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Novel Harvey York’s Rise To Power Chapter 84

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Chapter 84

Everyone in the room was stunned by what they saw, including the security guard who was scrubbed as Zayn Lewis kneeled down on Harvey York.

“Sorry, I don’t know who you are. Please show mercy.”


“This is all my fault. ‘I’m really sorry…”

Zayn apologized while slapping his face until it was swollen like a puffer fish.

“Please give me another chance!” Zayn begs as he has confirmed that Harvey is the new CEO of York Enterprise. Zayn knew that he would lose everything instantly if he couldn’t persuade Harvey, just like how easy it would be if he got promoted by the Yorks.

“What are you doing, Mister Lewis? Why are you kneeling in this worthless trash?” asked the underling while trying to pull Zayn back up.

“Kneel you fcker mother!” Zayn screamed as he slapped his underling and kicked him to the ground.

“Say one more word and I’ll kill you!” Zayn threatens.

At that point, Zayn’s tears would fall as he begged Harvey for mercy. Zayn fears his subordinate’s stupid actions and words may cause him more trouble.

The subordinate held his stomach while lying on the ground with a swollen face.

“Beat this little bastard, he’s the one who caused all this trouble! Now!” Zayn shouted at his bodyguard as Harvey remained silent.

The guards quickly surrounded the underlings after being confused by the situation. They started kicking and stomping underlings.

The subordinate screamed for a while before he completely lost his consciousness.

When Harvey saw that the underlings were about to be beaten to death, he waved his hand slightly as a sign for them to stop.

“What are you doing, Mister Lewis? I thought you wanted me to lick your boots and have my wife in bed with you?” said Harvey sarcastically.

“Sorry, I’m really sorry!”

“Please let me go!” Zayn begged on his knees again and started slamming his forehead into the floor in a sign of worship.

“I won’t do anything like this again! Never again!”

“Please. I will do whatever you want! Please save me!” Zayn pleaded as he believed that without the funding from York Enterprise, his enemies would make his situation worse than hell.

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Harvey York’s Rise To Power

Harvey York’s Rise To Power

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Taken in as a son-in-law, he led a miserable life. The moment he gained power, both his mother-in-law and sister-in-law kneeled down in front of him. His mother-in-law begged him, “Please don’t leave my daughter.” His sister-in-law said, “Brother-in-law, I was wrong...”


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