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Arcane Sniper [Matan’s Shooter] Chapter 194 English

Arcane Sniper [Matan’s Shooter] Chapter 194
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People flocked to the Sentinel Mountains’ hunting grounds, which were always crowded. Orc villages were arranged in a course-like format by level, and there was also a troll area that users could progress to as they progressed.

Ogres would occasionally appear, but they were just simple high-level monsters that a normal raid team could hunt.

To put it another way, it was a popular hunting ground where you could level up safely!

It was also natural for the Byeolcho guild members to stay in one location and level up.

“Hunting trolls is getting pretty good, right?”

Kijeong raised his voice and clapped lightly.

“Haha, thanks to guild master-nim.”

“Hey~ I did not do anything.”

“You don’t have to be humble, Kay. You’re already a great guild master that surpasses his predecessor.”

“Why are you using respectful words again? You too Tale-hyung. You won’t get anything even if you talk like that, so speak casually.”

Kijeong, a friendly guild master, kept an eye on the newly enlisted guild members’ hunt.

He wouldn’t have time to raise his level, but the scene in which he took care of each individual by himself was enough to make the Highlander Tale happy.

The first thing Kijeong did after Hyein left and he became the guild master of Byeolcho was to change the atmosphere.

It was a case of investment failure with a large sum of money at stake, as well as the former guild master’s corruption. It’s no surprise that a large number of guild members left—.

‘Kay took it as an opportunity. We actively accepted new guild members and supported their development, raising the guild’s atmosphere. Probably because Kay was trusted by his original hunting party, the existing guild members did not leave.’

Tale, who was a newly promoted vice-guild master, was friendly as well.

Even Seomgwang and the Dragon Knights predicted that Byeolcho would disband, but Kijeong succeeded in making the guild stronger.

Uwoooh, uwooooh!

A roar was heard from the forest beyond the Sentinel Mountains. It was enough to startle the users hunting trolls.

“Oh, this sound…… Ogre?!”

“Ohh, amazing! Guild master-nim!”

The low-leveled(?) guild members’, around level 140, eyes lit up. After all, when playing in a party with them, Kijeong and Tale would not be able to get any experience.

However, seeing those eyes full of anticipation, Kijeong did not intend to just pass by.

“Okay. Let’s go for the real test! You can think of it as a large troll with the addition of it being able to pull a tree and wield it, so don’t be intimidated! Byeolcho power party, assemble!”


“I’ll be tanking so, Tale-hyungnim, please lead the offensive team”

“I understand.”

Even though they only had a small number, it could not even be considered a raid team, the Byeolcho guild members were not afraid.

They were with the strongest, ‘Master Kay’, who was able to face Agromni Igor’s attack head-on.

And as long as there was Tale, the master of the two-handed sword, who fought Pei Wu several times, there was no threat to them.

“No, are you ready? It will soon be out of the woods-”

However, the ogre did not exit the forest. One user was running away in a hurry with a blue face.

“Waaaah—! Run away!! Cyclops-”

Kwajijijk, a rock the size of a container box fell over the user’s head who was running away. The user was crushed and burst into an unrecognizable shape.


“Surely! Is he talking about that cyclops?”

uwoooh, uwooh!

When they heard the scream again, the users around them shouted.

It would have been fine if it was only one ogre. Besides, they knew that the guild master of the Byeolcho guild was with them, so they were relatively relieved.

However, with a cyclops, it was a different story. Kijeong and Tale’s expressions hardened.

“Tale-hyung, what about the nearby users?”

“There are around 73 people. If they would join us and quickly create a raid team-”

“With only about 70 level 130 users, it is not possible…. We need at least 30 level 180 users or higher in order to raid safely!”

The Sentinel Mountains simply meant ‘sentinel or watchman’.

There was a reason to monitor the monsters coming down from the mountain range, but on the other hand, the field boss of the Sentinel Mountains also played the role of monitoring humans.

With one gigantic shining eye.

Tremble, tremble, The trees fell down violently with the sound of the steps. There was the sound of wind splitting from afar along with the shouting.


“Run away! Cyclops! Run away!” Another huge rock flew over, blocking the sun.

It was not a rock that a monster ‘like’ an ogre could throw. Although they have not yet seen its appearance, it was already confirmed that it was the field boss. The users around also knew its attack power. The only way to live was to unconditionally run away.

“We will also back away! Byeolcho retreat! Hurry!”

The area where it would drop would be wide. If they thought about how it would roll after dropping, they had to run right away.

However, one guild member was not able to move his feet as he saw a human being crushed and bursting.

He was right in the middle where the rock would drop.

“Uwaaak! Save-save me…….” Kijeong and Tale, who had been running for a while, managed to turn around. The rock had already reached its peak and started to fall.

Kijeong ran without hesitation.


“Oh no! It’s already too late, you can’t go!” Tale tried to stop him, but Kijeong did not stop.

