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Arcane Sniper [Matan’s Shooter] Chapter 246 English

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Kijeong shouted out his skill while recalling his conversation with Leeha the other day.

Their defenses were fortified as the milky energy spread throughout the Byeolcho special forces.

The Fibiel army, which had advanced so far, had approximately one million soldiers. Despite being repeatedly defeated on the Marching Plains, Minis’ army had a comparable number of soldiers. Despite their retreat and dispersal within Minis, the number of Minis troops in Castle Van Cowl was over 200,000.

It meant that there were rough that many people in front of the 30-person special force, and Kijeong had the right to complain to Leeha about it.

“Wind, wind shield! Concentrate on holding on! Let’s protect each other’s backs!”

“Understood, vice guild master-nim!”

The operation that Leeha had told Kijeong earlier had been communicated to everyone in the special force. From the fact that the keystone was already destroyed, destroying the castle gate with specially crafted items, to entering the castle first, everything went according to Leeha’s plan.

‘Amazing! As expected, he’s an amazing guy!’

Tale lightly parried a Minis user’s sword and cut his neck.


Blood spurted out, but he was so happy that he didn’t even care about it. From the first time he saw Leeha, Tale thought he was unusual.

In fact, Leeha overcame difficulties using his strength, demonstrating no one else had skills. Such a person was also adept at macro-strategies and tactics!

‘My eyes weren’t wrong!’

It also made Tale happy.

What a joy it was to say that his eyes were not wrong at all, that a level 20 user that he met one day had grown to such a degree that it shook up the strategy of the entire army.

And Biyemi felt that joy as well.

‘Kikis, from the moment he said he killed the Black Angus, I thought his skills were not normal, but to think it would by this much.’

He was also brilliant in Candle Castle but that was nothing compared to this.

It could not be compared to the current Leeha who was accustomed to Middle Earth to the point of being confident at assassinating rankers. After leaving Candle Castle, he wondered if they would ever meet again.

However, what about now?

Luger, who had fought against Alexander, the number 1 in the ranking, and Kidd, who had defeated Shin Nara, in Biyemi’s eyes were a little less compared to Leeha.

‘Even killing that Petyr…. Kikis, half of it was thanks to me.’

Biyemi finished casting with a forward roll.

Metaphorically speaking, he would be able to succeed in rolling forward even while holding a cup full of water.

Then he spat poison on his dagger.

He knew how effective a poison-filled dagger was, a weapon he had used since he was the assassin ‘Nguyen.’

“What kind of magician-”


Biyemi moved his sword to avoid the user and stabbed him on the side.

“-is this quick!”

Then, he turned to avoid the other soldier’s sword, and slightly scratched his forearm, in the gap between the glove and the armguard. He only got hit once, and it wasn’t a particularly serious injury, but his body trembled and his actions hardened.

“Kiskis, idiots who fight without even drinking poison resistance potion all deserve to die.”

The effect of poison-related status abnormalities is activated randomly.

Paralysis was triggered continuously, and he rolled his eyes, but the swords of the other Byeolcho special force members did not stop. The neck of two Minis soldiers was separated from their bodies.

“Use your magic!”

“We can’t because of our allies! Arrows? What about arrows?”

“No, they don’t have any effect! Are there no spiritualists? Block the gates! The castle gates!”

“It’s broken! Fibiel is coming! The Fibiel army is coming!”

“Who can use rock wall?! Get to the front of the castle gates quick-”

As Leeha predicted, Minis’ army, in their confusion, would not be able to respond properly. Their number was ‘too many’ also contributed to this situation.

The most dangerous thing is the thought of who would do it even if it wasn’t me.

They couldn’t even handle 30 people, so what would happen if they broke through here? The time has come to pay for their foolishness.

Kukukukuk, the rumbling sound was heard even from inside the walls. The sound of shouts could be heard along with the advance of over a million people.


“W-we have to escape- everyone scrolls, uwaah, run awaaaaay-!”

