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Arcane Sniper [Matan’s Shooter] Chapter 195 English

Arcane Sniper [Matan’s Shooter] Chapter 195
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‘So……. What happened? I can’t understand. There’s obviously no one around.’

Even if he used the Highlander’s spirit to scan the area, there were no users. He sensed 70 low-level users rushing to a specific location, but that was it.

“Hmm?! Bring everyone together! The rock must be shattered!”


“Guild master-nim is alive!”

After searching, he felt that the guild master was alive in the rock. As Tale and the guild members rushed in, the rock cracked open.

“Phew, I wondered when we could get out. Are you okay?”

“Thank you, thank you, guild master-nim!”

And in the rock, Kijeong, who had wrapped himself around the guild member as a shield, laughed. The loyalty of the guild members rapidly grew.

“……What? What was that?”

“It just died.”

“Didn’t Tale-hyung catch it?”

“Maybe. As guild master-nim knows well-”

Kijeong who just got out heard the story. All they were talking about was ‘Of course, the cyclops died when he jumped’.

“No, of course…… You have the same level, and hyung is physically capable, so I think you could- huh, then who caught it?”

“I don’t know.”

Tale shook his head at Kijeong’s question. All the guild members of Byeolcho were also surprised.

“How many people could kill a cyclops in one shot?”

“Are they probably one of the top 10 rankers? That should be right because they didn’t even take the loot.”

“There’s only one person in the top 10 who could deal with it in one shot. someone from our country.”

“Bobae-nim? ‘The Archer’ Bobae?”

“But Bobae-nim’s maximum range isn’t that long. Isn’t his limit around 250m?”

“That’s already long! Where in Middle Earth can you find a weapon with a range that is farther than 250m?. Magic can’t get farther than that too.”

Kijeong and Tale’s eyes widened at the same time as they heard the chatter of their guild members.

Far enough to be undetectable. With the ability to hit the cyclops’ eye.

“No way!”

“T-Tale-hyungnim thought of the same person, right?”

The two of them turned their heads and looked around. They did not hear any gunshot and there was no white smoke.

“Why, guild master-nim?”

“No, wait.”

Kijeong turned on his friends’ window. He wanted to check Leeha’s position. As he was about to check, Tale called Kijeong.

“Guild master-nim.”



And Tale pointed in one direction. All eyes were focused on one place. Kijeong could also recognize someone walking from a distance.


“Oh? Kijeong-ah? Tale-nim? Why are you here……?”

Leeha was also confused. This was a troll hunting ground at best.

He just followed Madame Ju’s information that the cyclops will respawn soon. Why were the two of them, who have long surpassed level 200, here?


“Ha Leeha-kun, this?”

Kijeong and Tale rushed at him, but Leeha avoided their hands. Kijeong and Tale had many things they wanted to ask, but their doubts were resolved without a word.

“W-wait a minute. I need to loot. The corpse will disappear soon.”

Because Leeha rummaged through the cyclop’s corpse.

“Ugh, it didn’t even give a good item. Damn it. Why is it [Cyclops’ Crystal] again? Where should I use this? Ah, come to think of it, I popped its eyeball, is that why they gave me this? Middle Earth can be cruel sometimes.” Kijeong and Tale stared blankly at Leeha’s figure waving the cyclops’ eye and smiling.

How should they interpret his appearance that had no tension in it while looting the cyclops, the so-called ruler of Sentinel Mountains?


The Byeolcho guild members were speechless.

He was quite famous, but there were so many incidents happening in Middle Earth that Leeha’s name was easily forgotten.

They couldn’t even remember the nickname [Matan’s Shooter], or [Sunset Outlaw] who disbanded the Rising Sun.

He only looked like a strange person who smiled while ripping the cyclops’ eyeball.

“Okay, it’s finished. Ah! Kijeong-ah, what are you doing here?”

Leeha, who finished looting the cyclops’ corpse, held the soft case containing the Black Bass and smiled.

With the exception of the ordinary guild members, Kijeong and Tale moved together with Leeha.

“Whoah, where is this?”

“It’s one of our safe houses. You can’t bring anyone who isn’t a guild member here, of course, hyung is an exception. No, this is not the time to talk like this!”

Kijeong flopped down on a chair and changed his tone.

“What the hell happened, hyung? You caught a cyclops in one shot?”

“I told you before. I got a weapon.”

“Ah… is it that? Hero’s successor?”


Tale couldn’t understand the entire conversation between the two of them, but he did not interrupt. He quietly made tea and gave it to Leeha and Kijeong.

“Ah, Tale-nim shouldn’t do this!”

“No, it’s okay. Ha Leeha-kun has always helped us, so I am glad I could bring you a cup of tea like this.”

“Aigoo. Thank you. I will drink it well.”

“Thank you, Tale-hyungnim.”

When Leeha and Kijeong thanked him, Tale smiled brightly. How can cousins have such similar personalities?

Kijeong took a sip of tea and asked Leeha.

“Perhaps, hyung is sweeping field bosses these days? Our guild members said that they saw a field boss fall as soon as it appeared. Did you catch the armored bear lately?”

“Oh? Ah, yes. Your guild member must have been nearby.”

