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Novel Return of Mount Hua Sect Chapter 257

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“Akh! Akh! Remove your hand!”

“Where is it?”

“Let me go, you punk! I’m out of breath!”


Chung Myung let go of the hand that was clutching Hong Dae-Gwang’s collar. Hong Dae-Gwang sat down and coughed incessantly, blinking and pointing fingers.

“You bastard! Do you have a death wish? Even if I eat only rice, I’ve been eating for ten more years than you!”

“I’m glad I’m not getting into a situation where we’re getting old together.”


Chung Myung clicked his tongue as he watched Hong Dae-Gwang, who was wheezing from his rage.

‘I can’t believe these guys are treating me like a child.’

It was a heartbreaking reality.

‘I’m at the age where I’m supposed to be called grandfather from Beggar Union’s Elder…. . right.’

“So, where is the invitation? Don’t tell me those cretins forgot about Mount Hua.”

“It’s hot news that just came in! It will take a few more days unless the carrier has wings!”


‘We’re just left out.’

‘I will write “Bald” on the head of Shaolin’s Leader.’

“Is there anyone who isn’t aware of Mount Hua’s current momentum? Especially in Jungwon’s western part…”

Hong Dae-Gwang, who was babbling, abruptly blurted out the conclusion of his speech. Chung Myung then asked, tilting his head.

“What’s wrong?”

“… I’ve been thinking about it.”


Hong Dae-Gwang’s expression was more solemn than usual.

“That… the Shaolin is a sect that doesn’t really care about the outside world… and… isn’t their location a little bit to the east?”


“The-Then could they know that Mount Hua is different from what it used to be?”

“…What do you mean?”

“N-No, I mean…… If they believe Mount Hua is still a failing sect, they may refuse to send an invitation……”

Chung Myung’s head becomes increasingly stiff as he speaks.

Hong Dae-gwang shuddered and panicked for a moment as a bloody force spread across his face.

Chung Myung, indeed, spewed fire from his mouth.

“Those punks…. How dare they ignore Mount Hua?”

“Ca-Calm down, Mount Hua Divine Dragon!”

“No, since when did these bastards become so good?!”

‘Divine Dragon of Mount Hua.’

‘Shaolin was good at first. Consider this carefully.’ (Good as in righteous.)

“Invitation? What a lovely invitation!”

“Wha-What are you going to do?”

Chung Myung sighed and rolled his eyes.

“I’m thinking about it.”

‘You don’t appear concerned. ‘I believe the answer is already known.’

“Wha-What are you thinking about?”

“It makes no difference. Shall we go to Shaolin and cause havoc? …. Or should I go to another sect that has been invited to politely request the letter?”


‘Neither seems like a good idea, does it?’

‘Does a true master think like this?’

It was Ilshinwoo Ilshin (a saying from a book, literal tl is a new day another day). The raw is 일신우일신(日新又日新)) and it is Hong Dae-Gwang, who confirms a new level of humanity every time he meets Chung Myung.

“…Shaolin is far away. Southern Edge Sect., you’re correct. The Southern Edge Sect would be ideal. They’ll give me the invitation if I say it nicely!”

‘If you say it nicely, why are you clenching your fist…?’

Hong Dae-Gwang’s concerns have spread by this point.

‘Would it be beneficial for Mount Hua to regain his former reputation?’

‘I’m sure he’ll be in the thick of it.’

‘Wouldn’t it be better to live in a world ruled by Magyo than one ruled by Mount Hua, who appointed this guy as Sect Leader and commands a powerful force?’

Chung Myung turned his head at that moment, and Hong Dae-Gwang, who was worried, flinched again.

“Did the invitation arrive in Southern Edge Sect?”

“Mount Hua Divine Dragon, calm down! World affairs do not move so quickly!”

“No! Now!”

“Isn’t it the Shaolin Murim Competition? Preparation takes at least three months! At the very least, it will take another week!”


Chung Myung frowned, as if he wasn’t pleased.

Finally, Hong Dae-Gwang spoke with great generosity.

“And if Mount Hua doesn’t get an invitation, I’ll make sure I get it from my superiors!”

On the other hand, Chung Myung narrowed his eyes and looked at him with suspicion.

