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Childhood Friend of the Zenith Chapter 1

Childhood Friend of the Zenith Chapter 1
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What is this? What the hell am I supposed to think of this… .
I was now in the middle of a noisy marketplace.

I slowly raised my head and looked up at the sky.
As I looked at the sun in the sky where there was not a single cloud in sight, my eyes naturally frowned.

The sun I saw in a long time was very dazzling.
Crowds of people pass by and many street vendors stand out.

In some places, steamed dumplings were filled with steam and delicious smells.

The high-pitched voices of the merchants selling something, and the small voices of the crowds watching what is so enjoyable, mix and sound louder than that.
In the distant past, the local market where he lived as a child was just like this.

How rare is it to see such a lively marketplace? It is probably a sight that has not been seen in nearly ten years.

‘Is it a dream?’

I had a heart attack and died.

So what is this situation?
Is it a brief illusion after death? Did I yearn for such a peaceful past without knowing it?
It was a boring life, so I might have longed for such an ordinary thing.

“It’s funny.”

I was startled by the spit out. Words were coming out. It was only natural that he could not speak after the neck injury.
But that alone wasn’t surprising.

The voice is thin and high. It sounded like a young boy’s voice. It was then that I looked at the immaculate hand without a single scar.
Thin and thin, it seemed far short of an adult male’s hand.

My field of vision is also felt at least an inch lower than usual. I was a child now.

“Is it a childhood memory?”

If so, when? Rarely have they been so freely out in the marketplace.
I looked around and saw a young man looking around with an anxious expression.

If my memory is correct, the author would have been my escort.
And, when I first met that girl, it was when I sneaked out like this.

I ran across the market recklessly like this and ran into it by chance.
There was a child who was very welcoming to be the first time he saw me, saying that he just happened to meet someone my age while walking on the street.

He had a gourd bigger than his head, stuffed with hot potatoes, and pushed by me.



“Do you want a potato mug?”

just like now


Without realizing it, someone was talking to me.

It’s disappointing that something like this has been reproduced.

What did I say at this time?

‘You know who I am and dare you to push these things in!’

Perhaps this was the answer I gave.
Or maybe he said something more. I don’t know if it was just the child’s ugly clothes or if he didn’t like the potatoes he was holding.
In fact, I would have just been immature and ignorant. What more excuses could have been needed?

Had I known who the child was, if I had known in advance what he was going to tell me, I wouldn’t have done the same.
I’m not quite sure. Because I was so reckless and immature.

“Huh… Huh… Potatoes are… . no?”

The child hesitates and looks at me when I don’t respond.
Wherever she roamed, her clothes were covered in dirt.

Not only that, but his hair that was not properly groomed and nurtured a lot covered his face.
If you look at it the wrong way, you might think that he is the child of a beggar’s oyster. Seeing that, I laughed.

“… Seeing you show me something like this left me with a lot of regrets.”

The child tilts his head at my self-talk.
Will this fantasy be able to erase one of my regrets?

‘I can’t.’

Nevertheless, I took a potato out of the child’s gourd.
The child smiled brightly as I pulled out the potatoes.

There was a hole in the place where the tooth should have been, where one incisor was placed.
I said looking at the child’s smile.

“Thank you, I’ll eat well.”

It was different from what I remember back then.

“Ugh… ! That’s our installment can, it’s canned!”

After answering vigorously, he took a potato out of the gourd and stuffed it into his mouth.

I also took a bite of the potato following Isle.
The problem was that it was a steaming potato, so it was extremely hot.

It was a strange feeling.

‘It’s a dream, but it’s hot?’

can it be? Or is it just a very realistic dream?
Meanwhile, the potatoes were too hot to do this or that.

“Ahaha! Her face turned red!”

The child laughs again, wondering if it’s fun for me to struggle.
The potatoes he ate must have been hot, but he ate them without any hesitation.

After struggling for a while, I endured the pain and finally swallowed the whole potato.

“Is it delicious?”
“Yes… . delicious.”

It wasn’t a lie. The potatoes were delicious.
I couldn’t figure out why it was a dream, but it tasted like it, but surprisingly, the potatoes were delicious.

