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Novel Return of Mount Hua Sect Chapter 331

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“……so Bangjang…….”


“Wanted to have another conversation with the Sect Leader…..”


“… Sect Leader, are you listening?”

In response to Bop Kye’s question, Hyun Jong waved his hand with a white face. Then, helplessly, he turned his head and said in a dying voice.

“Chu- Chung Myung. So- Something to drink. Do you have anything to drink?”


Chung Myung held out a bottle, as if he had planned ahead of time. However, when Hyun Jong saw the bottle, he covered his mouth and became sick.

“Ugh… i- isn’t it alcohol?”

“It’s water. Water.”


He had grown tired of staring at that white bottle.

‘You’re such an ignorant bastard.’

To make the Sect Leader drink alcohol and faint, no matter how happy you are. Is this the behavior of a Taoist disciple?

That’s not what he should say when he’s unconscious after drinking it.

Hyun Jong, who drank the water Chung Myung poured out with a slightly uncomfortable feeling, finally swept his chest as if he was feeling a little better. He sighed deeply and opened his mouth while watching Bop Kye.

“I am ashamed of myself to show such a bad appearance.”


Usually, when he hears this,

‘Don’t worry.’

would be a polite response, but Bop Kye couldn’t say it.

‘It should be something that goes on to say that this is just ugly.’

He would have screamed several times if it hadn’t been for Banjang’s request. Where are the people who calmly grill meat and consume alcohol in Shaolin’s precinct?

This has never happened before in the history of Shaolin.

‘Everything is unheard of.’

Now, he was wondering how to interpret this “Mount Hua” Sect.


Hyun Jong opened his mouth with a slightly relaxed face.

“What did you say?”

Bop Kye opened his mouth as he took a Half-Palm stance.

“Bangjang wants to talk to Sect Leader again.”

“Hmm. If it’s the story we talked about the other day, I don’t think there’s anything more to say.”

“No, Sect Leader. Bangjang said he had never spoken the matter to anyone before.”


Hyun Jong looked at Bop Kye with slightly suspicious eyes.

“And since this is something that only Mount Hua can do, he wants to put aside each other’s uncomfortable feelings for a while and have a conversation about Kangho’s future and well-being. So…….”

At that time, Chung Myung, who was listening next to them, raised his head and asked bluntly.

“What’s so big about it?”

Bop Kye, who couldn’t finish his sentence, looked at Chung Myung slightly annoyedly.

‘I can’t find any courtesy.’

But Bop Jeong’s request to not create any disputes again struck his ears.

Taking a few deep breaths, he continued to speak, ignoring Chung Myung’s words.

“You’ll hear the details from Bangjang. And if possible, he wanted Mount Hua Divine Dragon to come together.”


Hyun Jong nodded quietly.

“I see. Please tell him that I will see him soon.”

“Yes, of course.”

Bop Kye jumped out of his seat as if he didn’t want to stay there for another second. Then he glanced at Chung Myung, turned around without hesitation, and left the room.

“So fierce~.”

Chung Myung sighed exaggeratedly and shook his head softly.

“Chung Myung.”

“Yes, Sect Leader.”

“What do you think?”

Chung Myung just shrugged when asked by Hyun Jong.

“Isn’t it obvious what he is going to say?”

“Well, that’s indeed obvious.”

“There’s not much we can do over there.”

Hyun Jong brushed his chin still.

Although Chung Myung has a point, Hyun Jong, unlike him, focused on the “method”.

‘Bop Jeong.’

The leader of Shaolin.

‘It’s only been a day.’

It was only yesterday that Chung Myung’s behavior made him throw up blood, but he moved so actively in just one day.


Regardless of that attitude, there was no reason not to acknowledge this great determination. At this point he should be able to lead a huge sect called Shaolin.

“I should reflect on myself.”

“Yes, you drank too much. It was a little too much.”


‘It’s because of you, you punk!’

“…… have a…… safe trip, Sect Leader…….”

“Chung Myung……. you too…… You should be careful, too.”

“Sect Leader”

Hyun Jong shook his head as he was seen off by the disciples, who had become half-dead due to a hangover.

“I don’t think it’ll take long. Get ready to leave in advance.”

“Yes, Sect Leader…….”

He sighed deeply and left the pavilion with Chung Myung.


As the two of them quietly walked between the pavilion, Hyun Jong looked around and let out a low voice.

“It’s a completely different place from yesterday.”

“Because everyone who came to watch must have returned.”

“I suppose so.”

That means what they are seeing now is what Shaolin usually looks like. Although visitors were seen everywhere, there was a quiet and reverent atmosphere overall.

