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Novel Return of Mount Hua Sect Chapter 234

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A large exercise field is located in front of the Central Hall.

Namman Yasugung warriors lined up from side to side. The sight of martial artists with copper-colored muscles hardening their faces and lining up was intimidating.

The disciples of Mount Hua stood awkwardly among those who lined up.

“……What the hell are you doing now?”

“Chung Myung ah?”

Mount Hua’s disciples, who had been dragged out without knowing what was going on, looked at Chung Myung with wide eyes.

On the other hand, Chung Myung shrugged his shoulders and fanned his face with Baek Woosun.

“Oh, it’s not a big deal. It’ll be over soon, so you just have to watch.”


‘What you said about nothing was not insignificant, Chung Myung ah.’

‘So why don’t you explain it to this Sasuk now rather than later?’

Unfortunately, Baek Chun’s wish was not granted.

Before he could ask Chung Myung again, the front became noisy, and Yasugung Ju appeared.


Baek Chun was perplexed when he saw Yasugung Ju.

This is not how the savage Yasugung Ju usually appears. Of course, his energetic steps remain, but what he can sense from him now is…… It was the same heavy and overpowering momentum he had witnessed during their first meeting.

Thud! Thud! Thud! Thud!

Yasugung Ju, who entered with a commanding stride, sat on the large chair at the top of the high stairs and gazed down at them.

Namman Yasugung Clan members all knelt down in front of him.

“Long live Yasugung!”

“Yasugung is immortal! Long live the world!”

Then, with a restrained hand gesture, Yasugung Ju Maeng So accepts their greetings.

‘I’m tired of it.’

‘I can’t seem to get used to it.’

The disciples of Mount Hua trembled.

In fact, it’s unusual to see so many martial artists shouting at the same time in Jungwon. They were intimidated because such a spectacular sight would require them to travel to the imperial palace from Jungwon.

Yasugung Ju, who had a slightly arrogant look on his face, opened his mouth at that moment.


His low voice echoed throughout the room.

“Why did you ask to see me? Disciple of Mount Hua.”

Chung Myung then took a step forward.

He collapsed to the ground unexpectedly.

“The Great Gungju nim, this little Taoist (소도(小道)) has a plea for you. Please do not grant this little Taoist’s request with mercy as big as the river and sea (하해(河海))!”

The eyes of the Mount Hua disciples in the back appeared.

‘What exactly did he say?’

‘What exactly is he saying now? That insane individual! ‘

‘Did he eat something bad?’ What’s the matter with him? ‘

He stands up straight, stiffens his neck, and says what he wants to say even in front of Tangga Ju… Isn’t it Chung Myung who said everything no one would or could say?

Does Chung Myung have such a negative attitude?

‘There’s definitely something here!’

Baek Chun looked at the back of Chung Myung’s head, filled with uncertainty and anxiety.

“Little Chung.” (청이라)

Yasugung Ju casts a serious look down at Chung Myung. It’s a look that lacks the laid-back vibe that they’ve seen so far.

The Clan Leader of Namman Yasugung. He was Yunnan’s ruler.

“If you’re a descendant of Plum Blossom Sword Saint, you have the right to make a request to me. Tell me. Descendants of Plum Blossom Sword Saint, the disciple of Mount Hua. I will decide whether or not to grant your request.”

“I’m in awe at your brilliant decision!”


Chung Myung once hit his head on the ground.

“… What’s wrong with him?”

“How would I know. Let’s just leave it alone.”

Baek Chun and Jo Gol exchanged hushed glances. They couldn’t keep up with what was going on in front of them.

Regardless, Chung Myung continued his speech in a loud enough voice for everyone to hear.

“I beg you, the great lord of Namman Yasugung Clan, please have mercy on us who have come this far from afar, and grant us permission to trade with Yunnan!”


Yasugung Ju jumped out of his seat.

And he looks at him with blazing eyes, as if he’s about to tear him apart.

“Didn’t you know that trade between Namman Yasugung Clan and Jungwon is prohibited in our law! No matter how much you as the guests of Namman Yasugung Clan, do you think you will be able to get back safely if you try to break the rules of our ancestor?”

The angry voice of Yasugung Ju rang out throughout Namman Yasugung Clan.

The powerful momentum shook not only the Namman Yasugung Clan members, but also the Mount Hua disciples.

On the other hand, Chung Myung banged his head on the ground and raised his voice again.

“Gungju nim, the merchant group of Jungwon is already moving back and forth from Yunnan!”

“Are you going to insult Namman Yasugung Clan by mentioning it now?”

“That’s not true. Isn’t it the best way to keep the legacy of your ancestors by having only one place going back and forth of Yunnan rather than having so many Jungwon people step on the land of Yunnan?”


Yasugung Ju let out a snort.

The Namman Yasugung Clan member is quick to read the two’s minds. The words themselves were not entirely incorrect.

“We respect Namman Yasugung Clan more than anyone else in Jungwon, and we can follow the laws of Namman Yasugung Clan.”

“How do you guarantee that?”

