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Novel Return of Mount Hua Sect Chapter 288

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Jong Seo Han, who had rushed to the plum blossom forest in a frenzy, clenched his teeth at a feast of distant swords that seemed to overwhelm him completely.

The entire scene in front of him appears covered in plum blossoms.


The sword was drawn.

On the other hand, the flowing plum blossoms were repeatedly pushed back by his sword wind.

He can’t get rid of it no matter how hard he tries.

‘It’s not possible.’

‘This is absurd.’

In his rage, Jong Seo Han almost lost his mind.

The Jonghwa Summit. (Yes, the real name was Jonghwa, but he was also known as Hwajong… (Jongnam and Hwasam)

Jong Seo Han’s mind returned to the dreadful memory.

When he was desperately defeated by Mount Hua, whom he had never considered an opponent because of the damned Mount Hua Divine Dragon.

The Southern Edge Sect’s atmosphere changed after that day.

Sahyung (Geum Ryong), which was always talkative, has become more reserved, and everyone is nervous.

A terrible sense of defeat that they had never felt before descended on them.

The more he thought about it, the tighter Jong Seo Han gripped the sword.

The sword’s humiliation can only be repaid with the sword.

He believed that if he trained like a madman, he would be able to repay this humiliation.


‘Why is this happening?’

He couldn’t figure it out.

It would have been humbly acceptable if he had skipped at least one training session. He could blame himself if he hadn’t given up on the idea of ignoring Mount Hua since the end of the Jonghwa Conference, or if he was careless.

But he literally forgot to eat and keep up with his training.

But how come this is the outcome?


Jong Seo Han tightened his grip on the sword and swung it.

His sword is correct!

The sword of the Southern Edge Sect can’t be wrong!

Pure white sword energy covered the sword. Along the path of the sword, pure white flower buds bloomed.

A dazzling fairy tale blooms beautifully. Much more lively than Baek Chun’s plum blossoms!

It was a story about pushing oneself to the limit and repeatedly shaving it.


When he came into contact with Baek Chun’s plum blossoms, he lost control and went insane.

Jong Seo Han’s bloodshot eyes trembled.

‘Why the hell not?’

What happened to that plum blossom?

The Twelve-Movement Snow Flower Sword is the essence (精華) of Southern Edge Sect’s swordsmanship, which Southern Edge Sect’s elders have produced by decades of research.

It is the result of not being complacent with the Thirty-Six Swords Under the Heaven (천하삼십육검(天下三十六劍)), not satisfied with the DaeChungang (대천강검법(大天剛劍法)/ Great Heaven Sword) Swordsmanship, and researching and researching better swordsmanship!

The Twelve-Movement of the Southern Edge Sect was defeated by Mount Hua swordsmanship that was nothing more than a relic from the past?

It’s unreasonable.

This is completely absurd.

“For God’s sake, this is ridiculous!”

Jong Seo Han’s sobs rang out across the stage.

Baek Chun’s eyes froze.

The same scream as Jong Seo Han came out clearly.

The cry was similar to Baek Chun’s scream in front of Jin Geum Ryong in the past.

It’s only been three years.

Jong Seo Han and his position evolved over the course of three years.

Where did this distinction come from?

Baek Chun took his gaze away from the stage. Chung Myung, who was making a meaningful expression in front of the seat, immediately caught his attention.

‘Don’t laugh, you cretin.’

With those expressions, Chung Myung seemed to be asking.

“Do you realize how valuable those three years were?”

Baek Chun gripped the sword more tightly.

Now it’s up to Baek Chun to prove it. Southern Edge Sect., beyond Jong Seo Han

The sword of Baek Chun emitted red sword energy.

Baek Chun’s plum blossoms swelled again and again, completely covering Jong Seo Han’s sword energy.

When Jong Seo Han regained consciousness, his surroundings were already suffused with red petals.


Jong Seo Han’s eyes are wide with surprise.

Is this why he felt such a desperate wall in Baek Chun, who wasn’t Chung Myung, Mount Hua Divine Dragon, or his opponent?

“Oh no! Argh!”

He swings the sword desperately, forgetting even his Sahyung and his disorganized swordsmanship wrapped in plum blossom petals flying like a madman.


