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Novel Return of Mount Hua Sect Chapter 230

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The Inkscale Blood Serpent and Chung Myung clashed across the lake.

“Susangbi?” (수상비(水上飛)/Water Flying)

“Now he is running on the water! On the water!”


Lightness Art that goes beyond superstition. It is one of the highest levels of Lightness Art, allowing one to walk on the water as if it were flat land.

Internal strength is critical, but enormous aerodynamics are also required to push the water down. As a result, one would not dare to do so unless he is a master at the highest level.

Chung Myung is naturally employing such a technique!

The disciples of Mount Hua clenched their fists.

‘Can it be done?’

Baek Chun’s face hardened.

Chung Myung has already failed once in his attempts to capture the Inkscale Blood Serpent.

‘There is no way he can do it if there is no sword technique that works.’

It’s not like you’re going up against a martial artist.

The battle between martial artists is not decided by who has the better sword.

If one martial artist uses a heavy sword and the other uses a quick sword, the heavy sword’s strength will naturally overwhelm the quick sword. That, however, does not determine the outcome. A swordsman with a quick sword can also target the gap in the heavy sword. (Originally stated as steel sword, but changed to heavy sword.)

But now things are different.

All swordsmanship is rendered meaningless by the scales of the Inkscale Blood Serpent. Even if a sword is used with great agility, it is useless if it is blocked by the scales.

The key question is whether Chung Myung’s sword can penetrate the scales of that beast.

And the outcome will now be determined by a single blow.


Chung Myung jumped into the water and charged at Inkscale Blood Serpent.


Then there was the beast…

‘Many thanks for the food.’

He shouted at Chung Myung with his mouth wide open.

“This damn bastard?”

Chung Myung’s brow furrowed.

How could he treat humans as prey when he was such a small creature?


Chung Myung’s feet kicked up and flew through the air.

He descended in a straight line towards the beast, raising his body in the air like a soaring hawk.


His sword, which had been slashed in half, began to emit deep blue sword energy. The color appeared to be getting darker and darker, but it soon changed to a clear purple.

“Tha- That is?”


Chung Myung’s sword, however, strikes the head of Inkscale Blood Serpent before the disciples can react.


The neck of Inkscale Blood Serpent, larger than a bell, smashed downward with the same sound as a giant iron bell ringing.



Baek Chun blinked his eyes closed.

Inkscale Blood Serpent’s eyes appeared to pop out and then return.

Someone might say that if a snake has an expression, it’s insane, but to him, the Inkscale Blood Serpent had a puzzled expression on his face.

“Did it work?”

He couldn’t tell for sure because it was so far away. All Baek Chun saw was Chung Myung swinging his sword violently.








Is there something strange in the middle?

Baek Chun cocked his chin.

Of course, he’s never heard the cry of the Inkscale Blood Serpent before, so he’ll have no idea if the strange sound he just heard is the scream of the Inkscale Blood Serpent.

It was, however, noticeably different from before.

Regardless of how many times Chung Myung hits the beast on the head-

‘Does it work?’

The Inkscale Blood Serpent, which used to refuse to budge no matter what, is now twisting his body in pain.

“Where are you going to go!”

With one hand, Chung Myung grasps the scales of the Inkscale Blood Serpent.

“Oh, it stings!”

The edge of the sharp scale cut his hand slightly. Chung Myung clenched his teeth as energy flowed into his hands. He held the scales tightly and lifted his sword after reinforcing his hands with internal strength.

“Aren’t you still awake?”

Chung Myung swung his sword again and again.

When the purple sword energy struck the Inkscale Blood Serpent’s head, it dented and protruded.


A totally different scream erupted.

The disciples of Mount Hua clenched their fists at the sight.

“It’s working!”

“Amazing, it’s working.”

Of course, the sword hasn’t yet pierced the scales, but they can feel it striking. Inkscale Blood Serpent screamed and twisted its large body each time the sword was struck.

Isn’t the outcome the same whether it’s cut or beaten to death?

Furthermore, his massive size, which was once a major threat, is now a weakness. Chung Myung, who is stuck to his head, cannot be shaken off as a serpent without arms and legs.

Kaaak! Kaak!

The Inkscale Blood Serpent began to twist violently from side to side, accompanied by screams that gave people goosebumps just hearing them.

“Stay still, bastard!”

Kaang! Kaaang!

Chung Myung slammed the head of the Inkscale Blood Serpent without hesitation.

Because of how wide it is, it will hit the head even if he swings randomly. Chung Myung is in a dreamlike state.

Even if he hit the beast’s head several times like this, the beast would fall, even if he was the world’s famous Inkscale Blood Serpent.

It was that exact moment.

The eyes of Inkscale Blood Serpent emitted a red light.