However, Hyun Jong did not miss the little hostility in the eyes of the passing Shaolin monks.

‘As expected, they don’t see us in a good light.’

He moved his steps slowly and opened his mouth.

“Chung Myung.”

“Yes, Sect Leader.”

“What do you think Bangjang would say?”


“No. Before that.”

Hyun Jong’s voice subsided a little.

“What do you think Mount Hua should do from now on?”

Perhaps it is not an appropriate conversation for a Sect Leader and third-class disciples of a sect should have. However, Hyun Jong never considered Chung Myung a simple third-class disciple.


Chung Myung scratched his cheek and smiled.

“I don’t know?”

“Right, you don’t know…….Huh?”

Hyun Jong’s head slowly turns to Chung Myung.

“… you don’t know?”


“……then what did you say on the stage?”


“Mount Hua, didn’t you say Mount Hua goes its own path?”

“That’s the way to go, just go as you like. Do you really need to decide what to do?”


Hyun Jong’s head started to throb.

Was it really good to trust this guy?

Chung Myung smirked when he saw Hyun Jong’s expression.

“Anyway, one thing is certain.”


“We have nothing to do with Shaolin.”

“…I see.”

Hyun Jong was also well aware of that fact. The problem was that Bop Jeong would know that as well.

Nevertheless, wanting to meet them means that there is an offer that can overcome all those situations. He couldn’t leave Seongsan Mountain until he heard the proposal.

“Let’s hear it. What he going to talking about.”


Bop Jeong greeted Hyun Jong and Chung Myung as he took a Half-Palm stance.

He looked a little pale, but there was still a smile around his mouth.

Hyun Jong calmly returned the greeting.

“How are you feeling, Bangjang?”

When asked how he was, Bop Jeong nodded slowly.

“Thanks for your concern, I was able to deal with it without any problems. I apologize for showing such an unsightly side of me.”

Bop Jeong spoke softly and pointed to the front.

“Sit down, please.”


Hyun Jong sighed softly and sat down. This is his second time visiting here.

When he first entered Shaolin, he was chatting with Bop Jeong here and Chung Myung……. No, to think that the disciples of Mount Hua are excitedly scolding the disciples of the Hainan Sect… ….

‘Looking back, even then, in the end, we couldn’t have a proper conversation because of him.’

In retrospect, it’s a blessing in disguise, but…….

In any case, only about 15 days have passed, but the positions of the two sitting opposite each other have changed incredibly quickly.

Bop Jeong poured tea into the cup. Then he held out the glass to the two of them. There was no particular tea ceremony, and it was plain and simple.

“Have some.”


Hyun Jong picked up the tea and stabbed Chung Myung’s side, who didn’t even budge. Only then did Chung Myung lift the glass with a reluctant face.

Chung Myung, who usually said he would drink cold water rather than tea, was looking obviously that he did not like it.

Then Bop Jeong smiled and said out of the blue.

“Looks like you had a good night.”

“…What do you mean?”

Bop Jeong smiled subtly at Hyun Jong asking back.

“You smell like alcohol.”

Hyun Jong’s face turned red as if embarrassed.

“I’m sorry. I just think that I need to soothe my disciples.”

“I see. That’s understandable.”

He had committed some serious rudeness, but Bop Jeong didn’t seem to have any intention of blaming it.

“But what brings us here?”

“Yes, let me get straight to the point.”

Bop Jeong sighed low and opened his mouth in a slightly heavy voice.

“Sect Leader.”


“Mount Hua’s actions at yesterday’s competition put Shaolin in a very difficult position.”

Hyun Jong couldn’t answer and waited for Bop Jeong’s next words with an awkward smile on his face. There is no need to set this position for nothing.

“But Shaolin doesn’t blame Mount Hua for that.”


“If you think about it, it’s what Shaolin started. No, it’s something that Kangho started. If we have any decency, how can we blame Mount Hua?”

Hyun Jong looked at him with a slightly surprised look. Then a faint voice came from his side.

“If that had been said before the competition, it would have meant something.”


“At least before the finals.”

Bop Jeong’s eyes wriggled slightly.

But he soon regained his calm complexion.

“Sodojang is not wrong. It’s all because of my ignorance.”

In response to the unexpected reaction, Chung Myung rolled up the corners of his mouth slightly as if he was interested.

‘Look at this?’

It’s still Shaolin’s head. He’s indeed not easy.

At this point, Chung Myung began to wonder.

What does Shaolin’s Bangjang want to say to the point he bent his pride?

‘I think he’ll try to hold hands again somehow.’