Kruk, Kruk, and Kruk.


The plum petals that flew in with the warm spring breeze cut through his entire body, turning it bloody.

Mount Hua’s plum blossoms, which had bloomed all over the stage, vanished like an illusion at the same time.

Jong Seo Han trembled and raised his eyes to Baek Chun.


Baek Chun met his gaze after retrieving his sword and placing it in its sheath.

“A tree without roots withers and dies.”

Flowers, no matter how colorful they bloom, are just empty.

“I don’t know if you guys could understand that.”


Jong Seo Han collapsed on the spot, and the stage descended into silence.

Baek Chun turned his head away from the fallen man and gazed at Southern Edge Sect, Jin Geum Ryong to be precise.

Their gazes locked in the air.

The brothers, who were walking in opposite directions, were now staring at each other with obvious hostility.

It’s more than just hostility.

He who wields a sword must demonstrate his skill with it.

Both Baek Chun and Jin Geum Ryong understand that they must defeat their opponent in order to prove themselves.

After a while, Baek Chun finally took his gaze away from the stage and began to step down.


Everyone was drawn to the impeccable swordsman slowly descending the stage in a black uniform and white headband.

It wasn’t long before warm applause erupted.

“Uwaaaaaa! You’re the greatest! ”

“What the hell was that, just what?”

“It was like seeing a mountain full of flowers!”

“Mount Hua! Yes, it is indeed Mount Hua! It’s the Plum Blossom Swordsman of Mount Hua! Mount Hua’s sword made plum blossoms that weren’t just a metaphor! ”

“Awesome! Really Awesome! ”

The crowd’s applause was truly electrifying.

Everyone knows Mount Hua’s disciples have won consecutive victories thus far, but they had never seen Mount Hua’s sword properly until the finals.

Meanwhile, Baek Chun demonstrated the Plum Blossom Sword technique, which is said to be the most splendid and beautiful swordsmanship in the world, so the reaction was natural.

“Plum Blossom Swordsman! It’s Plum Blossom Swordsman, right? ”

“What is it?”

“The swordsman who had mastered Mount Hua’s Plum Blossom Sword Technique in the past was called Plum Blossom Swordsman.”

“Hoho. That is an intriguing name.”

“I don’t understand how they could have declined even with such a sword. Isn’t that fantastic swordsmanship? ”

“Even though a prestigious sect is in decline, they don’t fall! Look! Doesn’t they come back to life and bloom again? ”

“It literally blooms. Hohohoho! ”

The spectator looked at Baek Chun and Mount Hua disciples with eyes full of excitement.

What does a martial artist like?

Everyone has different tastes, but there are a few things they enjoy in common.

The emergence of new masters is one example.

The other is that an unknown sect’s martial artist defeated a prestigious sect’s martial artist.

The final one is the process by which those who had fallen in the past fought hard to reclaim their name.

Mount Hua was showing all three of the things that those martial artists liked, so they had no choice but to ignore the good news about Mount Hua and go crazy for the time being.



Mount Hua’s disciples rushed out, their faces flushed red, as Baek Chun returned to his seat amid enthusiastic cheers.

Mount Hua takes special pride in crushing the disciple of the Southern Edge Sect in front of everyone.

“There is nothing to be arrogant about.”

However, Baek Chun spoke quietly, as if it were insignificant.

“It’s not too late to celebrate even after he beats Jin Geum Ryong.”

That’s how his eyes sank.

He cannot be said to have defeated Southern Edge Sect until he has defeated Jin Geum Ryong.

“Let’s have a toast by then.”

“Sahyung, yes!””

“Of course, Sasuk!”

Mount Hua’s disciples were flushed as they looked up to Baek Chun.

Although he is their Daesahyung, is he truly trustworthy, even from an objective standpoint?

When they saw Baek Chun beat Jong Seo Han, they felt that every doubt and anxiety in their minds had vanished.

If Baek Chun defeats Jin Geum Ryong as is, Mount Hua will not be swayed by the name of the Southern Edge Sect a second time.

“The bad relationship ends here. After this competition, Southern Edge Sect will no longer be on top of Mount Hua’s name.”

Jin Geum Ryong stared coldly at the cheering disciples of Mount Hua before gently grinding his teeth.

