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Arcane Sniper [Matan’s Shooter] Chapter 247 English

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“Huhu, you’re right. Following that, with a slight time difference, it will cut off their supply lines.”

“It will not be easy. I heard that the supply ships are overseen by the actual Lord of Castle Dale.”

The news of Ram Hwayeon reached Ewin, the Prairie Fox.

Chiyou’s expression was calm despite his high praise.

“Of course she is a wonderful person. In comparison, even I fall short when it comes to negotiations and business acumen. This supply line, which extends indefinitely from Fibiel, across the Marching Plains, and into the heart of our country… It almost looks like art.”

Tap, tap, her fingers reached the Marching Plains.

Her hands moved slowly toward Minis from there. And her hand eventually moved to Fibiel’s supply ship! She pretended she was going to cut it.

“However, this is a war, not a business or an art form, right?” “I’ve never lost a card game.”

“Does that mean you have all of your ‘hidden cards’ ready?”

“Some of the cards didn’t listen, but there’s no need to worry about our four ace cards.”

“There are four aces…”

The prairie fox let out a sigh. There was a strong aftertaste of tension.

“I think that’s a safe bet.”

“You’re behaving that way, but you’ve already come a long way.”

“That’s only natural right. After all, am I not the commander-in-chief? All of these plans can only be heard by you.”

“Huhut, you’re right. Your Excellency.”

Chiyou walked seductively in front of Ewin.

“Wouldn’t it be better to be known as General-Governor of Fibiel?”


“You can’t pop the champagne too quickly. We need to keep our plans as hidden as possible.”

“That’s right. Then guide me all the way to the end. If we succeed, I will be able to provide you with anything you desire.”

Chiyou’s eyes widened as he heard Ewin’s words.

From that day forward, public opinion, which had been confirmed as Fibiel’s victory, began to shake within the community and throughout Middle Earth.

“One more shot! Just one more shot!”


The ratman couldn’t avoid the aggro and swung its spear at the tanker. The assassin stabbed the ratman’s side in the gaps between its attacks.

“I’ve got it!”

“Whew, great job. It’s a little difficult dealing with four ratmen at our current strength.”

A typical party of four, consisting of a tanker, two dealers, and a healer, paused to celebrate their achievement.

“When are we going to war again? When I saw the videos, I wanted to join too…”

“We can’t even get to level 100. We have no choice but to do this.”

The tanker exclaimed as the assassin grumbled.’

“Isn’t Middle Earth too much? They should also create low-level content. It’s like the battlefield is dedicated only to high-levels or something.”

“Kek, can you make something like that in such a realistic game? It’s peaceful in this country at least. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to level up like this. Wouldn’t it be useless if you’re below level 150? You can’t do what you can’t do, kid.”

“W-what are you talking about! Call me damage dealer!”

He laughed and made fun of the dealer.

“If you have recovered your MP, let’s start again. I’m only pulling 3 this time-huh……?”

The other dealer, who had been sitting quietly, rose and took his composite bow. The bow, which had been aimed at the ratman, began to descend once more slowly.


“What exactly is that?”

The entire party turned toward the direction he was aiming.

It was the road to Fibiel’s north. A horse-drawn carriage was carrying an absurd amount of luggage or a mobile carriage carrying users passed by on occasion. As a result, it would not be surprising if someone ran down this road.

“Aren’t they a little…… big?”

“Besides, there were a lot of them. A guild? Where are they going?”

However, the group that was gradually coming together had a distinguishing feature. They were all enormous, and there were a lot of them.

“They appear to be Shazrasian Federation giants.”

“Are there any guild wars going on right now? Why are they moving in such a hurry?”

“Perhaps they’re just hunting-”

“Oh!! Oh!!! There, over there!”

In a surprise, the archer, who was about to fire an arrow at the ratman, raised his finger.

“What? W-w-why are they here?”

The giants from afar approached a group of users. They were only passing by, but the users turned gray instantly.

They approached the horse-drawn carriage passing by the road. The wagon was completely destroyed.

The users jumped out of the carriage in a hurry. However, they were not able to avoid the giants that ran toward them like a herd of angry bulls.