That completely broke the will of the Minis army. No one would waste their strength in a battle they had no chance of winning.

The siege, which should have taken at least a fortnight or longer if it was normal, was over only after 5 hours.

[You have completed the quest’ Siege Warfare – Minis – Byeolcho Special force mission-1′]

[War Contribution points earned 2,114.]

[500 additional War Contribution points have been acquired.]

‘Oh! Looks like it’s finally over.’

Leeha looked at the system notification window that appeared in front of him. He received a whopping 2,600 contribution points with just one quest. The total amount of contribution he received from the Marching Plains was less than 3,000.

‘It means that this siege was that important…. A single battle was an achievement comparable to all the field battles on the Marchich Plains.’

He was naturally the overwhelming number 1.

However, since the contribution was almost doubled in an instant, it was natural for Leeha’s mouth to drop.

‘What is the reward? Will the royal palace give me something special?

“No, a territory is fine as well.’

How much tax does Ram Hwayeon get for Dale Castle?

Leeha wasn’t sure if he could run it well as she did, but no matter how badly he managed it, huge profits will come in.

‘No matter how a territory is absurd. Hehehe, okay. Now, let’s wait a little longer.’

Leeha opened the scope’s cap.

He could see Minis’ NPCs walking on the wall through the lens. It’s not the time yet.

The scope moved and stopped at a point on the eastern wall of Castle Ro-Me. A small pattern painted dark gray was drawn on one stone of the dark gray fortress wall made of granite.

‘Fucking bastards, if you draw a picture using the same color as the stone, how would you even be able to find it?’

It was a hidden object that could not be found even when using the magic eye.

However, with Leeha’s persistent observation, he finally found it. That was already two days ago.

After looking at the keystone and waiting for a long time, he finally got a message from Kijeong.

– Hyung!

-Oh, did the talk go well?

-Yes. we’re leaving now. I’ll share the quest.

– Okay.

[Siege Warfare – Minis – Byeolcho Special force mission-2]

Description: ‘Byeolcho needs to destroy the enemies’ castle defense’s keystone.. It’s Castle Ro-me this time.’

The commander-in-chief, Fibiel’s Pillar, Granville devised a plan to end the war at once. He wants to destroy his long-time rival, the Fox of the Prairie, Ewin, as soon as possible.

Content: Destroy ‘Castle Ro-me’s’ keystone 2 days after that command has been given

Reward: Contribution points according to contribution on destroying the keystone, War contribution +500

Condition for Failure: Keystone remaining intact after the siege begins, Keystone restoration before the siege ends

Penalty for failure: War Contribution -3,000

– Would you like to accept?

-A day and a half from here, right?

-Yes. You just have to come slowly and destroy it. They haven’t noticed me yet.

More specific orders than last time were issued. Break the keystone in 12 hours! However, Leeha did not panic, pressed the accept button, and stopped whispering for a while.

Wind direction? Wind speed? Leeha had already finished investigating that a long time ago. He already knew that it was an advancing operation that targeted the castles in succession. He already knew that the quest wouldn’t stop at the first castle, and what the next castle would be after Castle Van Cowl.

‘In other words, as soon as I accept the quest-‘

Click, Leeha pulled the trigger.


Did you hear that?”

“……Is it going to rain?”

Minis’ NPCs looked at the sky. They thought they heard something rumbling but couldn’t figure it out.

‘-That means I can destroy the keystone like this.’

The sniping distance was 1,200m. Leeha, laying down on the hill and using his camouflage skill to ensure he was hidden, hit the keystone accurately.

“Ack, my back, huu. Now, where is the next target? My precious little contribution points bricks~.”

The area around the rocks, where there was nothing, swayed for a moment, and Leeha’s figure was revealed. He unfolded the map and checked for the third castle. He needed to move ahead, find the keystone, and secure a safe spot for his shooting.

“I’m struggling a lot like this, so it’s okay for me to be at the top contribution points, right?”

In the next 40 hours or so, Castle Ro-me will also fall into the hands of Fibiel.