‘Baek Chun.’

Baek Chun, not Jin Dongryong.

It is the name of a former younger brother who is now an enemy who must be defeated.

‘I don’t care for it.’

That smug demeanor does not suit Baek Chun, who pretends to be confident but is most comfortable when trembling in fear.

“Sa- Sahyung …… Sahyung that’s…….”

Jin Geum Ryong averted his gaze, and the Saje all looked at him with sad eyes.

“Stretch your shoulders.”

“Sa- Sahyung.”

“Don’t be discouraged by Mount Hua Sect. Are you afraid that something great has happened? Even so, you guys are the disciples of the Great Southern Edge Sect! ”

Everyone flinched at the cold sound of Jin Geum Ryong. Then they forcibly straightened their shoulders and made a confident expression.

“It is unexpected that Seo-han lost, but nothing changed. In the end, I just need to win.”

“Yes, Sahyung!”

Jin Geum Ryong’s gaze returned to Baek Chun, and he became even colder when he saw that expressionless face, as if this was only the beginning.

‘Don’t be conceited.’

He didn’t care about Baek Chun at first, but he appears to have matured quite a bit in the meantime.

He has the same blood as him, so he must give him this much; he is only weak because he was from Mount Hua and had not been properly trained.

The issue is not with Baek Chun.

‘Chung Myung,’

Jin Geum Ryong’s gaze followed Chung Myung, who was giggling in front of the gambling vendor.

‘I still have time for that,’


Jin Geum Ryong clenched his teeth and murmured quietly.

“There’s nothing to worry about. I’m going to defeat that Mount Hua Divine Dragon and regain Southern Edge Sect’s honor. Then even those stupid spectators will know who the real protagonist in this competition is.”

“Of course, Sahyung!”

“Of course, Sahyung will prevail.”

Half faith and half flattery.

It was a soulless word that tickled the ear, but Jin Geum Ryong didn’t really care about it. He can prove it with the results anyway.

But only one person.

“Why aren’t you talking?”


Isong Baek slowly raises his head when asked by Jin Geum Ryong.

Jin Geum Ryong stared at him, who had been silent all along.

An indifferent face.

‘I don’t get carried away by things around me.’

It seems like he’s saying such a thing with his expression.

“What do you think?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Do you think I can beat Mount Hua Divine Dragon?”

Then Isong Baek glanced at Chung Myung and saw Jin Geum Ryong again.

“I understand one thing.”

“What is it?”

“The next opponent of Daesahyung is your little brother (Dongsaeng).”


Isong Baek speaks calmly.

“Can a person who doesn’t look at the person in front of him get a bigger one?”

At his words, Southern Edge Sect’s disciples were outraged.

“This guy?”

“How dare you!”

Jin Geum Ryong raised his hand to dissuade them.

“Leave it alone.”

“But Sahyung!”

He looked coldly at Isong Baek and said.

“We’ll see later. Are you right, or I am?”

Isong Baek looked down without answering. Jin Geum Ryong turned his eyes coldly.

The Sahyung’s sharp eyes were flung toward Isong Baek. He just sighed quietly.

‘It shouldn’t be like this… … .’

Chivalrous that come only when they are relaxed are not chivalrous.

Southern Edge Sect, which had already lost its composure in the past, has become so narrow-minded that it is difficult to be called Chivalrous (Righteous/Justice) anymore.

‘Chung Myung Dojang. What does Dojang think of this?’

His gaze followed the distant Chung Myung.

“This is the victory of Mount Hua’s Baek Chun. Those who bet on Baek Chun can come here and receive the dividend.”


Chung Myung ran toward the vendor with joy.

Wei Lishan smiled humbly and retrieved Chung Myung’s slip.

“Let’s see, Chung Myung Dojang’s money is 10,000 nyang, so…..”

Wei Lishan took literally as much as a mouse’s tail amount away from the whole collected money and pushed the remaining to Chung Myung.

With so much money at Chung Myung’s stake, he ate most of the stake, even if Wei Lishan didn’t give it to others.

“Here it is!”

“Hehehehe. There you go.”

Chung Myung picked up one of them and handed it to Wei Lishan.

“N-No, you don’t have to give me this…..”