The Inkscale Blood Serpent let out a huge scream and charged towards the lakeshore at breakneck speed.


He then hit his head on the ground while Chung Myung was still hanging over his head.



The impact was so powerful that the ground was dented.

Despite the pain that appeared to break his back, Chung Myung did not let go of the scales.


The eyes of Inkscale Blood Serpent became bloodshot once more.

Kwang! Kwang! Kwang! Kwang! Kwaang!

The head of the Inkscale Blood Serpent falls to the ground. The surrounding area had been devastated. Grass and rocks were strewn about in all directions.

“That- That!”

The disciples of Mount Hua unintentionally grabbed their swords.

This time, it’s all about who dies first. If Chung Myung is unable to deal with Inkscale Blood Serpent, everyone must rush to his aid.

Baek Chun noticed the Inkscale Blood Serpent with Chung Myung on its head rushing to one side at that time.

“Ah! Don’t!”

A flowering plant with pure white flowers.


The Inkscale Blood Serpent was facing the location of Jamokcha’s bloom. With that one strike, it was obvious that not a single root would have survived.

“Not theeeere”

As Baek Chun made a noise, the hanging Chung Myung flinched and reacted.


Chung Myung jumped off and opened his arms wide, grabbing the head of the Inkscale Blood Serpent he had been riding for a while.

And he put all of his strength into his feet, which touched the ground and held out.


Chung Myung’s feet dig like a plow into the ground. As the beast advanced, he was pushed back, but he gradually increased his strength and began to push the massive head away.

“Keuuk! Keeuuukk!”

Chung Myung used all of his internal strength to block the Inkscale Blood Serpent right in front of Jamokcha.


Chung Myung, who had retreated after leaving Inkscale Blood Serpent’s massive head, rotated his body at that moment.

He then kicked Inkscale Blood Serpent in the face.

“Like hell I will let you, you bastard!!!”


The massive body of the Inkscale Blood Serpent, which had been beaten by Chung Myung’s kick, had been half-turned and fell into the lake. A massive splash of water erupted.


Chung Myung waved his arms, as if his entire body was aching. His entire body was covered in dirt and grass, and he couldn’t afford to repair it. His gaze was fixed on the lake, where the Inkscale Blood Serpent had vanished.

Blurp. Blurp. Blurp.

Bubbles erupted from one corner of the lake, as if it were boiling.

“It’s time to wrap this up.”

Chung Myung thrust his sword forward.

As if in response to the remark, the boiling part swelled up. The water soon spurted up and then poured down, and the Inkscale Blood Serpent reappeared.


Chung Myung leans back in his chair.

‘I believe something has shifted.’

‘What exactly is it… Ah! ‘

Chung Myung’s eyes blinked.

Inkscale Blood Serpent’s scales were tense. The steel scales, which used to completely protect the body, now stood up threateningly, revealing the flesh without hesitation.

“You must be pissed off.”

Chung Myung laughed.

“That’s why you shouldn’t mess with your opponent.”


The Inkscales Blood Serpent raised his head upward and let out a tremendous scream, as if understanding those words. It was such a loud cry that it hurt my ears and made my body tremble.

The Mount Hua disciples are overcome by the cry and cover their ears with both hands.

The Inkscales Blood Serpent with bloodshot eyes charged straight at Chung Myung.

It wasn’t like before, when he attacked with only his neck protruding. It was a flying gesture, like rushing over the lake.

As a result, more than half of the long Inkscale Blood Serpent’s body was exposed above the lake.

The massive and eye-catching figure caused witnesses to gape. Chung Myung, who was blocking the entrance, looked like an ant dealing with a large serpent.

But Chung Myung didn’t move an inch in the face of that monstrous beast. He simply stared at the Inkscale Blood Serpent, his eyes expressionless.

‘Is it going to work?’

With my current physique and internal strength?

‘Well, I’m not sure.’

‘However, there’s no reason not to try.’

Chung Myung’s eyes freeze as he sees the Inkscale Blood Serpent charging at him.

It’s over the limit yet again, but it’s not meaningless.

It’s important for him to go as far as he can. Any growth is meaningless unless it is attempted.

The purple sword energy has returned to the edge of Chung Myung’s sword. It got darker and darker before changing back.

Crimson sword power.

At the edge of the sword, a bright reddish black color resembling Mount Hua’s blooming plum blossoms was visible.

He finally moved his sword after staring at Inkscale Blood Serpent.


The hand holding the sword’s handle gains strength. As internal strength is pumped into the sword via the meridian, it emits a bright red light.

‘Power comes from within!’

The energy from the Dantian circulates throughout the body. Internal strength incomparable to the past circulates throughout the body, rushing to the sword on the arm.

He swung the sword as if it would burst at any moment.