-I’m going first.

-We’ll be there soon, hyung! Take care!

The advance of Fibiel’s army did not stop. Because there was a sniper who moved faster than the army and the enemy forces could fathom.


“Castle Van Cowl, Castle Ro-Me, Castle Pillas, and Castle Erona fell yesterday.”

“Huhut, it would be the capital’s turn if they get past three more castles.”

A huge x was drawn on a hologram map.

As soon as the battle of the Marching Plains ended, the advancement of the Fibiel army, which entered Minis, was visible at a glance. Starting with Castle Van Cowl, they made some good progress.

“I’m so glad you’re still able to laugh. If I wasn’t the commander-in-chief, your majesty would have decapitated the both of us right now.”

The commander-in-chief of Minis, Ewin, smiled as the woman laughed. However, it wasn’t a friendly smile. With the NPC’s tone and atmosphere alone, the Dancer Chiyou, 7th in the ranking, noticed his meaning.

“Didn’t you know? It’s something you’ve been preparing to do since you retreated from the marching plains.”

“Right…… but isn’t the damage bigger and faster than we had first expected?”

“Of course, but everything is within the predicted range.”

“It’s within the expected range? How much damage?”

Ewin furrowed his eyebrows, and Chiyou smiled softly at him.

“It is he who always creates variables in Fibiel……. Isn’t it amazing that he managed to surprise us this time as well? It’s difficult for even me to find traces of him.”


“Don’t worry. Good news is still coming from all sides.”

“Isn’t it good news for the Fibiel army?”

“Does the commander-in-chief not trust me that much?”

“If it’s our military, I am enough to lead. However, don’t you guys have to deal with ‘this stranger’ directly? It’s only natural for me to worry like this, then.”

The fox of the prairie was dazzled. He wouldn’t have come this far if he hadn’t believed in her in the first place.

“Then what are we going to do?”

“Around midnight today at the earliest…… they will arrive.. To the northern border of Fibiel.”

Chiyou touched the continental map that appeared on the hologram.

The southwest side of Pubiel and the northeast side of Minis face each other as a border. In other words, the ‘north of Fibiel’ was where there was no room for interference in the war between the two countries.

Most importantly, the countries to the north of Fibiel. The Shazrasian Federation was allied to Fibiel.

“The Federation members would not be able to hit Fibiel.”

“Isn’t that limited to ‘war’? Huhut, so that’s fine. They belong to the federation but at the same time, those people have their own reasons to attack Fibiel…… no, those giants.”

“Hmm, and then what?”

“The Fibiel forces in Korea will be in chaos. They will probably use a few numbers. Some characters will react…… And at that time, the sea breeze will blow towards Fibiel. In any case, Granville, Fibiel’s Pillar, won’t immediately be able to move the legion, right?”

“That’s right. You’d think it was right before they rip our throats, but he’s not flexible enough to go back. That’s why they have been ‘lured’ to this place.”

The expression of the fox of the prairie gradually brightened.

From Minis’ defeat in the Marching Plains to the failure of their castle’s defenses.

It meant that this was not simply because of Fibiel’s outstanding abilities. In fact, it would be Fibiel’s greatest nightmare that no one saw coming.

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Arcane Sniper [Matan’s Shooter]

Arcane Sniper [Matan’s Shooter]

Arcane Sniper, Mystic Musketeer, 마탄의 사수
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2017 Native Language: Korean
A series about a hyper-realistic fantasy game! “Sergeant First Class Ha, you crazy bastard. You shot another full round of bullseye?” The sharpshooter Ha LeeHa simply wanted to be a part of the army forever. However, due to an unfortunate accident, he became paraplegic and was tossed back into society. The revolutionary VR game [Middle Earth] presented a new life to him. Money obtained in [Middle Earth] has real-world value! Yet, he ruined his chance by selecting the lowest-tier character! “I’m not like the others. This is all I have.” Black gunpowder, iron balls, and ramrods… I’ll show all of you what a real ‘musketeer’ is!


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