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Novel Return of Mount Hua Sect Chapter 253

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Un Gak wiped his brow with his sleeve after finishing cleaning up the Medicine Hall.

The place that used to be constantly crowded has become quieter, and it now feels eerie.

‘It was incredible.’

The strongest typhoon since he entered the Medicine Hall has passed through. Didn’t the entire Medicine Hall staff, the elders, and Chung Myung collaborate to create the Jasodan?

His heart is filled with pride at the thought that he has accomplished a great feat that will not be forgotten in his generation.

It’s only.

Fortunately, the outcome was positive, and he was pleased… but as the heat that had been surrounding me quickly dissipated, a sense of disappointment set in.

‘It’s like a nightmare.’

He might have thought it was all a dream if it hadn’t been for the pot over there……


Un Gak cocked his chin slightly.


Was it all a nightmare? I can’t see the pot…….


Un Gak’s eyes grew to the size of a lantern. Then a waterfall of cold sweat began to fall.

“Whe-Where did the Hancheol pot go?”

The terrified Un Gak bolted from the hall!

“A thieeeeeeef!”

* * *



“Doing this!”


“How many times do I have to do this?”


Chung Myung shook his head and slammed the pot.


Is this something a person should do?

Dig once more, fill it up, and dig once more.

Bend what they cut out, then straighten it out and reattach it.

If a dog is trained in this manner, it will bite its owner. Chung Myung is a person. Chung Myung, on the other hand, does not even own himself.


He let out a deep sigh and smacked the pot. He’s brought all of the stolen Everlasting Metal inside, so all he needs to do now is straighten the pot and stick it together.

“Aigoo, such a fate is mine.”

Mount Hua will take another step forward as a result of this…… No, taking two or three steps forward is nice, but there’s too much to do along the way.

‘First and foremost, this pot!’

“It’s d*mn hard! For real!”


When he cut it with a sword, it didn’t take long, but punching it to straighten it took a long time.

“Okay. It’s all over.”

Chung Myung sighed and looked up, just finishing straightening the pot. When he brings a pot, which has now become a round iron plate, it fits perfectly through the round hole.

Of course, this is only the beginning.

“I want to enjoy wealth and glory.”

He placed his hand where the iron plate was placed.


It doesn’t take long for his hands to become extremely hot. The Everlasting Metal, which is indescribably hard, gradually melts and softens. He enthusiastically rubbed the part together.

“Aigoo, my back.”

Making Samadhi Purification Fire isn’t difficult, but gathering all of this Everlasting Metal was a different story. (Previously Samadhi Dvesa Fire.)

“I’m even doing this, you damned offspring!”

Of course, it was he who severed the Everlasting Metal, but…… it was a plea to let such trivialities pass.


The fire from his hands grew as brightly as the light in his eyes.

“Mount Hua, for God’s sake! I’ll create the world’s best sect for you!”

There is no other way to address this injustice.


Chung Myung, who had crawled all the way up to the ground and finally filled the dugout, looked around with gleaming eyes.

“I have gone through such hardships, but they sleep so peacefully now…”


‘Are they not sleeping?’

Chung Myung shifted his gaze to the trembling ground.

Mount Hua is experiencing some rapid movement. Everyone was sleeping when he walked in, but why had he suddenly…

“Look thoroughly around you!”

“The elders are already searching at the mountain’s base, so we only need to look around here. If the thief is hiding, make sure you find him! Definitely!”


Chung Myung smiled as he heard a distant voice.

‘You noticed it quickly.’

Now that the pot is gone, it will only cause a commotion.

Is that a regular pot? It is a pot made of Everlasting Metal that cannot be exchanged for the same amount of gold that the pot is worth.

They couldn’t sell it because they needed to make Jasodan the next time, so they left it for sale……

“No! Tch!”

Chung Myung clicked his tongue as he realized something.

So, does that mean he has to do it again if he wants to make a Jasodan the next time?

“You’d better kill me, you guys!”

Why hadn’t he thought of that? Damn!

Chung Myung circled helplessly, sighed deeply. What options does he have? Since the situation has already deteriorated. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t another option.

“… can’t be helped.”

And he started running away from Mount Hua. Anyway, he’s completed everything he needs to, so he’ll have to return tomorrow morning.

‘Still, since I’m going through a lot of hardship, you all too will have to suffer.’

Seeing it that way seems to calm his mind a little.

Chung Myung, who was strolling leisurely, was about to cross Mount Hua’s wall at the time.

“Who are you!”


Chung Myung shifts his gaze.

‘Did you follow in my footsteps?’

