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Childhood Friend of the Zenith [Prologue]

Childhood Friend of the Zenith [Prologue]
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The angel of heaven is dead.

At the same time, the long and long Jeongma War also came to an end.
The hellish time that had lasted for many years could be put to an end with the death of Cheonma.

Many people cheered and were happy at the defeat of the Magician. I’ve just found peace.
However, it was not only the remorse and peace that remained at the end of the war.

Two of the old file rooms that supported the political party Moorim were burned and disappeared, and one of the four generations collapsed.
Among the countless warriors in the Jungwon Moorim, the great masters of the Cheonoecheon, who were called the Three Zhons, were even killed by the hands of Cheonma.

Although he succeeded in erasing the demon by killing the demon, the fact that it was a war full of losses did not change.

So much was lost.
No one knew how long it would take to recover what was scattered and what had been broken.


Even though many things burned and disappeared to ashes, nothing but despair remained.
Hope will bloom somewhere, and heroes who will overcome the crisis and continue negotiations will gradually appear.


It was irrelevant to me.

“Where are you?”

The woman whispered in a small voice.

The place where she was standing was her torture chamber in the basement of the Moorimmeng (武林盟).

Her body line, which looks exceptionally slender, and her fair skin are white.

Even if the arduous struggle has been repeated and she has struggled to tie her messy hair back, making it look somewhat shabby.

Her facial features that she had made even that noble.
Even though her world was rotten and torn apart, she seemed to shine alone as much as she did.

who would have known

That beautiful Jericho woman will be able to decapitate the devil who was like a disaster.
At best, no one would have known that the girl who was called a promising late-stage index would eventually become the best person in the world.

Divine Sword Wispy.

She is a direct disciple of the Swordsman (劍 尊) who was killed by the hand of the Heavenly Demon, and is a woman called the first person in the world after the Great War.
The fact that a newly born woman has risen to such a position is probably not a convenient reason for the lack of the Three Gods in the present age.

She caused natural disasters with one lightly swung sword and slaughtered hundreds of demons with one sword.
Eventually, in the decisive battle with the Celestial Demon, after three days and three nights of fierce battle, she erased the Heavenly Demon and the Heavenly Demon Protestantism from the map.

Her contemporaries all knew that she had won her arrogant name of being the best in the world through her own power alone.
So she was talking to me.

“… she asked where she was.”

With the blood shed from hard torture, her clothes catch her eyes in a blurry vision.
Her uniform, which must have been white, was stained black with ashes from where she had wandered so much.

She looked for an answer from me, but her vocal cords were broken and I couldn’t speak.
You must also know.

Still, it must be because it is so frustrating to be here.

“Are you sure you know? Where did the rest of the demons go?”


Not only did I know, but I also wanted to tell you.

“If you have one last conscience… .”

Seol-ah Wi hopes that I can tell you whether I write it down or draw it because I can’t speak.
The shackles that had filled me with that evidence had already been released.

She said that it would be dangerous to loose the bondage of a criminal.
She didn’t even dare to scratch her for having killed her demon, who was called her god anyway.

But as long as she wanted it and my heart was like that, there was nothing I could do.
The shackles hanging on me were different.

That’s why, despite what Seol-ah Wi said, I was just staring blankly at the floor.

– puffy

A harsh sound could be heard from Wei Seol-ah’s hand as she grabbed it so tightly.

“This is your last chance, everyone is waiting for you to die, but if you help just this time, I will risk your life with everything I have to spare.”

After the war is over, she is the woman who is praised as the best in the world.

“…so please.”

Then she was begging me so earnestly.

Hatred of the lost mine? revenge?
Of course not, but there was something more important.

‘It’s probably because of the shooting star.’

The relationship between Yoo Seong-geom Jang Seon-yeon and Wi Seol-ah was famous in the midfield.
He is called a promising swordsman and slayer who will lead Moorim, and he was engaged to Wi Seol-ah.

And there were rumors circulating that Jang Seon-yeon was currently missing and was kidnapped by demons.

