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Novel Harvey York’s Rise To Power Chapter 3320

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“Harvey York!

“You‘ve crossed the damn line!” Donnie Burton screamed at everyone surrounding him.

“I‘m still the manager of the Bharata Business Council! I‘m a prominent figure here in Flutwell!

“I will not allow you to humiliate me like this!”

“Kneel before you speak up!” exclaimed Harvey. “You want me to kneel?!

Donnie was filled with unbridled rage.

“Who do you think you are?!

“Only a handful of people can talk to me like this in the entire damn city! “Do you think you‘re from the Bauer family or the Golden Palace?!

“Let me tell you something! Even if you belong to them, I won‘t allow you to embarrass me like this!”

Donnie gritted his teeth.

Harvey had strength in numbers…

But other than being a Kshatriya and having support from the Bharata Business Council…

He was also an expert in Yoga!

He was on par with a King of Arms! He was confident with his strength. Even if he could not beat all those people, he believed it would be easy enough for him to make way for his son to escape.

After all, he was Cody Garcia‘s outer disciple.

That said, he had been extremely discreet. His skill was his trump card.

He did not want to expose himself…

But he had no other choice, especially when Harvey kept trampling on him ruthlessly.

“You little bastard! I‘ll show you what it means to be an expert!”

Donnie stepped forward before he clapped his hands.


Harvey coldly chuckled before he appeared in front of Donnie and swung his palm forward.

“Prajna Fist!”

Donnie‘s body trembled when the power surged within him. The roar of a dragon could be heard from his fist.

This was a form of embodiment in the art of Yoga. It was a terrifying move that could kill an ox with a single hit!

But then…

Donnie was immediately sent flying by a single slap! The art of Yoga and the Demon Monks meant nothing to Harvey!

A bright red palm print could be seen on Donnie‘s face when he stumbled back up from the ground.

Before Donnie even stood up, Harvey stepped forward and slapped him again.

Donnie screamed in pain before falling to the ground.


“A Yoga expert, I see!

“The Prajna Fist!

“You said that you can‘t be humiliated?

“Do you think you‘re the main protagonist after watching a few movies?!

“Stop pretending already!”

Harvey relentlessly insulted Donnie while slapping him around. At this point, his face was as swollen as a pig.


“What are you going to do now?!

“Your son‘s only following your example!

“If he‘s scum, then you‘re scum too!

“It‘s your fault that your son turned out this way!

“You know what‘ll make me happy now, right?!”

Harvey calmly slapped Donnie around, making him shriek in pain nonstop.

Donnie was an extremely talented man in India. His confidence skyrocketed after he mastered the art of Yoga.

But then, he was getting beaten around like a dead dog. He had no strength even to fight back.

His confidence, pride, and arrogance were utterly shattered before Harvey.

“Come! Tell me how you‘re planning to give me a fair statement!”

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Harvey York’s Rise To Power

Harvey York’s Rise To Power

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Status: Ongoing
Taken in as a son-in-law, he led a miserable life. The moment he gained power, both his mother-in-law and sister-in-law kneeled down in front of him. His mother-in-law begged him, “Please don’t leave my daughter.” His sister-in-law said, “Brother-in-law, I was wrong...”


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