He has no idea who it is, but he has to compliment him……


Chung Myung raised his eyes in surprise when he saw the person’s face exposed in the moonlight.

‘Who is Baek Sang Sasuk?’

He can’t help but be impressed.

Even if Chung Myung walked right in front of Baek Sang’s eyes, he wouldn’t notice it.

However, due to Jasodan, Baek Sang detected Chung Myung’s tail.

“Oh, I praise you who able to find me…….”

“Here, here, here! There’s a thief here!”


No, that cretin has a bad temper.

Hello, dude! Hah?

When we meet at a place like this, we should like, “Oh? Let’s set the mood, huh.”

‘Ha. That’s why things don’t work these days. When I was young, there was romance! Romance! ‘

Whether it was romantic or not, the disciples with their swords drawn from all over Mount Hua began to run like dogs the moment Baek Sang shouted. They surrounded Chung Myung in an instant.

“Oh? You’re quick to respond?”

‘Do they have a lot of energy as well?’

He has an unspoken sense of pride.

‘Kuh, I got them this far.’

They can now defeat most sects without Chung Myung.

Wouldn’t it be possible to put them down on the ground and get on top of them if he put them back together with those bastards right now? (Maybe it refers to Ten Great Sect.)

Chung Myung cleared his throat as he looked at Mount Hua’s disciples with mixed emotions.

Right, it’s not a bad idea to regain their trust at this point.

“Hum, the spirit of Mount Hua’s disciples is within my expectation…….”

“What does that thief bastard saying?”

“You’re shaking your leg, aren’t you? Does the thief have such a mouth?”

“Do you think this situation is a joke? Do you need to get your head swollen to get a hold of yourself?”



‘You guys… uh…….’



‘I now understand why Sahyung told me to keep my mouth shut.’

It’s not about bad manners or unbecoming.

It’s fun when he does it, but it’s annoying when others do it.

Chung Myung pressed down the slightly rising anger.

“No, I…….”

“Should we cut his arm?”

“Then he will be running away. Legs. Let’s cut the leg.”

“I’ve sharpened my sword, good coincidence. This bastard knew the layout of Mount Hua. If Chung Myung was here, he wouldn’t see another day. He is lucky.”


‘Is that praising me? Or are you cursing?’

Chung Myung let out a low cough.

“Today, I’m going to step down because the situation is not good for me. Mount Hua’s disciples…….”

“No, is that bastard joking with us now?”

“Leave him alone, he’ll come to his senses if he was beaten like a dog.”

“Hey, come here, come here. Don’t cry and come here.”

‘No, these bastards?’

Blood vessels sprang up on Chung Myung’s forehead.

‘Did these bastard know who I am……. Oh, they can’t know. Anyway, what are they doing in front of me?’

“…let me go when I’m talking nicely. If you don’t want to die.” (Other MTL says hell.)

“Oh, no. We’re going to die, guys.”

“Tsk tsk tsk. I think there’s something wrong with his mind.”

“Don’t bully the poor man, and beat him quickly.”


Chung Myung clenched his fist.

‘Ah, it’s my fault.’

‘I didn’t teach these bastards humility.’

Although it is a very complicated situation, how can one be called a good man if one neglects to teach their descendants? Even if they are busy…

Crack. Crack.

Chung Myung snapped his neck violently.

‘I can blow the head once and go.’

Then they’ll be more humble, right?

“Right, so let’s fight, okay?”

“What do you mean, dude? You’re dead.”

“Ha… haha. Yes.”

Who will?

Chung Myung’s eyes overturned.

That’s not gonna be me, though!

It was when Chung Myung was about to rush at them like a bolt.

“Get out of the way.”

Everyone stopped their actions and turned around at the sound of a voice from behind.

“It’s Sasuk!”

“Baek Chun Sahyung!”

“Sahyung is here!”

It was like children who found their father in the midst of a fight. Then suddenly, they gave Chung Myung a pitiful look.

‘Ah. This is how it feels.’

Usually, those pitiful eyes went that way, not this way.

Baek Chun Sasuk.

‘You worked so hard. I’ll go easy on you today.’

Baek Chun slowly stepped forward with Jo Gol, Yoon Jong, and Yoo Iseol. Then he opened his mouth with his eyes half-closed.

“How dare you make a mess of the night’s peace. You intrude Mount Hua…… carelessly…….”

Baek Chun tilts his head.


He feels something off.

No, it’s obviously a thief. That black night suit and black hoodie… …

“Tha-Tha… that?”

It feels like he has seen him many times, that one.