Is it because of that?

She was so anxious because of only one man, a woman stronger than anyone else.

“So tell me. Where are you hiding?”

Seol-ah Wee looks at me with her blazing eyes.
All of a sudden, I felt very silly.

In the past, her and I hadn’t had such a broken relationship.
There is no end to where it went wrong. Turning around, everything was my karma, so it wasn’t a memory I would bring out.

She’s just insignificant, she’s just disgusted with herself.

I am a traitor who has turned to the demons with a knife in the backs of countless people.
She was a hero who supported and raised everyone.

When I didn’t respond, she immediately gave up and threw me away.
She bumped into the rough stone wall, but felt no pain.

Her body had already been shattered to the point of being ruined.

“If I had known you were such an ugly human being. I would have killed you the first time I saw you.”

I’m so sorry about that.

The quiet whispering behind the scenes sounded particularly loud in my ears.

The moment I first saw you.

Will Wi Seol-ah remember when?
It’s probably very different from what I remember.

Or it may have been that the past had no meaning.
She must be a meaningless memory to her.

Unlike her, it was her memory that belonged to the biggest part of her regrets that were piled up large and small.
Memories of the past buried deep among the finely ground fragments.

What the hell did it get you here?

– Kirik

Seol-ah Wei, who was about to close her iron window and leave, stopped her feet at her popularity.
She turned her head and looked at me with a broken body and creaking me.

Seol-ah Wee, who looked at me with her cold eyes, shook her eyes.
She wrote that I was going to write something on her floor, drenched in blood with her trembling hands.

Every time she writes a line, blood seeps up.
The curse on me was clear.

If you break the conditions, your heart will burst and you will die.

My life was tied to a few simple words, ‘Do not betray the magician’.

I’ve seen countless people die because of this.
It was useless in front of the magician of the heavenly demon, who had barely reached its climax from a third-rate uninhabited man.

I wondered if she would be able to release her curse on me if she had even killed her angel, but now that I’m here, it doesn’t change anything.
I was just a little curious.

Is it because of my mental strength or just a miracle that my heart that should have burst when I draw a line is holding up?
Whatever it was, it was all in vain.

“What… . Hey… .”

She seemed to be saying something to Seol-ah, who was approaching in a hurry, but she couldn’t hear her voice properly.
Ignoring her, she continued the action.

She doesn’t stop me from doing it, so I guess she wants it too.
I wonder if she would believe me if it wasn’t my will, that she was framed.

No way.

There was a reason, anyway, and there are so many excuses to offer. She didn’t have the emotions to come all the way here.
Ignoring her pounding heart as if it was about to explode, I wrote it line by line with difficulty.

Each time, her blood was dripping from her mouth and down her chin.
Although Seol-ah Wei noticed something strange, she held out her hand to me.

I was before him.

Let’s finish her last sentence.

As if she was waiting, her heart pounded! and exploded

On the bottom of her, there were written the places where the demons she wanted so much and a few pieces of information were.
As I stumbled, Seol-ah Wee supported me and hugged me.

It must have been that the words she wrote on the floor were ruined.
Seol-ah Wei is looking at me with her surprised eyes. It didn’t take long for her body to cool down and then to lose consciousness.

It was really messed up.

Why did you live this life?
Whatever the reason, it doesn’t matter in the first place. It was originally like that.

Guyangcheon in Sanseo-gu.

Born in a famous family of Jeongpa, he lived as a Jeongpa and turned into a Majin.
After the defeat of Magyo in the Battle of Jeongma, he was captured and tortured to death.

Those few lines, I think, would be appropriate to express my life.
It’s a really worthless life.

Even that insignificant life is now over.

“Do you want a potato mug?”


Obviously it should have been.

Childhood Friend of the Zenith

Childhood Friend of the Zenith

CFZ, Childhood Friend of the Zenith Under the Heavens, The Zenith's Childhood Friend, 천하제일인의 소꿉친구
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Instead of struggling meaninglessly, he acknowledged his place.


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