As I was eating the potatoes I had left in my hand, I saw a young man who appeared to be my bodyguard approaching.

“young master… ?”

The approaching escort looked at the child in front of me and frowned.
Then, his left hand naturally rests on the handle of the sword.

“Now, on whose body you dare… .”
“Do you have any medicine?”
“Do you have any medicine?”

When I stop talking, she puts on a puzzled expression.
Suddenly, the escort has a medicine course? Surprisingly there was

With a confused expression, the escort took out the medicine he had wrapped in his arms and handed it to me.

“Would you like to eat this?”

I handed the medicine from the escort to the child.
His expression was not visible because of the hair that covered his face, but he could tell that the child was surprised enough.

“Ji? Are you giving it to me!?”
“I gave you delicious potatoes, but this is all I have to give you.”

It was a childhood when I lived with sweets in my mouth. Perhaps because of that, even the escorts used to bite the yakgwa in their mouths like this when they stopped me from running wild.

Did you have to carry medicines to escort you? Had he learned martial arts for this purpose, he must have felt embarrassed and distressed.

‘Now that I think about it, I’m very sorry.’

Without knowing my thoughts, the child accepts the medicine and runs around.

I was very worried that the potatoes would fall out of the gourd I held in my arms every time I ran vigorously.

“Thanks! Try this for the first time!”
“okay? Do you have any more medicines?”
“… That was the last time.”

I asked if I could give you some more, but unfortunately, it was the last.
In the meantime, the escort was looking at me with surprised eyes, probably because my behavior was very strange.

“What are you looking at like that?”

The child, who had been holding her in his arms, had left the plant on the ground earlier, and took a sip in his hand, carefully holding it in his hand in case the yak-gwa would fall out.
His small shoulder shakes when he cuts his medicine.

“You are so delicious… .”
“I’m sorry, I wanted to give you more, but that was the last time.”

I shake my head hard at my words.

Is it okay or is it bad?
Perhaps because he was a child who ate a potato the size of an adult’s fist in the blink of an eye, he disappeared after a few bites.

Tears welled up in her eyes as if it were a pity.

“Try this for the first time… .”
“I’m glad it was delicious.”

He picks up the gourd again and eats potatoes as if it’s a pity, but his face was not as satisfied as before.

Have you already lost your way to the sweetness?
The child frowned and asked.

“Thank you, what’s your name?”

Unlike when handed over a large potato, he looks quite shy.

Is it more shameful to ask your name?

“Guyangcheon, my name is Guyangcheon.”

I spit my name out over and over again.
It was a word I spit on myself in a very long time.

“Guyangcheon… .”

The boy smiled shyly when he heard the name. Then, with a murmured mouth, he tries to say something,
An old man appeared out of nowhere, squeezing through the crowd, and embraced the child.

“Oh, Grandpa!”
“Grandfather told me not to leave my hands unattended!”

It must have been surprising, but the child rather fell into the arms of the old man who was holding him.
Then he smiles brightly at the old man who is about to get angry again.

“Wia is fine! I took good care of the potatoes too!”

The child proudly showed the old man the gourd bag he was holding in her arms.
Second, to the potatoes that are still steaming, the old man holds the child in his arms and looks at me with trembling eyes.

It’s like a frightened face.

It looked like it might have been because of neat clothes that didn’t fit the street, or maybe it was bothering the nerves of a precious child.
The old man continued his speech with a trembling voice.

“Because our granddaughter doesn’t know the world yet… . Whether or not she ever did or did something bothersome… .”

I know that the old man’s sullen look and the pitiful face of a small child who didn’t even come to his chest are all acting.

That old man was a genius that even the current lord of Moorim could not take lightly, and it was clear that he was heavenly heaven above the sky of countless Moorim people.

“Fine. old man. I was hungry at the time, but thankfully they handed me the potatoes and it was delicious.”

Maybe it was because I didn’t speak like a child? The old man looked at me with slightly startled eyes.
I wonder if I overdosed it a bit, but it must have been a dream anyway.

“The only thing I could repay was a small amount of medicine… . I’m rather sorry that it’s insignificant compared to what I received.”

He took the spear with the horse as respectfully as possible.
The old man was still speechless.