“P- PK! They are indiscriminately PKing! We need to run away!!”

“Uwooh- S-s-s-scroll, I don’t have a scroll-”


All the users who were trying to run away froze in their seats. It was partly because of the inflicted status ailment, but also because of the name that appeared on their notification window at the same time.


“Igor! Agromni Igor!”

“S-s-s-s-shazrasian- They’re from Shazrasian-”

Tugudugudugudugu, the steps of the Giants rang on the earth and came near them.

“Kyahahahaha, kill them all! Kill all of the Fibiel scum!”

Users who have reached a certain level are headed to the battlefield. Igor did not have any opponent that could be a threat to him in Fibiel where only users below level 150 were roaming around.


With just one swing, four users died simultaneously.

Igor didn’t even look at them. The giants following him also had no interest in their low-level items.

“The target is Castle Dale! I’m going to kill those fucking sons of bitches!”

“Yes, sir. Ha, cap!”

“7-! In 7 nautical miles, Kraven’s ships have appeared!”

“Adjust the angle of the cannons! Prepare to fire the cannon in 40!”

“Ready-! Ready-!”

Tang tang tang tang!

With the sound of the bell, the ships turned in a hurry. It was the collaboration of users and NPCs who handled ships. Middle Earth didn’t just entrust the annoying or hard work only to NPCs.

“This is it, who knew I had to learn how to tie the sails inside a game.”

And on the ship, Jacheong was pulling the rope hard. As an office worker in reality, he had been on a ferry from Macau to Hong Kong a few times, but he had never been on a yacht, much less something like this.

“Hang in there.”


“If this was reality, I would have already vomited.”.

“W-well, it might help when I drive the president’s yacht. Since I am in charge with the galleon’s sail line, wouldn’t it be similar to the president’s yacht?”

Jacheong’s words did not enter Ram Hwajeong’s ears.

She had been upset since Kraven’s ships could not even get close to Fibiel’s sea from the beginning of the war.

Her attacks had been beyond their imagination.

It wasn’t just shooting something like an ice cannon.

It froze the sea between the Kraven ships and Fibiel’s ships. It was unimaginable for Kraven to run on the frozen sea and fight like flat ground.

Kraven’s pride was that even though they were weak in land battles, they were strong in sea battles, but that shattered in front of Ram Hwajeong’s ice magic, which turned even sea into land battles, they could only look on from afar.

‘Here they are again.’

There were about 10 unique battleships and about 40 galleons and frigates near the battleships. Their composition was also unchanged from the last time. The so-called Kraven’s fleet came.

‘They have to increase their numbers if they want to get near us.’

They should if they do not want to get beaten again. Ram Hwajeong had a valid thought.

From Kraven’s point of view, was it necessary to simply show action for Minis? If Fibiel captures all of Minis, the next to be in danger would be Kraven.

Kraven must also be fully aware of how the war between Fibiel and Minis is going, so they had to push Fibiel strongly before Minis get taken over. Kraven had to survive.

‘However, there’s no change.’

Contrary to everyone’s busy movements, Ram Hwajeong was somewhat aware of the fact that this wasn’t their main force.

“Full speed ahead! Catch up to those Kraven barbarians! If we could narrow the distance a little, Ram Hwajeong-nim will make a path for us!”


The sails swelled as they tore through the wind. However, in terms of how to handle the ship, Kraven was definitely superior. When Fibiel’s ship approached, they moved away, and in case of a possible sneak attack, they quickly approached when Fibiel’s ships turned.

Ram Hwajeong made a truly exquisite move, saying that she would freeze the sea and make a path.

“What the hell are you doing here? I hate battle of attrition, they won’t attack, but they want to bother us? What can they get from this… Hmmm?”

How many hours did it take to move like that? Jacheong’s expression darkened as he untied the sail line again.



“What is it?”

Jacheong received a whisper from someone in a hurry. Seeing his expression, Ram Hwajeong felt a chill on the back of her neck as well. Why was Kraven making useless attacks? What is their plan while they are doing something so useless?

