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Novel Harvey York’s Rise To Power Chapter 43

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“Alright! Mr. Quinn, I’ll ask him to get lost immediately!” The supervisor nodded swiftly.

She then turned around and stared at Harvey angrily.

She then said, “Sir, please leave now. We don’t welcome you here. If you don’t know how to leave, we’ll ask the security guards to escort you out…”

Harvey did not want to be bothered by her. He just took a step forward and stared at Mandy, who stood before him.

“Harvey? Why are you here?” Mandy only recovered herself now. When she saw Harvey, her beautiful figure was seen trembling slightly. She was filled with both joy and awkwardness at that moment.

Even she could not figure out why she had those kinds of feelings.

She clearly felt quite superior in front of Harvey before. Now for some unknown reasons, she found Harvey quite pleasing to the eye. Most of the time, she felt quite lonely when she did not see him.

The most important thing was, she felt quite awkward and worried when he saw her being with another man. She was afraid that he might be angry. Mandy was quite puzzled about those kinds of feelings.

Harvey said nothing, but he took a glance at Kevin beside them.

Mandy took two steps forward. She hesitated for a short while before she held Harvey’s hand and pulled him aside.

She then said softly, “Harvey, don’ t misunderstand it. This is Angel’s cousin. Although he always tries to gain my affections, I always reject him. But today, my mom forced me to come here…”

Hearing that, Harvey finally figured out the truth. Before Mandy could finish talking, he nodded and replied, “I understand it now.”

He could only say that his mother-in-law was an impatient person. They had not gone through with the divorce, but his mother-in-law had started to look for another son-in-law impatiently.

Don was gone, but now they had another man named Kevin. Harvey sneered inwardly.

“Mandy, who is this?”

Kevin was quite stunned at that moment. What kind of person was Mandy? She was a famous goddess in Niumhi. She was always superior, cold, and aloof. A lot of people wanted to gain her contact number, but they failed to do so.

How would she ever know such farmers or workers? Besides, they seemed quite close to each other.

At that moment, Kevin was rather annoyed.

‘Who is this? How come such a man like him can get close to the goddess? He has no self-awareness at all!’

Mandy opened her mouth slightly, but before she could say anything, Harvey pulled her behind him. He then looked at Kevin and said calmly,

“I’m her husband. Besides, not any random person by the road can address her as Mandy. Please behave yourself.”

Kevin was stunned for a short while. After a moment, he looked like he had understood the situation.

He sized Harvey up and broke into laughter all of a sudden.

“Just when I’m trying to figure out who you are. It turns out that you’re the live-in son-in-law. Why? Have you become quite smug and arrogant after mooching off your in-laws and wife? How arrogant you are! If the others are unaware of it, they might think that you’re some kind of CEO!

“I’m well aware of your situation. Mrs. Lilian Zimmer had told me about it clearly. You’re their live-in son-in-law for three whole years. But you know nothing else except doing the house chores. You’re the legendary good-for-nothing, right?”

Kevin smiled happily. Then he gave Harvey a meaningful look, “I’m quite curious indeed. Don’t you have a tinge of dignity? How could you stay in the Zimmers still? If I were you, I would’ve gone and killed myself. How could a man be so shameless like you? Certainly, your ancestors wouldn’t be able to rest in peace seeing you like this! Besides, Mrs. Zimmer had asked you to leave Mandy. When do you plan to go through with the divorce? Do you want me to send you there now?”

Kevin was filled with contempt and disdain.

“He’s just a live-in son-in-law. A loser! How could he put on such a show in front of me?”

Mandy bit her lips slightly and said softly, “Kevin, please drop it now. We…”

Kevin smiled faintly and interrupted Mandy. He then looked at Harvey and said, “Mr. York, I won’t get angry at you today for Mandy’s sake. If not, I would’ve asked somebody to beat you up vigorously and break your legs given my temper!”

After that, he took a glance at the supervisor beside him and said coldly, “What did he come here for? Did he say anything about that?”
The supervisor said softly, “He came to buy a car. He has his eyes on the Porsche Panamera.”

As she was talking about that, she was filled with disdain.

‘How could there be a person like this? He lives his life, mooching off others. Who the hell does he think he is? Why isn’t he at home doing the house chores obediently? Why did he come here and act like he wants to buy a sports car?!

“Porsche Panamera?” Kevin was amused.

“This car is not expensive. It’s just slightly more than three hundred thousand dollars. Can you afford that? You even have your eyes on the Porsche. It’s hilarious! I heard that you only have like fifteen dollars as your pocket money daily. Certainly, you’ll need to save up to three hundred thousand dollars by using one entire year, right?” Kevin broke into laughter.

As they were talking, they saw a charming and cute girl entering the place. Surprisingly, it turned out to be Mandy’s best friend-Angel. She wanted to bring Kevin and Mandy together. So it was normal for her to go there.

She waved at Mandy from afar. When she reached the door, she soon saw Harvey before she could say anything else. She was filled with disgust. After that, she said, “Mandy, why is this good-for nothing here?”

Harvey York’s Rise To Power

Harvey York’s Rise To Power

Score 8.5
Status: Ongoing
Taken in as a son-in-law, he led a miserable life. The moment he gained power, both his mother-in-law and sister-in-law kneeled down in front of him. His mother-in-law begged him, “Please don’t leave my daughter.” His sister-in-law said, “Brother-in-law, I was wrong...”


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