu Casino–Palace.

A long table with various delicacies was placed in the middle of the room.

The fragrant smell of all sorts of tea wafted in the air, enough to make anyone drool.

In front of the table was a man completely chained to a special steel chair while his body was dripping wet.

He was trembling uncontrollably, his mouth completely parched, and his expression utterly miserable. His aura of a God of War was already long gone.

The arrogant attitude on him was also completely dissipated. He could not help but shudder after seeing the coffee placed in front of him.

Under such extreme cold and lack of food and drinks, he could not help but quench his thirst with the coffee.

A sharp pain could be felt in his throat while his stomach was burning His desire to eat or drink something was endless…

Harvey York’s Rise To Power

Harvey York’s Rise To Power

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Taken in as a son-in-law, he led a miserable life. The moment he gained power, both his mother-in-law and sister-in-law kneeled down in front of him. His mother-in-law begged him, “Please don’t leave my daughter.” His sister-in-law said, “Brother-in-law, I was wrong...”


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