They’re not the one who doesn’t know what it means. That would mean that there is an offer that Mount Hua will never reject.

‘Now, don’t talk nonsense like the return to Ten Great Sect.’

He would have engraved plum blossoms directly on that shiny bald head if such a word came out.

When Chung Myung urged with his eyes, Bop Jeong coughed low and opened his mouth.

“The reason I asked you to come here is that Shaolin has an urgent matter to ask Mount Hua.”

“What urgent?”

Bop Jeong turned his head slightly and looked toward the door.

“Excuse me for a moment. Bop Kye, come inside.”


A firm answer was heard outside the door, and soon the door opened wide from side to side. And then a large wooden box entered the room.

A wooden box that’s barely big enough for two people to lift.

Hyun Jong’s face quickly hardened when he noticed that the object was a coffin.


“……Please wait a moment.”

Hyun Jong alternately looked at the coffin and Bop Jeong with a face that showed he didn’t understand the situation. He has something to tell, then why the hell are he bringing in a coffin?

Bop Kye put down the coffin, gave Half-Palm stance, and went straight out again.

Three people and a coffin.

The atmosphere of the room subsided subtly.


Bop Jeong stared at the two with subdued eyes, chanting low.

“The subsidiary sect of the Shaolin is spread all over the world.”

“It’s only natural…….”

“The body in this coffin is a disciple of Samgwangmun (삼광문(三光門)), one of Shaolin’s subsidiary sects. At Shaolin’s request, he was on a mission to spy on the North Sea.”

“…Did you say the North Sea (북해(北海))?”

“Yes, it’s the North Sea. However, at best, it was the role of checking the entrance of the North Sea. People of Jungwon can no longer enter the North Sea.”

“But why did he come back here dead? Was there a conflict with the North Sea Ice Palace?”

Then it’s really out of the ordinary.

The Five Palace and Jungwon were deep and emotional enough to cause a war with only a small problem.

Isn’t that why Chung Myung and his group went through so much trouble to get into Yunnan?

But Bop Jeong shook his head.

“Then it would be better.”


What the hell?

The eyes of Hyun Jong and Chung Myung were full of doubts. Bop Jeong once again rose from his seat and approached the coffin with a low chant.

And without hesitation, he opened the lid of the coffin.


Hyun Jong’s face is distorted. Who could be so happy to see a corpse in front of them?

‘But why…….’

It was that moment.


Surprised Hyun Jong looked next to him. Chung Myung, sitting next to him, was exuding a tremendous amount of killing intent that he had never felt before.

However, the killing intent suddenly disappeared like an illusion without a chance to confirm it.

‘Is it an illusion?’

But then Chung Myung slowly rose up from his seat.

Then he came very close to the coffin.

The cold eyes closely identified the body in the coffin.

As expected, red and black spots were clearly visible on the pale skin of the corpse.

“……Mahwa (마화(魔花) / Demon Flower. Demon as in Demon Cult).”


Chung Myung glared at Bop Jeong, grinding his teeth. His eyes were almost like starved beasts.


“Amitabha. Shaolin is suspicious of that, too.”

Veins could be seen from the jaw of Chung Myung who gritted his teeth.

In fact, there was nothing to be suspicious about.

This is Mahwa. It is a wound that occurs in the bodies of those who Magyo has hit.

It is not even a clumsy Mahwa as seen in the Master Hwang incident. It is a ‘real’ Mahwa that he has seen countless times in the past.


Chung Myung’s mouth was cruelly distorted.

“Please explain.”

There was a chill in his voice.

“What’s going on?”

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Return of Mount Hua Sect

Return of Mount Hua Sect

Return of the Blossoming Blade, Return of the Huashan Sect, Return of the Mount Hua Sect, RMHS
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Korean
The 13th generation disciple of the Great Mount Hua Sect. One of the Three Great Swordsmen. The Plum Blossom Sword Saint, Chung Myung. After slicing the head of the peerless Heavenly Demon, who threw the world into chaos, he slept an eternal sleep on the peak of the Hundred Thousand Great Mountains. Jumping over a hundred years, he comes back in the body of a child. But… what? Mount Hua declined? What the hell are you talking about!? It’s only natural to want to live if you’re going broke. “Decline? Even though I’m here? Who would dare!” Plum blossoms eventually fall. But when the cold winter passes and spring comes, plum blossoms shall bloom again. “But I’m gonna die first before Mount Hua gets revived! If you’re gonna go bust, might as well do it right, you bastards!” The beginning of the Plum Blossom Sword Saint, Chung Myung’s solitary struggle to save the thoroughly declining Mount Hua Sect.


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