“Ahjussi will?”

“…you, what the hell do you think I am?”

“A beggar, right?”


‘Uh… I’m a beggar. I’m indeed a beggar, but…….’

“I’m the branch leader of Beggar Union! I have the authority to suggest it to my superiors!”

“Hmm. I still can’t believe it.”


The corners of Hong Dae-Gwang’s eyes were filled with water.

‘What brought me to Huayin?’

He would not have had to go through this ordeal if he had remained as Nakyang Head Branch. What wealth and glory would he gain by traveling all the way to this faraway island and being treated like a common beggar?

‘You are such a jerk!’

“Just give it a few days! The invitation will be delivered.”

“I took your word for now.”

Chung Myung gave the nod.

“Then it’s done, right?”

Hong Dae-Gwang exclaimed deeply.

They said one would get attached to a sharp person, but he’s the one who gets attached and sets himself up.

In situations like this, you should get away from this guy as soon as possible…

“Oh, right!”


Chung Myung turned his head towards Hong Dae-Gwang, as if he had something to say.

“What happened when I told you to catch a beggar, by the way? Did you get that jerk?”


Hong Dae-Gwang’s eyes shook.

‘You didn’t forget that, did you?’

Isn’t this bordering on obsession?

“I’ve got him. But you’ve been gone for too long, so I sent him back for the time being.”

“What? Who told you to return him?”

“That isn’t the point at this time. And he’ll probably come to Shaolin, so take care of any business there.”

“That beggar, you’re lucky for now!”

Chung Myung’s eyes were ablaze.

Hong Dae-Gwang became concerned as he looked into the eyes.

‘Will something really happen to Shaolin or the Southern Edge Sect?’

He is particularly concerned about the Southern Edge Sect. Poor people, why is he behaving this way towards the Southern Edge Sect……

Fortunately for Southern Edge Sect, a man visited Mount Hua three days later.

* * *

“Are you from Shaolin?”

“That is correct, Sect Leader. This one is Shaolin’s Hye Bang.”

“I welcome you to Mount Hua.”

Hyun Jong looked at the guest with heavy eyes after a light greeting.

He has a calm expression on his face and a clean shaved head.

Even the red tunic was worn around the body.

They all work together to create a dignified atmosphere.

‘It is, indeed, Shaolin.’

How many masters are there in Shaolin when someone like this runs errands?

Indeed, Shaolin was a place that could be called the head (북두(北斗)) of Murim.

“Yes. What was the purpose of Shaolin’s discovery of Mount Hua?”

Hye Bang took an envelope from his arms at that word.

“This is an invitation by the leader of Shaolin to Sect Leader.”

“An invitation…….”

Hyun Jong, who picks up the envelope, immediately opens it and pulls out the letter.

[(World Martial Arts Conference)] (Murim is the world of martial arts. It’s the same as Murim Competition, but for this, I’ll stick with the Chinese mtl.)

It’s a simple name.

But it would never be obvious if the name came from Shaolin.

Hyun Jong squinted and opened the letter.

Hyun Jong then folded the letter once more. (A letter is an invitation.)

It was the most respectful tone, but the same letter, written in the same manner, was most likely sent to other locations as well.

‘However, Wudang or the Southern Edge Sect must have gotten a different letter.’

By reading this letter, he could tell how much Shaolin thinks of Mount Hua.

To be honest, just the fact that the invitation arrived is cause for celebration. However, Hyun Jong found it difficult to remove the subtle bitterness.

“What is this Murim Competition?”

“I heard that our Leader wishes to establish a gathering place for Sect Leaders from each sect. At the same time, a competition (tournament) for friendship and development will be held.”

“Anyone, a Sect Leader bring?”

“How is that possible? We intend to limit competition participation to people under the age of thirty.”


Hyun Jong gave a soft smile to Hye Bang.

“It’s a wonderful thing. But how could my Mount Hua, who was kicked out of the Ten Great Sect, be eligible for such an event?”

“How can you say that, Amitabha? The Conference will be attended by not only the Ten Great Sect, but also the Five Great Family and other major sects. Please don’t be concerned.”


A snort came from behind as soon as the words were finished.