“We are the descendants of Plum Blossom Sword Saint. And we are the disciples of Mount Hua who lost our influence from being shunned by Jungwon. If we do not understand Yunnan, is there any other place that would dare to understand Yunnan?”

Yasugung Ju fixed his gaze on Chung Myung.

“Still, I can’t believe the people of Jungwon!”

“The Plum Blossom Sword Saint is also of Jungwon!”

“Do you think you can put yourself in the same place as him?”

“We can’t be the same, but we can follow the suit. If he wanted to protect Yunnan, of course, we, as his descendants, should protect Yunnan. Isn’t it that Mount Hua’s job to support Blossom Sword Saint as he is their ancestor and symbol?”

It was a fantastic performance.

While watching from behind, Baek Chun’s mouth opened wide.

‘Was he that articulate?

Of course, there is no reason to deny that it is Chung Myung’s speech. There is, however, a significant difference between being eloquent and being logical.

‘But isn’t he speaking as if he’s trying to remember something?’

If someone who doesn’t know sees it, he might mistake him for a Scholar. He even has Baek woo-seon dressed as a scholar.

‘Did I not know him all?’

It was only recently that Baek Chun looked at his back with fresh eyes.

“So we, Mount Hua……. Mount Hua……. Huh? Next…….What?”


Yasugung Ju’s face becomes a little tired.

‘Hey there, punk! You memorized it in that manner! ‘

‘Wait a minute!’ I don’t even have to think about it! ‘

Chung Myung glanced at his sleeve as if in a hurry, then resumed his conversation with a calm face, as if nothing had happened.

With his sharp eyes, Baek Chun didn’t miss the opportunity.

‘There had to be something in that sleeve right now.’

There’s a lot of white paper-like stuff on there…

‘This cretin! He’s just imitating! ‘

‘Of course! There’s no way you’d say it out of consideration!’

“So please understand the sincerity of our Mount Hua, Gungju nim! Fate, in the end, is just a coincidence if one doesn’t connect it with human hands. If the forefather of Namman Yasugung Clan had not intended to grant us this land, how could we have come here to face Gungju nim?”

“My ancestor opened the way for you to Yunnan. That’s what you meant?”

“I think so!”


Yasugung Ju closed his eyes and made a solemn expression. Chung Myung sighed slightly, seeing his face as if he had entered deep thought.

‘I hope this suffices.’

Of course, Chung Myung and Yasugung Ju have already matched their words.

The trade must be resumed, but everything requires procedures and justification. And now the two were constructing the cause.

Apparently, Namman Yasugung Clan believes it is better for him to ask in a low position with Mount Hua on the side and take the position of being given, rather than asking Chung Myung himself.

Each of these minor details adds up and determines Yasugung Ju’s authority.

The fact that the descendants of Plum Blossom Sword Saint from Jungwon treat Yasugung Ju with the utmost respect reinforces Yasugung Ju’s position.

“What is your thought?”

Yasugung Ju finally opened his eyes and returned his gaze to Ho Beop.

The elderly gentleman in the front quietly opened his mouth.

“Gungju nim, Dojang is not so wrong. But the decision of ancestor must be kept.”

“They are the descendants of Plum Blossom Sword Saint that our predecessors were so grateful for. But you’re saying no?”

“I would say differently if he were Plum Blossom Sword Saint himself. But they are just descendants. We can’t treat people who don’t even have the blood relation like Plum Blossom Sword Saint, can we?”


Yasugung Ju frowned slightly as the old man came out tougher than expected.

“The legacy of our predecessors is as important as ever. Gungju nim, this is not acceptable.”

“Gungju nim, don’t forget the disgrace we suffered from Jungwon. Namman Yasugung Can do not lose their pride.”

“Sometimes pride is more important than life. Please protect our pride!”

“Please protect our pride!”

The men of the clan all fell to their knees at the same time.

Yasugung Ju narrowed his eyes at the sight.

‘Are you saying it still didn’t work after you did this?’

This play was written specifically for this setting. To break those stiff people’s hearts.

But nothing has changed.

Even the clan member in line below seemed to agree with Ho Beop subtly.

‘Do you mean it’s too deep?’

The valley separating Jungwon and Yunnan is far too deep. He can’t get over it no matter how hard he tries.

It was at this point that Yasugung Ju sighed deeply.

“……Legacy?” (I can’t find anything worth mention. The raw is 유훈. From namu wiki means a word left by the death, literally. This and that, it means that since the dead have no word, the legacy (The will) could be interpreted as the descendant wanted.)

Chung Myung, who had been lying down, rose from his seat. Then he shifted his gaze to the side, looking at Ho Beop.

‘Oh my goodness!’

‘It’s a shambles.’

‘He must be stopped!’ He must be stopped! At the very least, he should keep his mouth shut for the time being! ‘

Baek Chun and Yoon Jong both jumped in instinctively.



Chung Myung pushed back Baek Chun and Yoon Jong, who had a burst of momentum.



Yoon Jong and Baek Chun fell back, looking at him blankly.

Of course, this is not the first time Chung Myung has ignored their warnings. Isn’t it Chung Myung, who said he’d blow people off even if his arms and legs were restrained, and who said he’d say even if he died?