Kijeong clicked his tongue after Leeha said he caught a field boss as if he had only caught an orc or troll.

“What the. No, aside from the armored bear! You shot the cyclops from an invisible distance, but it was killed in one shot? It must have been at level 185.”

“Yes. I know. I also knew that the eye was its weakness. I knew that he’s very protective of his eye~ but he’s not my match.”

Because I’m not shooting with muskets anymore. For muskets, the bullet speed is only 300~350m/s.

It was impossible to hit a distance of 1000m using a musket because once it is fired, it would take 2 seconds for the bullet to hit.

In other words, a bullet that slows down while flying would arrive later than the sound. It would have had enough time to notice and protect its eye.

However, if it was the [Black Bass] which was modeled after a real-life sniper rifle, a normal monster would not be able to react.

‘The speed is different. The speed of the rifle is around 823m/s.’

It was twice as fast as the speed of sound.

At a distance of 1,000m, the cyclops would have already been pierced in the eyeball before it could even react. No matter how sensitive it was in protecting its eyes.

“Crazy. That’s really crazy.” After hearing Leeha’s explanation, Kijeong clicked his tongue and shook his head.

Leeha told him that he got a weapon for being a hero’s successor, but Kijeong couldn’t believe that it was this big.

“Thanks to it, I was able to gain 4 levels. That’s crazy enough. Ah, there’s also a hall of fame achievement. Heuheu. Cyclops is pretty crazy.”

“4 levels? What level are you now?”



Tale dropped the tray. There was nothing new to his surprised expression.

“H-Hyung, didn’t you say you were 120 a while ago?”

“Hey, when was that!! You didn’t think I was doing nothing?”

“When was it? 10 days at most? No, was it a month ago? You gained 30 levels in a month!”

He one-shotted the boss of Dale Castle’s Sealed Underground Waterway instance dungeon repeatedly.

It was only natural for Kijeong to shout since Leeha’s hunting speed was something that ordinary users couldn’t dream of.

Besides, his stats went up more than his level did…. Of course, he didn’t bother talking about it.

“Ah, I didn’t come all the way here to talk about this. Hyung, did you know?”


“Shin Nara is doing a quest related to the Royal Palace.”

When Shin Nara’s name came out, Leeha’s body stiffened. It reminded him of the encounter that they had just a few days ago at the Holy Grill.

‘Is it related to the assassination of the king? Come to think of it, did they find the person who left the note?’

Kijeong opened his mouth before Leeha could ask any questions.

“Hyung is close to Shin Nara. Can we join the quest?”

“Huh? What? What kind of quest do you want to join?”

“I don’t know either. But since it’s related to the Royal Palace, I guess security is necessary. Shin Nara is gathering experts, but it is said that she was having a hard time doing it. Unless it was someone she can trust……”

Was he able to hear this kind of news since he became the guild master of Byeolcho? Leeha suddenly became curious about Shin Nara.

When Leeha got silent, Kijeong opened his mouth again.

“Even so, Byeolcho doesn’t have much reputation. Can you introduce me and Tale-hyung, to Shin Nara, hyung?”

When Kijeong’s eyes shone, Leeha was not able to do anything. Most importantly, Leeha was curious about how Shin Nara’s quest was going on.

“Okay. I understand. I’ll go to the capital and ask first.”

“Yes!! Thank you, thank you, Leeha-hyung!”

“It’s not confirmed yet. Anyway, I will try and ask.”

“Okie! Right now, I am level 219, and Tale-hyung is 216, you know our jobs, right?”

“Oh, Ooh. Of course.”

Leeha was surprised for a moment because Kijeong and Tale’s leveling speed was unexpectedly fast.

How could people who exceeded level 200 level up so quickly?

‘They weren’t even 210 recently, now they’re almost at 220.’

He needed to chase faster. Fortunately, he had an additional ability to do so.

Leeha teleported to the capital and opened the quest window.

[Black Bass’s Seal-1]

Description: “This guy is alive, the more it tastes blood, the more he wakes up. On the day the right user appears, Black Bass awakens……The legendary dwarf placed seven seals on the Black Bass The legendary rifle is waiting for a user to wake it up.

Description: Defeat a level 150 monster at a distance of 1000m or more.


Reward: ???

“Now, what would the reward be ~?

[You have completed the quest Black Bass’s Seal-1]

[You have learned the skill: Mana Clairvoyance.]

[Black Bass’s Seal-2 quest has been created]

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Arcane Sniper [Matan’s Shooter]

Arcane Sniper [Matan’s Shooter]

Arcane Sniper, Mystic Musketeer, 마탄의 사수
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A series about a hyper-realistic fantasy game! “Sergeant First Class Ha, you crazy bastard. You shot another full round of bullseye?” The sharpshooter Ha LeeHa simply wanted to be a part of the army forever. However, due to an unfortunate accident, he became paraplegic and was tossed back into society. The revolutionary VR game [Middle Earth] presented a new life to him. Money obtained in [Middle Earth] has real-world value! Yet, he ruined his chance by selecting the lowest-tier character! “I’m not like the others. This is all I have.” Black gunpowder, iron balls, and ramrods… I’ll show all of you what a real ‘musketeer’ is!


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