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Novel Harvey York’s Rise To Power Chapter 65

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Chapter 65

Mandy will be appointed CEO as long as she takes the investment. The news spreads throughout the Zimmer family.

Many of them were dumbfounded. But they didn’t say much because they knew that Zimmer might actually go bankrupt if they didn’t have the investment funds.

Most of them found no problem with who was in power as long as they could always maintain a somewhat lavish and luxurious life.

As for Zack’s family, both father and son sat across from the other gach, looking at each other helplessly.

Zack looked threatening. He then said, “Father, everyone from my uncle’s family is nothing but losers. They were all ungrateful people who sided with outsiders. They didn’t just stand by and watch the scene where Harvey humiliated me, they wanted to take the CEO position just because of some pathetic investment. They bullied us to the extreme!”

Sean focused his attention and said, “Senior Zirmner is right about one thing. This investment is really very meaningful and important to us. Besides, we should think about leaving to mend our relationship with York Enterprise. As long as we get the investment, So what if I give him that post?”

“But…” Zack’s expression became twisted. “If that’s the case, doesn’t that mean we’ve let the women have the upper hand and rule?”

“So what if they rule? Don’t forget this. They are just losers no matter what. How can a woman lead our Zimmer family? Senior Zimmer made them that promise because he was forced to under the circumstances. As long as we get the investment, Zimmer Senior will definitely be the one with the final say. Do you think that Senior Zimmer is really that stupid? Would he really assign such an important position to a woman?

“But I will take the blame and resign then. You must remember to behave properly during this time. It’s fine even if we let go of the CEO position. But you have to get the post as the person in charge of this project. As long as we have the project, Zimmer will definitely be right in the palm of our hands.” Sean said coldly.

Hearing that, Zack became happy. He then said, “Does that mean that he can use the fifty million dollars freely?”

“Yeah, pretty much like that. But we still need to set up a shopping center. That is the foundation of our future Zimmerss business. As long as we set up the shopping center, we don’t have to act according to anyone’s wishes.” Sean said gloomily. What happened that day made him very upset.

“By the way, there is a son-in-law living at home too. We need to get a chance to teach him alesson. It’s his fault today that our plans were ruined…” Zack said viciously.

Sean frowned and said, Can you stop being an idiot? How could good-for-nothing think of such a scheme? If my guess is correct, Lilian is the one who did all of those things in secret. Harvey was just one of his pawns. We have to be warier of that woman from now on!”

“Okay!” Zack agreed to do it easily.

“Their entire family is losers. Now, your uncle still lives abroad. It is impossible that Senior Zimmer will let them take over Zimmers. In short, we’ll talk about it after we get the investment. Let them be content about it for these few days.” Sean looked cold. He wasn’t the kind of guy to stand by and do nothing, waiting for the inevitable to come. He started to think about a resolution now.

The next day. On the ground floor of York Enterprise. Early in the morning, Harvey went to buy an electric bicycle and rode it to the company. He couldn’t help it. That day, Mandy went to the company to negotiate for investment. If he drove the Porsche there, his identity and status might be exposed.

Just as he parked the electric bicycle in the parking lot exclusive to the CEO, he heard a familiar voice from behind him. The person shouted, “Hey! People riding electric bikes there! Are you out of your mind? Can’t you see that this is the exclusive parking lot for the CEO? Get lost immediately!”

Howard looked sad. The previous day, he found out that he had been demoted to being a security guard. Hence, he had a restless night. But that day, he still gritted his teeth to report for duty at the company.

He’s running out of options. After all, he didn’t dare to offend York Enterprise. The company asked him for a beasecurity guard, and he had no choice but to comply with the order. Otherwise, he really has no means to pay the breach of contract compensation. He also had pickle loans, so he really had no way of repaying them.

He had been directing the others to park their cars all morning. He was almost exhausted because he usually guite such a cocky guy. Now, when he saw the electric bicycle parked in the exclusive parking lot for the CEO, he almost lost his mind from his anger.

He was suffering all day, and he just wanted to wait for the CEO to come. He wanted to see if he had a chance to change the situation. But all he got for now was an electric bicycle after he had waited for such a time.

Harvey turned. At that moment, he looked at Howard who was filled with deep rage. He sized up Howard, smiled and said, “It turned out to be our class monitor. Didn’t you say that you work as some sort of overseer in York

enterprise? It turns out you only work as a security guard here.”

At that point, the person Howard least wanted to meet was Harvey. He was furious when he saw that the person who had parked his electric bike there was actually Harvey.

It was difficult for Howard to calm down. When he finally regained his composure, he chided, “Harvey, do you know what place this is?” Is this some kind of place for you to come since you only live with son-in-law?”

Harvey shrugged. He then said, “I also work here.”

Howard was stunned. “Is it a good-to-not work at York Enterprise too? Besides, I work as a security guard here. Doesn’t that mean I’ll meet him every day here…

At that point, Howard desperately wanted to jump off the building because he couldn’t pick it up.

“Hey, security guard! Come and see me! I will reverse my car.” At that moment, a Porsche stopped there. The car window rolled down, and soon they saw Wendy’s pretty face and charming smile.

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Harvey York’s Rise To Power

Harvey York’s Rise To Power

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Taken in as a son-in-law, he led a miserable life. The moment he gained power, both his mother-in-law and sister-in-law kneeled down in front of him. His mother-in-law begged him, “Please don’t leave my daughter.” His sister-in-law said, “Brother-in-law, I was wrong...”


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