On the other hand, Chung Myung used martial arts for the first time to push them away.

“Chung Myung ah.”

Baek Chun addressed Chung Myung in a perplexed tone. On the other hand, Chung Myung didn’t even look at him and instead focused on Ho Beop.

“Did you say legacy just now?”

It was a quiet voice.

“What’s with that legacy thing?”

“Y- You punk!”

“What does it say?”

The elderly man in front of Ho Beop then took a step forward and fixed his gaze on Chung Myung.

“Our ancestor said never to communicate with Jungwon people. Those who break the word will be punished only by death.”

“Then all the people here should be punished.”


“Aren’t they?”


“What’s Peace Merchant Association doing in Kunming? What are you guys doing without stopping Jungwon people from openly going to and from Yunnan? You’ll have to put your neck out. Isn’t that so?”

Ho Beop’s face flushed.

Chung Myung, on the other hand, said something a little different.

“Of course I understand. It’s a matter of making a living. But it’s used only when you need to eat and live.”

“Are you insulting Namman Yasugun Clan now?”

“No, it’s not Namman Yasugun Clan, it’s an insult to you. Don’t use Namman Yasugun Clan as a shield.”

“Kuh … Who’s going to……!”

“Do you keep the legacy? Is that really the only legacy left by your ancestors?”

Ho Beop’s face flushed with embarrassment at the sudden thrust of the word.

“……what does that mean?”

“Didn’t your ancestors leave behind a will to take good care of Yunnan people?”


Ho Beop remained silent.

Chung Myung, who was staring at him, turned to face Yasugung Ju.

“Wasn’t there is?”

Yasugung Ju exhaled a sigh.

“No. I’m sure there was such a thing. It’s a matter of course.”

“Then which one is more important?”


Chung Myung scanned the room and yelled.

“If your ancestors saw Yunnan now, they would be very pleased. They would applaud the people of Yunnan for keeping up with the legacy, even to the point of starving to death. Put yourself in their shoes. Would you like your descendants to do that? If I were you, I would’ve hit you in the neck!”

Members of the Namman Yasugung Clan’s faces turned bright red.

“The predecessor…”

“Only those who do not have the ability to judge for themselves will speak so. Did the ancestors really want their descendants to keep their words? No parent wants their child to be a willless puppet!”

Chung Myung extended his hand behind him.

“Huh!? Huuuuh?!”

Yoon Jong, who was dazedly listening to Chung Myung, was held in Chung Myung’s hand. He looks up with a blank face as he stands next to Chung Myung in a daze.

“As soon as Yoon Jong Sahyung arrived in Kunming, he gives up all his belongings and even sold his sword to help Yunnan’s people.”

“…stop it, you punk.”

‘Why do you bring it up again?’

“Then I’ll ask!”

Chung Myung yelled.

“In the eyes of those ancestors who thought only of Yunnan, the benevolent man you speak of, who seems to be in favor of them? Is it my Sahyung who tried to fill the stomach of Yunnan’s people with everything he had? Or is it you guys who turn a blind eye to those who are dying to keep the word of ancestor?”

Nobody responded.

Chung Myung slightly clenched his teeth.

‘I’m done with legacy.’

What are you on about when they’ve never even died? Chung Myung couldn’t understand these vexing issues from the perspective of his predecessor, who had witnessed the sect’s demise.

A legacy is literally just that. It is left as a lesson and can never be considered absolute law.

How long can they keep up with those old sayings in this fast-changing world?

Chung Myung gritted his teeth and decided he didn’t need to talk to the Namman Yasugung people any longer.

“It’s a waste of time. Let’s go!”

Without hesitation, Chung Myung turned around.

That was the turning point.

“Stop for a moment.”

Chung Myung returned the look, a vein on his brow.

Yoon Jong looks at Yasugung Ju as he coughs in vain.

“Did your name is Yoon Jong?”


“I want to ask you something.”

Yoon Jong nodded, a little nervously.

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Return of Mount Hua Sect

Return of Mount Hua Sect

Return of the Blossoming Blade, Return of the Huashan Sect, Return of the Mount Hua Sect, RMHS
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Korean
The 13th generation disciple of the Great Mount Hua Sect. One of the Three Great Swordsmen. The Plum Blossom Sword Saint, Chung Myung. After slicing the head of the peerless Heavenly Demon, who threw the world into chaos, he slept an eternal sleep on the peak of the Hundred Thousand Great Mountains. Jumping over a hundred years, he comes back in the body of a child. But… what? Mount Hua declined? What the hell are you talking about!? It’s only natural to want to live if you’re going broke. “Decline? Even though I’m here? Who would dare!” Plum blossoms eventually fall. But when the cold winter passes and spring comes, plum blossoms shall bloom again. “But I’m gonna die first before Mount Hua gets revived! If you’re gonna go bust, might as well do it right, you bastards!” The beginning of the Plum Blossom Sword Saint, Chung Myung’s solitary struggle to save the thoroughly declining Mount Hua Sect.


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