Hye Bang cocked his head slightly, and one of the people in the back was leaning against the wall, crookedly looking at their side.

‘He appears to be young.’

He understands why people dislike him. Mount Hua was expelled from the Ten Great Sect, and Shaolin was among those responsible.

The problem is that this location is none other than the home of Mount Hua’s Sect Leader.

It’s odd that a young disciple is present at such an important event as receiving Shaolin guests, but the young disciple’s attitude is almost unbearable.

Even stranger, none of Mount Hua’s Elder would attempt to stop him. Even the Sect Leader, Hyun Jong.

‘It’s a waste of a prestigious name,’

Hyun Jong opened his mouth just as Hye Bang’s frown deepened.

“Right, did you say Shaolin going to hold a competition?”

“That’s right.”

“What format is it? Not all the disciples of all sects could participate.”

“I wish it could, but it’s not easy in reality. So we had no choice but to put a little difference.”


“Look at the colors of the letter.”

Hyun Jong slightly lowered his gaze.


“There are four types of invitation in all. First, a total of 50 people from the sect who received the platinum invitation were and 20 disciples can participate in the competition.”

Hyun Jong’s forehead narrowed.

“In that way, golden invitation with forty and fifteen people. Silver ones for thirty and ten people. And bronze with twenty and five people….”

“No, is this bastard kidding me now?”

“Chung Myung-ah!”

“Aigoo! Hold it in! Hold it in!”

When Chung Myung finally overturned his eyes, the Un, who was preparing for a possible situation, immediately covered him and pressed him down.

However, even when pressed, he growls like a dog who has seen prey and shouts loudly.

“Silver? Silveeeeer? It’s not gold but silveeeeeer? No, even if these bastards ignore Mount Hua, it’s too much!”

Hye Bang flinched unknowingly at the frightening momentum.

‘No, wait a minute.’

‘Did he just say Chung Myung?’

‘So he’s the Mount Hua Divine Dragon?’

‘How could such a person… … ?’

Isn’t it an idiot who has no end in quarrels and knows no time and place?

‘I can’t believe someone like that is called the world’s best rising star.’

‘The rumor from Murim is not to be trusted, I see.’

“Hey! You there!”


“Shi- No, monk!”

Hye Bang coughed loudly, trying not to think about the word.

“Did you call me?”

“What is Southern Edge Sect get?”


“What kind of invitation did Southern Edge Sect receive?”

“…a platinum invitation.”

“No, these guys are really!”

As Chung Myung wriggled again, Un Gum and Unam pressed him down again.

“Wowow. Let’s calm down. Let’s calm down.”

“Sweets! Someone brings the sweets!” (The raw is 당과)

Chung Myung said with his face pressed firmly to the floor.

“You there, monk!”


Only Hye Bang was a monk here, but he could not dare to point out the fact, so he nodded for now.

“Did you hear that the rising star of Southern Edge Sect was defeated in Mount Hua?”

“I’m sure…… I’ve heard that Mount Hua has won the Jonghwa Conference…….”

“Jonghwa Branch?”

“N-No, Hwajong. Hwajong Conference.”


“…What do you mean?”

Chung Myung clicked his tongue as if the opponent was pathetic.

“It has clearly proven that the rising star of Mount Hua is superior to those of Southern Edge Sect, but they received a platinum invitation and 20 people to participate and we got silver and only 10 people to participate? Hey dude, are you kidding me?” (It is kind of rude to refer to someone in korean but I don’t know a better word.)


Hye Bang became a mute who has eaten honey. (Shut up at once.)

Come to think of it, it was true. That attitude is a bit odd, but there are no gaps in the logic.

“You have to think about it and turn your mind around! Hey, you little shi…. Uup! Uup! Umm……”

Hyun Young skillfully pushed rice cakes into Chung Myung’s mouth. Chung Myung’s eyes became a little gentle when he had a lot of chewing in his mouth. And for a moment, he starts chewing rice cake without saying a word.

“He- Here’s the tea.”

Hyun Young, who even put down a teapot in front of Chung Myung, looks back at Hyun Jong.

After receiving a wink, Hyun Jong nodded and quickly opened his mouth.