Unlike before, he just kept looking at me with slightly serious eyes. Was there something I didn’t like?
A small stillness ensues between me and the old man from the midst of the noisy crowd.

Not long after that, it was none other than the escort who broke the brief silence.

“… Master, it is time for you to die.”

The escort was funny and calm in his words, but his eyes could be seen shaking as he didn’t fully understand the situation.
I listened and relaxed slowly.

“Yeah, if we delay further, we will only arrive at sunset.”
“Okay, then we should go back.”

When he turned his head to look at the old man again, he had returned with the same gloomy eyes as before.

“Old man, then I think I should go first.”

The old man tried to say something to my greeting, but the child spoke faster than that.

“Go already… ?”

The child in the old man’s arms looked at me as if it were a pity, but this was just the right thing for me.
The memories of the past that I tried to decorate, even if it was ugly, and the stories I regretted over and over again, were just there.

‘Now I have to wake up from my dream.’

I just had to do this.

If you ask me what has changed, nothing. If you ask me if I feel a little relieved, it hasn’t changed at all.
He also had to end here.

He smiled and said to the child, hiding his inner feelings.

“I’ll see you next time I get a chance. Again, the potatoes were delicious.”

He lightly waved his hand, and the child smiled broadly and responded with his arms wide open.
The old man kept his head down and repeated saying he was sorry, but as I knew the identity, I was more afraid of that appearance.

The old man, who continued his apology, soon disappeared into the crowd with his child in his arms.

“… I was cold.”

The old man’s name is Wei Hyo-gun.

It is a symbol of the faction that put a sword in the heart of the Black Dragon Sword, which was trying to unite the Sapas for the first time in the long and long history of the Moorim and devour the Sacheon land.
Until several decades ago, he was the subject of fear and fear of the Sapas as he sat as the leader of the Moorim League.

In addition, there is another word to call the old man, Geomjon (劍尊).
As soon as the old man passed over the position of leader of the Moorimmang in the past, he disappeared while hiding his history.

I don’t know how he is raising a child in such a shabby place here.
In the first place, no one would have expected that such an ugly old man would be one of the three respected people in the world.

After looking at the place where the old man disappeared for a long time, I also turned my back on the escort’s urging.
The problem is that it doesn’t matter if he’s a swordsman or not.

The girl who was held in the arms of the swordsman and waved her hand vigorously at me was repeatedly stepped on in my eyes.
The way he smiled bashfully as he handed him the potatoes and the way he was happy as if he had everything in one medicine.

She looked completely different from the figure of her who cut off her soul with a cold gaze and cut off the head of a heavenly demon.

Sword Wisdom.

Her child was none other than her.
It was just me and Seol-ah Wi’s first meeting.

Of course, in my memory, we didn’t break up like this.
In the past, they spit out abusive language and threw away gourds with potatoes.

I left the place after laughing for a long time at the young Wee Seol-ah, who was hurt and was shedding tears.
She looked too wretched to cover up for being immature.

“… Now I have to go too.”

I want to see something like this until the moment I die.
She will have no regrets as she has even decorated it in her self-satisfying way.

She can’t be sure herself, but she should have.

“Yes, you must die.”

I smiled bitterly at the escort’s answer. I think I was told to go home.
In fact, I didn’t even know where to go to get home.

‘By the way, why don’t you wake up?’

It seems like you’ve done everything, so it’s a fantasy and a dream, shouldn’t you be waking up? Somehow it felt too long.

“young master? You must not go there.”

As I was chasing after the vague memories, I kept falling into the wrong path.
Each time, I headed home using the escort’s advice as a guide.

‘I do not know. It will be over soon.’

I had already finished preparing my heart, but I resented the dream that the situation did not end, but there was no way.
In desperation, I just surrendered myself to the flow. I thought it would be over soon anyway.

It was only after a few days that I realized it late.

“… Shiba, why isn’t this over?”

The situation I was going through wasn’t a dream.




Childhood Friend of the Zenith

Childhood Friend of the Zenith

CFZ, Childhood Friend of the Zenith Under the Heavens, The Zenith's Childhood Friend, 천하제일인의 소꿉친구
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Instead of struggling meaninglessly, he acknowledged his place.


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