“C-Castle Dale is under attack! The enemies are Igor and Czar! T-the outer walls have already been pierced! The castle is currently being defended-”

“I’m going.”

It was because the second operation being conducted was not here!

Besides, if they were not in the same field, whispering, teleporting, and checking the location was impossible. That is also why Ram Hwajeong and Jacheong, dispatched to Dike Beach, were not able to receive news from Castle Dale immediately.

“Wait! Wait- Ram Hwajeong-nim! There will be a gap in Dike Beach if you leave! Castle Dale’s resistance have not been breached yet, the troops are there-”

“No. It is a force that even Knights of Dale would not be able to stop. It will be breached soon.”


Jacheong’s concern was also reasonable.

Ram Hwajeong was the only ranker dispatched to Dike Beach. In terms of a number of ships and quality of operation, Fibiel could not overwhelm Kraven.

What if Ram Hwajeong disappeared?

‘What if Kraven found out that we are completely vulnerable on Dike Beach?’

Jacheong looked up and stared at Kraven’s ships in the distance. They were struggling with just one fleet. What if…….

‘We have no choice but to find out! No, maybe this was their plan from the very beginning! They appeared after being silent for a few days, at the same time that Castle Dale was attacked-‘

Jacheong’s mind began to spin. He had to make a choice. There were only a few choices that were being forced down his throat.

‘No. It isn’t the time to think. First, we need to get back to the castle to bring down Igor, strengthen our defenses, and contact the director simultaneously! If we move quickly, we might be able to get back to Dike Beach before it gets attacked, so for now……

The messenger said he came here first throughout nearby Dike Beach.’

Ram Hwayeon, who was in the Marching Plain, or perhaps had already entered Minis, had not yet heard of Castle Dale being attacked. Moreover, many of Hwaheong’s forces escorted the supply, so they were all in the Marching Plains.

Without Ram Hwajeong and Jacheong, no matter how organized the remaining troops and Dale Knight NPCs are, they would not be enough to stop Agromni Igor and Czar.

Jacheong focused on the basics.

Who is currently the closest to Castle Dale, and responsible for protecting it?

Jacheong was a citizen of Fibiel, but before that, he was the vice-guildmaster of Castle Dale. Most importantly, he was a member of the Ramlong group.

“Phew, let’s go, Hwajeong-nim.”


“Oh? Huh?! W-where are you going?! Ram Hwajeong-nim! Jacheong-nim! I-If Hwahong leaves-”


However, Ram Hwajeong and Jacheong had already used a return scroll. They would only be able to teleport to Castle Dale once they are out of Dike Beach.

“-Really…… anyway, rankers are a problem because they are selfish. Where are they going?”

“Where did they go?”

“I don’t know. They did not say anything…”

Other users on the ship complained about the disappearance of Ram Hwajeong and Jacheong, but it did not last long.

Soon after, another thing to complain about, no, another thing to curse at began to appear beyong the horizon.

“K-kraven一–!!! Kraven’s fleet-! Kraven’s fleet has appeared! The number of fleets is rough, one, two, three-” the NPC above the watchtower cried out.’

The riders in the galleon hurriedly waved flags and exchanged signals with the allies. Of course, there was only one thing that the signal contained.

[Ram Hwajeong-nim, prepare to attack!]

[Kraven is approaching]

“D-damn it! Ram Hwajeong’s not here, so how are we supposed to prepare?!”

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Arcane Sniper [Matan’s Shooter]

Arcane Sniper [Matan’s Shooter]

Arcane Sniper, Mystic Musketeer, 마탄의 사수
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A series about a hyper-realistic fantasy game! “Sergeant First Class Ha, you crazy bastard. You shot another full round of bullseye?” The sharpshooter Ha LeeHa simply wanted to be a part of the army forever. However, due to an unfortunate accident, he became paraplegic and was tossed back into society. The revolutionary VR game [Middle Earth] presented a new life to him. Money obtained in [Middle Earth] has real-world value! Yet, he ruined his chance by selecting the lowest-tier character! “I’m not like the others. This is all I have.” Black gunpowder, iron balls, and ramrods… I’ll show all of you what a real ‘musketeer’ is!


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