At the same time, the edge of Chung Myung’s sword began to etch numerous plum blossom petals.

Plum blossoms bloom and bloom again, as if suspended in the air.


When Chung Myung saw the Inkscale Blood Serpent rushing from the distance, a bright blue light appeared in his eyes.


The plum blossoms had gathered in one spot.

Nakmaedanha. (낙매단하(落梅斷河)/ Fallen Plum Breaking River)

The petals are infinitely soft, but if they clump together repeatedly, they will eventually obstruct the flow of the river.

Plum blossoms with tremendous internal strength form clumps and shoot like meteors.


The clump of energy, shot with a piercing sound that could rip the ears off, dug into the body of Inkscale Blood Serpent.


In the course of the Nakmaedanha Technique, the scale of Inkscale Blood Serpent, which is more solid than any mineral, is literally crushed. After blowing the scale fragments in all directions, the sword maintained its momentum and eventually dug into the body of the Inkscale Blood Serpent.


The Inkscale Blood Serpent raised its head and opened its mouth wide. Shindam was filled with pain as he screamed.


The huge and hard back began to crack with the sound of something bursting. Red blood poured out of a hole the size of a human head like a waterfall.

“Kreuk… Kreuk…”

The trembling Inkscale Blood Serpent slowly turned its head. The small, red eyes turned to face Chung Myung.


Chung Myung met his gaze, his body drenched in sweat.

‘It isn’t perfect.’

It didn’t go as smoothly as it had in the past. It is important, however, that he was able to unfold it even in a clumsy manner. The rest will be taken care of by time.


Chung Myung, who had vomited twice, gently lowered his sword and straightened his back.

The Inkscale Blood Serpent that had bothered him so much was wriggling on his side, a hole the size of a human head.

The point isn’t just the size of the hole in such a large body.

Nakmaedanha’s interior would have been completely crushed by now. Isn’t that firm head shaking right now as proof?

“It’s time to finish. Come on, bas…….”

It was that exact moment.


There was a massive splash of water.

He took cover behind the rising water. Then, in an instant, he swam at breakneck speed and fled deep into the lake.


Chung Myung widens his eyes.

‘Are you fleeing?’

If it is human…… No, it would be difficult to imagine if one is a martial artist. However, the beast has no honor or pride to defend. If he can’t deal with an enemy, it makes sense for him to flee.

But Chung Myung, who had never thought so far, stared blankly at the lake.

“Chung Myung ah!”

“You won!”

Mount Hua’s disciples rushed up to him, cheering.

“Wow, my God! you really catch it!”

“That’s amazing, Chung Myung. That sword you use at the end… huh?”

Jo Gol, who was speaking, cocked his head.

“Chung Myung ah?”

It was because Chung Myung was shaking and lowering his head.

When he sneaked up on Chung Myung, he was taken aback.

Chung Myung was trembling with overturned eyes and appeared to have lost his reason.

“How dare you…… Where are you running?”

Anger seeps from the nearly rotated eyes.

“You’re going to make people go through all this trouble and run away! How dare you do this to me! What a shameless snake!”

“What are you looking for in a snake? He has no money!”

“Even if he doesn’t have money, there must be Naedan! Naedan! Bring out the Naedan! Take it out!”

Chung Myung took off running toward the lake.

“Hey, you punk!”

“Stop him!”

But it’s already a step behind schedule. Chung Myung took a daring flight over the lake.

“Nae- Naedaaaan!”


Chung Myung’s figure vanished into the water in an instant.


Jo Gol, who had been looking down, raises his head and looks at Baek Chun.

“…Will it be okay? It’s in the water.”

Baek Chun beamingly smiled.

“Leave it alone. Whatever it is hell or any where.”


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Return of Mount Hua Sect

Return of Mount Hua Sect

Return of the Blossoming Blade, Return of the Huashan Sect, Return of the Mount Hua Sect, RMHS
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Korean
The 13th generation disciple of the Great Mount Hua Sect. One of the Three Great Swordsmen. The Plum Blossom Sword Saint, Chung Myung. After slicing the head of the peerless Heavenly Demon, who threw the world into chaos, he slept an eternal sleep on the peak of the Hundred Thousand Great Mountains. Jumping over a hundred years, he comes back in the body of a child. But… what? Mount Hua declined? What the hell are you talking about!? It’s only natural to want to live if you’re going broke. “Decline? Even though I’m here? Who would dare!” Plum blossoms eventually fall. But when the cold winter passes and spring comes, plum blossoms shall bloom again. “But I’m gonna die first before Mount Hua gets revived! If you’re gonna go bust, might as well do it right, you bastards!” The beginning of the Plum Blossom Sword Saint, Chung Myung’s solitary struggle to save the thoroughly declining Mount Hua Sect.


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