‘No! That crazy bastard!’

He is going to beat up Mount Hua now.

No, is he really losing his mind?

Baek Chun, who recognized Chung Myung at a glance, freaked out and stepped back two steps.

“Sasuk? No, why……tha- that bastard!”

Jo Gol freaked out and tried to say something but Yoon Jong quickly covered his mouth.

“It’s not the person. It’s not him.”

Yoo Iseol’s low voice was expressing their feelings.

‘No, why that bastard there?’

‘Are he really crazy? I thought it was peaceful because I couldn’t see him for a few days. What were you thinking to appear like that?’

‘Is that bastard a thief?’

…… then they should tell him to just steal it.

It was cheap. It’s better to just give up everything and beg rather than fight with that bastard.

Baek Chun rolled his eyes. They are familiar with that look, but other disciples didn’t seem to have noticed Chung Myung’s identity yet.

‘Why aren’t you going, you bastard!’

With Chung Myung’s ability, getting out of here is not a hard task. But why is he holding on like that?

You damn primitive man!

‘Let’s do it in moderation! Moderately! What do you mean by looking at me in this situation?’

Baek Chun, drowning in agony, quickly adjusted his complexion.

“The… uh, that… thief… …no, the thief. Hah, I can’t do this.”

“What? Sahyung……?”


The bewildered looks of the disciple weren’t important.

Baek Chun gave Chung Myung a desperate wink.



‘Go, you punk! Hurry up and go!’


Eyes don’t work.

‘It’s ruined.’

When Baek Chun groaned in despair as if he had fallen into the fire of hell, Yoon Jong quickly approached and stuck to his side.

‘How do I do this?’

‘What can I do? Why is that bastard doing that?’

‘What the hell is that bastard doing for a day or two? Let’s control the situation first.’

Yoon Jong quickly finished his thought.

The best solution, for now, is to create a reasonable excuse for Chung Myung to escape.

“I’ll deal with it!”

Yoon Jong drew his sword vigorously.

‘I just have to swing the sword wide enough so that he can run away while pretending to be fighting.’

He’s not an ignorant guy, so he’ll run away on his own.

Yoon Jong, who had made up his mind, rushed forward without delay.

“Taaaaat! Prepare yourself, Chu… No! You bastard!”

While rushing in like that, he eagerly winked at Chung Myung.

‘Now, Chung Myung-ah. When I swing the sword, if you receive it and fly away…….’

Unfortunately, however, his eyes did not reach Chung Myung.

Suddenly, something comes close to his face. Then, it gradually grew closer as it dyed the world black.

Realizing that it was Chung Myung’s fist that flew right in front of his nose, at that moment, he smiled happily.

‘You son of a gun.’



Yoon Jong bounced off twice as fast as he rushed. Flying far away, he soon got stuck on the floor and trembled.

The masked thief, therefore, shouted Chung Myung.

“How dare you use a sword? You are going to hell!”


After watching the whole scene, Baek Chun glanced up at the sky.


The sky is so clear.

It’s making him cry.

“Hahaha. Then I’ll go now. Keep your head above water, Mount Hua’s disciples. Hahahahaha!” (I’m not sure if this is the correct translation. But google says it means to avoid trouble.)


The masked man blew himself away with a burst of laughter.

“Go-Go after him!”


Mount Hua’s disciples scramble to follow the thief, who have yet to grasp the situation.

Baek Chun smiled quietly as if he had emptied everything.

‘I wish I could die.’

Or die.

Rotten bastard.

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Return of Mount Hua Sect

Return of Mount Hua Sect

Return of the Blossoming Blade, Return of the Huashan Sect, Return of the Mount Hua Sect, RMHS
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Korean
The 13th generation disciple of the Great Mount Hua Sect. One of the Three Great Swordsmen. The Plum Blossom Sword Saint, Chung Myung. After slicing the head of the peerless Heavenly Demon, who threw the world into chaos, he slept an eternal sleep on the peak of the Hundred Thousand Great Mountains. Jumping over a hundred years, he comes back in the body of a child. But… what? Mount Hua declined? What the hell are you talking about!? It’s only natural to want to live if you’re going broke. “Decline? Even though I’m here? Who would dare!” Plum blossoms eventually fall. But when the cold winter passes and spring comes, plum blossoms shall bloom again. “But I’m gonna die first before Mount Hua gets revived! If you’re gonna go bust, might as well do it right, you bastards!” The beginning of the Plum Blossom Sword Saint, Chung Myung’s solitary struggle to save the thoroughly declining Mount Hua Sect.


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