“It’s a little rough, but he’s right. I don’t know if this World Martial Art Competition is just a meeting place, Mount Hua deserves to be treated equally with Southern Edge Sect if it is a competition against a rising stars. Isn’t it so?”

“Amitabha Buddha. That’s…”

Hyun Jong smiled brightly.

“Shaolin is not known for being fair and just. We hope that you will consider our face.”

At that moment, Chung Myung, who swallowed the rice cake, screams again.

“If we go and beat all Southern Edge kids, your eyes will nothing but a hole! Think about it and use your head well…….”

“Here, let’s have one more.”


Hyun Young pushed rice cakes back into Chung Myung’s mouth.

After watching all the scenes, Hye Bang, struggling with a hardened face, finally nods his head.

“What Sect Leader said is not wrong.”

“Thank you for your understanding.”

“But platinum invitations have a fixed number. All I can give you is a gold invitation. So, I hope that Sect Leader considers me and my Shaolin situation.”

Then he took out the golden plaques from his arms and held them out to Hyun Jong.

Hyun Jong looks at the gold plate quietly and nods.

“Thank you.”

“Amitabha Buddha. Don’t mention it.”

Hye Bang shakes hands and continues.

“The competition will be held half a year from now.”

“Why there is much gap in the time?”

“It takes a while to get all the sect in the distance to attend. And we Shaolin also needs time to prepare.”

“Well, it’s not a small number.”

“Amitabha. Then I’ll go now.”

Hye Bang got up from his seat. Hyun Jong looked at him with a slight surprise.


“There’s a lot left to be sent. Please forgive my rudeness of leaving in a hurry.”

“Hyun Sang.”

“Yes. Sect Leader.”

“See the guest off.”


When Hyun Sang got up from his seat, Hye Bang clasped his, showed courtesy, and went outside.

Hyun Sang and Hye Bang went out, and all those who remained in Sect Leader’s residence looked at the invitation on the tea table with gloomy eyes.

“World Martial Art Competition.”

Hyun Jong’s eyes naturally turn to Chung Myung.

“What do you think? Chung Myung-ah?”

“…It doesn’t matter whether it’s Southern Edge Sect or whatnot.”


At that moment, Hyun Jong saw it.

The scene of Chung Myung’s eyes burning.

“These bastards, how dare they ignore us? Let’s see if your heads don’t break!”

Hyun Jong just smiled kindly at Chung Myung, who almost breathed fire with his mouth.

‘Can I bring him?’

‘I’m worried.’

‘…… I’m really worried.’

The respected Sect Leader of Mount Hua. (Wanted to add Dear Sect Leader but it doesn’t feel right. I wonder why… jk jk.)

In Kangho, quarrels do not cease, and the hearts each other are full of jealousy, causing the world to chaos. After much thought and deliberation, Shaolin concluded that all of this had happened due to the lack of interaction.

In the past, before the Magyo Invasion, there was a competition in which many of the powerful sects participated, so they could share friendships with each other and develop through competition.

So now that Murim Union has become less known, Shaolin, although lacking, wants to hold a Murim Competition in place of that role. (That as in Murim Union’s role)

So please do not turn a blind eye to Shaolin’s request and I hope you will join with your disciples to brighten the occasion.

I will be waiting for Sect Leader in Seongsan.

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Return of Mount Hua Sect

Return of Mount Hua Sect

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Korean
The 13th generation disciple of the Great Mount Hua Sect. One of the Three Great Swordsmen. The Plum Blossom Sword Saint, Chung Myung. After slicing the head of the peerless Heavenly Demon, who threw the world into chaos, he slept an eternal sleep on the peak of the Hundred Thousand Great Mountains. Jumping over a hundred years, he comes back in the body of a child. But… what? Mount Hua declined? What the hell are you talking about!? It’s only natural to want to live if you’re going broke. “Decline? Even though I’m here? Who would dare!” Plum blossoms eventually fall. But when the cold winter passes and spring comes, plum blossoms shall bloom again. “But I’m gonna die first before Mount Hua gets revived! If you’re gonna go bust, might as well do it right, you bastards!” The beginning of the Plum Blossom Sword Saint, Chung Myung’s solitary struggle to save the thoroughly declining Mount Hua Sect.


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