“Ei. You get an upset stomach if you try to eat all at the gambling bet. Take this.”

“Then I’ll receive it gratefully. But how can you give me all this money…….”

Even before Wei Lishan’s words finished, Chung Myung pulled something out of his arms.


What he took out was a large cloth bag. Wei Lishan opened his mouth wide.


Chung Myung literally began to sweep up the money from the vendor.

He pushed in everything, including gold, silver, and slips, and tied up the bag’s opening with a string.

Then he suddenly turned his head.



Jo Gol, who was looking at Chung Myung from afar, flinched.

“Take it!”

Chung Myung threw the bag at him.


Surprised by the heavy weight, Jo Gol opened it and flinched again.

“Hey! What do you want me to do about this?”

“Put it in the middle. Don’t let anyone steal it!”

“…Is this all I have to keep?”


Chung Myung grinned.

“What are you talking about, it’s just the beginning.”

‘I’m going to empty everyone’s pockets!’

“Wow, this is awesome! Should I bet all of that?”

“How much is that?”

“At the end of the day, the odds went up to double on both sides, so maybe I gain almost ten thousand in one shot?”

“You’re going to bet it all at once?”

Greed began to grow in people’s eyes. Everyone noticed that this plate was bigger than they thought.

Even those not very interested in gambling began to sneak around with curiosity when they saw Chung Myung taking a bag full of money.

Wei Lishan cleared his throat and shouted.

“Let’s move on to the next round! This time, it’s Mogo (목오(木五)) of Beggar Union and Jo Gol of Mount Hua…….”

“Ten Thousand nyang to Mount Hua Jo Gol!”


Again, a pile of Ten thousand nyang slips flew over the vendor. The gamblers’ eyes were bloodshot for a moment.

Chung Myung said with a slight chin as if intending cause a fire.

“What are you doing? Not betting?”

As soon as the words were over, the crowds began to rush to the stands like hungry monkfish.

“Five hundreed nyang to Mogo!”

“Three hundred to Mogo!”

“Didn’t you lose a lot earlier?”

“Don’t be stupid! If you win once, you can earn tens of times. What’s the big deal of losing a few?”

Chung Myung grinned as he looked at the vendor, which was once again in chaos.

“I didn’t know making money would be this easy.”

He wishes there were ten more Murim Competition. Then the world’s richest is not a dream anymore!

Jo Gol shook his head as he watched Chung Myung, who was pleasantly immersed in sweet dreams.

And he slowly headed towards the stage. Now was the time to prepare.

Then Baek Chun called him up.

“Jo Gol.”

“Yes, Sasuk!”

When Jo Gol turned around, Baek Chun said in a very serious voice.

“Don’t underestimate your opponent. They’re not easy opponents at all. Win with all your might.”

“You’re telling me to use Plum Blossom Sword Technique, right?”

“If you have to, then use it.”

“I see!”

Jo Gol’s eyes sparkled.

He will do his best to defeat his opponent, and then he, like Baek Chun, is cheered by the crowd… … .

“Sahyung! Sahyung! I bet on Sahyung! You’re going to die if you lost!”


‘Not by you, you punk! Not by you!’


Return of Mount Hua Sect

Return of Mount Hua Sect

Return of the Blossoming Blade, Return of the Huashan Sect, Return of the Mount Hua Sect, RMHS
Score 9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Korean
The 13th generation disciple of the Great Mount Hua Sect. One of the Three Great Swordsmen. The Plum Blossom Sword Saint, Chung Myung. After slicing the head of the peerless Heavenly Demon, who threw the world into chaos, he slept an eternal sleep on the peak of the Hundred Thousand Great Mountains. Jumping over a hundred years, he comes back in the body of a child. But… what? Mount Hua declined? What the hell are you talking about!? It’s only natural to want to live if you’re going broke. “Decline? Even though I’m here? Who would dare!” Plum blossoms eventually fall. But when the cold winter passes and spring comes, plum blossoms shall bloom again. “But I’m gonna die first before Mount Hua gets revived! If you’re gonna go bust, might as well do it right, you bastards!” The beginning of the Plum Blossom Sword Saint, Chung Myung’s solitary struggle to save the thoroughly declining Mount Hua Sect.


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