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Novel Harvey York’s Rise To Power Chapter 86

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Chapter 86

“I’m afraid you won’t understand this, even if I made a deal with the Yorks…” Mandy Zimmer sighed and shook her head when she knew that Zimmer wouldn’t be too happy if they heard that the fund was reduced from fifty million dollars to thirty million dollars.

The two left after saying goodbye to Cecilia Zachary.

At York Enterprise, Yvonne Xavier is about to leave the office as she has just worked on an incident at the Northland Restaurant.

As he walked through Wendy Sorrell’s office, he saw Wendy frowning over a large bag of luxury goods.

Being a woman herself, Yvonne is quite into the stuff.

“It seems some rich man is trying to court you, Miss Sorrell,” Yvonne said with a smile.

“What rich man? It’s just Zack Zimmer. He tried to get me to agree to invest in Zimmers. Who am I to decide, after all the CEO already has plans with Zimmers.” Wendy said while still frowning.

“Oh Miss Yvonne, can you accompany me to Zimmer Villa and return these items to Zack? Hopefully we can work this out or my phone will explode from all the calls from Zack the last few days.” Wendy asked.

“Sure, I’ll take care of something first while you set up a meeting with Zimmers, we’ll visit them later tonight.” Yvonne accepted after checking the time on her watch.

Yvonne didn’t want to go at first but thought she should go pay a visit as it had something to do with Zimmer per the CEO’s orders.

Meanwhile, Zimmer is waiting at Zimmer’s Villa. Everyone was expecting good news from Mandy, even senior Zimmer’s hands were shaking while smoking.

The truth is, everyone’s been here all day, they’re waiting for a response from Mandy. Who would have thought Mandy would go shopping afterward. Finally, Senior Zimmer couldn’t wait any longer so he called Mandy back.

Mandy took an acetate and looked agitated while Harvey York was eating the fruit that was spread out on the table.

Everyone was watching Harvey because he was the only gating, they all hated Harvey and judged him for coming to meetings as a good-for-nothing son-in-law.

“You useless living in, who do you think you are to attend our family gathering? Do you think you’re in a restaurant?” Zack stood up shouting at Harvey pointing at him.

“Useless as I am, I’m still not going to go and harass some front desk staff from another company and lose a fifty million dollar deal. I may be useless but unlike someone I am not a failure.” Harvey drags Zack with him while insulting himself.

“You son of a bitch…” Zack screamed angrily.

“Enough! Sit down!” Sean Zimmer cut in and glared at Zack for embarrassing himself in front of the crowd.

Senior Zimmer ignored Harvey and looked at Mandy while sipping his tea.

“Mandy, I heard that your advertising company is currently facing some problems, do you need financial support?” Senior Zimmer asked while everyone was surprised that Senior Zimmer was talking about another topic.

Mandy was also stunned for a while as she wasn’t sure what Zimmer Senior was trying to do.

“I did encounter some issues a while ago, but they were resolved after an investment of eight hundred thousand dollars.” Mandy answered Senior Zimmer’s question.

“Good, looks like I made the right choice, keep it up and CEO of Zimmers could be you one day.” Senior Zimmer complimented him with a smile.

“So, how was today’s deal?” Senior Zimmer then asked.

“Grandpa, I’m sorry that I can’t give you a special report. The thing is, the CEO was quite happy and ordered Wendy Sorrell to follow up with our case, to which she only promised to give us thirty million dollars in funding while they demanded an additional ten percent of the profits.” Mandy answered with an awkward look.

“What? I think we agreed on fifty million, how can they change it like that? They even wanted an extra ten percent? That’s ridiculous!” Senior Zimmer exclaimed.

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Harvey York’s Rise To Power

Harvey York’s Rise To Power

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Taken in as a son-in-law, he led a miserable life. The moment he gained power, both his mother-in-law and sister-in-law kneeled down in front of him. His mother-in-law begged him, “Please don’t leave my daughter.” His sister-in-law said, “Brother-in-law, I was wrong...”


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