“Waah! Holy guard stance! Spiritual Shield!”


The rock was smashed and dust flew.

Defend? Can users defend against natural disasters? Can they withstand such an overwhelming attack that is nothing like a human attack?

“Guild master-niiim!”

“Waah, guild master-nim!”

Even when all the other users ran away, Tale and the other Byeolcho guild members did not. The rock was pushed back to where it fell. It felt like they wanted to save Kijeong, their guild master, even if they had to break the rock.

The field boss of the Sentinel Mountains did not just watch

[Quiquero, the ruler of the Sentinel Mountains, has appeared.]

[All humanoid monsters in Sentinel Mountains are strengthened by 10%.】

How big was it? It looked like it was more than 10m, even at first glance.

A single eyeball with an abnormal shape and size, searched for humans as well.

“Kuhaha, kuhaha. Humans-! Hu- maaaaans-!”

[Quiquero roared.]

[‘Fear’ status effect has been applied.]

[You can’t move for 3 minutes.]

[Maximum HP has been reduced by 40%]

[Stamina is reduced by 30%]

“Keuk, I can’t move-”

“Oh, oh! R-return scroll! I need to use a scroll quickly!”

Except for Tale, all of the low-leveled Byeolcho guild members’ bodies stiffened. For a moment, they could feel their future.

All that remained was death.

“Vice guild master-nim, run away too!”

“Get back now! We’re fine- please go ahead and gather our guild members!”

The Byeolcho guild members told Tale. All the surrounding users ran away as well. No matter how quickly a raid team could be formed after hearing the news that the cyclops had appeared, it will inevitably take some time.

In other words, the only outcome of staying there would be death. Even for those who were able to resist the fear effect.

If it wasn’t for Tale, everyone else would have ran away.

“We could not run away without you. If we run away after seeing the guild master’s sacrifice, we are no longer human. You’re also the vice guild master of Byeolcho. We should live together-”

Tale grabbed his sword.

Facing the giant cyclops that couldn’t be beaten even if he was the top swordsman.

“-and die together.”

“Kuhaha! Courageous humans taste even better!”

Cyclops Quiquero stepped closer. A single step towards the insects that are numbered to less than a fistful!

“We won’t back down, you monster! Waist!”

Tale leaped forward at full speed.

Even when he jumped as high as possible, he was not able to reach its head. However, if he is stabbed at the back of its leg, its movement speed should slow down!


Blood rained down along with a terrible sound.

“Uwaak, what is this?!”

“Tale-nim! Vice-guild master nim! What happened? What is this blood?!”

The guild members of Byeolcho, who did not know the situation because they could not even turn their heads, shouted. What exactly was the blood that soaked their bodies?

“S-surely Tale-nim?”

“This? Is this Tale-nim’s blood?”

They wanted to sit down with the unknown fear of not being able to directly check the situation, but the abnormal status ‘fear’ did not allow it.

When Tale did not answer, imagination filled the guild members’ heads. The gigantic cyclops Quiquero had crushed Tale. Like catching a fly or mosquito, Tale’s body was squeezed with one arm, and his blood spilled.

“No way! Run away, Tale-nim!! Now!”

“Are you alive? Vice-guild master nim! Please answer!” The anxious guild members chirped like birds. But Tale did not answer.

“This-… What the hell is this….” It was because Tale himself could not understand the situation.

He jumped towards the cyclops Quiquero. He thought that if he put a sword into its waist, and climbed up on his body to match his movements, he would be able to buy some time to escape.

However, it suddenly rained blood. Even onto Tale, who leaped towards the cyclops.

Of course, Tale could see where the blood had spilled from. No, it wasn’t only Tale, all the guild members now knew.

Because a system message told them what happened.

[Quiquero, the ruler of the Sentinel Mountains, has fallen.]

[All humanoid monsters in the Sentinel Mountains are weakened by 30% for 1 hour.]


The cyclops’ body fell. It only had one eyeball, and the eyeball of such a huge monster ‘exploded’.

“Is it dead? Cyclops?”

“Waah, Tale-nim is amazing……. Have you filmed what happened? This is amazing! Amazing!!”

“This is the first time I saw the cyclops get soloed!! Wahh, damn!!! Ah- sorry. But- really!!! Tale-nim!!”

The guild members, who had their fears lifted, gathered around Tale. The huge corpse of the cyclops had not yet disappeared because it had not yet been looted, which instilled respect in them.

A highlander soloed the cyclops, a level 180 field boss, and the ruler of the Sentinel Mountains!

“AH, no, I did not catch-” Tale, who was contemplating how the cyclops died, lost the time to speak.

The guild members who had gathered around were taking screenshots, recording the direction in which the cyclops had appeared, and were in awe.

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Arcane Sniper [Matan’s Shooter]

Arcane Sniper [Matan’s Shooter]

Arcane Sniper, Mystic Musketeer, 마탄의 사수
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