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Novel Return of Mount Hua Sect Chapter 361

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“Daeju! It’s a big deal!”

A man slammed the door and walked into the room.

After a brief frown at the incense stuck in his nose, he came to his senses and shook the person lying on the floor to wake him up.

“Get up, Daeju! Daeju!”


The lying man’s face contorted in annoyance. And he kicked the person who shook him awake.


Without looking at the man rolling around, he shouted.

“Why are you causing such a commotion in the morning? My ears are ringing like crazy!”

“This is because Daeju has been drinking all night!”

“Get out of here if you know that!”

The man who had been kicked stood up calmly, as if this was not the first time something like this had happened to him, and shook the man lying on the floor again.

“That’s not the time! Please stand up!”

“… is there something wrong?”

Normally, he would have stepped down at this point, but such a commotion indicated that something had happened.


The man eventually grabbed his head and slowly pulled himself up.

“Ugh……. My head is about to break.”

“Isn’t it enough to blow away the poison? If the world-famous Red Serpent Sword (적사도(赤蛇刀)) Yo-Pyong (엽평(葉平)), grumbles over a hangover, the world will laugh at you!”

“They should. So what’s going on?”

“Southern Edge Sect is going into Bongmun.”

“Yes, Bongmun….. What?”

Fierce energy erupted from the body of the one called the Red Serpent Sword.

“What did you just say?”

“Southern Edge Sect did Bongmun! It is said that outside activities are prohibited for at least one year from now on.”

“…Are they crazy? What’s wrong with them all of a sudden?”

“Why do you need to know! The important thing is that they did the Bongmun.”


The Red Serpent Sword slowly raises his body.

“Open the window.”


The man, Odd Fox (괴호리(怪狐狸)) Bang Seung (방승(方昇)), quickly opened the windows wide. Then the incense smoke piled up in the room and quickly drained out.


The Red Serpent Sword walked calmly and sat down on a chair as if all of the hangover grunts had been false.

“Tell me again in detail. Are you sure it’s Bongmun?”

“Yes! I’m sure.”

Red Serpent Sword Yo-pyong glared at the Odd Fox Bang Seung with unbelieving eyes.

“Apart from what you said for sure, how many of it was right! If things go wrong again this time, I’ll tear your mouth apart! Do you know that if you believe that but the Southern Edge Sects still open the gate, we’ll be the only ones who’ll see trouble, right?”

“This time, I’m sure!”


Bang Seung said with a smile.

“Right now, in Xian, Mount Hua is opening a subsidiary sect and receiving disciples.”

“……Huh? Are the Southern Edge Sect’s subsidiary sect just watching them do that?”

“That’s why I’m telling you! The main sect’s people are all over the place, so they can’t even use their hands! Which means!”

“…Southern Edge Sect has no intention of opening their gate.”



Yo-Pyong caressed his shaggy beard.

‘Mount Hua’s son, who says he wakes up in his sleep, is just watching how he’s doing on the West Coast?’

If this is true, it means that Southern Edge Sect did Bongmun.

“Daeju, this is an opportunity you can’t miss! Didn’t the Leader say that we must take over Xi’an! That’s why we’ve been sitting around here around Xian all the time.”


“Southern Edge Sect has been so strong that we have never been able to find a gap, but now that it’s like this, wouldn’t it be okay to come out aggressively?”


Yo-pyong nodded quietly and was lost in thought.

‘Leader was too much, too.’

What is Xian like?

It is like the Southern Edge Sect’s hometown, which is classified as one of the strongest sects, the Ten Great Sect. How could it have been easy to expand their power to such a place?

Of course, the territory is not divided like a line, so the word of the Leader would mean just to permeate in moderation.

But the problem was, those Southern Edge Sect people showed a morbid obsession with managing their areas.

They ran like crazy dogs ​​and bit him if he stepped in a little, but he had no talent to hold them back.

Bang Seung said that it was all because Southern Edge Sect had a memory of losing his hometown and getting beaten, which was none of his business.

In any case.

“So now is a perfect time?”

“That’s right!”

“What if Southern Edge Sect open their gate later?”

“They must have already done so by now, so what’s the problem? We will just do that if they tell us to leave.”

“That is certainly true.”

Yo-pyong smacked his lips as if he was caught.

“But I heard that Mount Hua is there. They say that Mount Hua isn’t in the usual momentum these days?”

“Isn’t that referring to the rising star bastard? How can they compare to Daeju? They will pee and run away when they hear that Red Serpent Sword Yo-pyong has arrived.”

“Don’t flatter yourself. You idiot.”


Yo-pyong stopped touching his chin and narrowed his eyes.

‘But it’s not wrong.’

It is said that the rising star in Mount Hua is called the best talent in the world, but that is only the rising star. How can you be called the Red Serpent Sword (적사대(赤蛇臺)) of Myriad Man House (만인방(萬人房)), one of the Great Five Evil Sect (신주오패(神州五覇)), if a chick defeated him?


Yo-pyong smiled, showing his teeth.

“Leader will love it. Get ready, we’re going to Xian!”


Five Evil Sect (사파(邪波)) that causes chaos in the world.

One of the Great Five Evil Sects in the world. The Myriad Man House began to move toward Xian, aiming at Southern Edge Sect’s vacancy.

* * *


Hye Yeon, sitting in the reception room in Huayin Sect, let out a chant. In the meantime, he didn’t forget to glance around.


“Thank you.”

He grabbed the teacup that Chung Myung had offered him with both hands. Then he stared at Chung Myung quietly.


Hyun Young smiled lightly as if the situation was interesting.

“So, you’ve already stopped by Mount Hua?”

“Please lower your words, Elder. I am but a monk of Shaolin.”

“Can I do that?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

Hyun Young smiled and nodded his head.

‘You certainly learned well.’

He only saw Mount Hua’s disciples who were becoming wilder after selling all of their manners or whatever, but when he saw Shaolin’s monk, he felt like he had his eyes opened an ittle.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that he liked Hye Yeon.

“So, anyway, you’ve already stopped by Mount Hua?”

“Yes, I’m on my way back from meeting Sect Leader. He told me to ask for permission here because what I want is here. Amitabha.”

Chung Myung narrowed his eyes and asked, looking at Hye Yeon, who was chanting.

“Well, without further ado. Why are you here?”


Then Hye Yeon’s gaze was focused on Chung Myung.

“I would like to stay here for a while.”


Chung Myung tilted his head.



Instead of replying right away, Hye Yeon simply chanted calmly.

In fact, there are many things he wants to say, but it is a private affair to say them in front of so many people.

“Because I thought there was my way here.”

“What did you say?”


Chung Myung’s face was distorted.

“You, these fake monks always go around when asked questions! I’m going to send you to village school again and teach you how to speak…..Uupp.”


Hyun Young laughed and covered Chung Myung’s mouth with one hand.

“Haha. I hope you kindly understand. As you know, our Chung Myung is so straightforward.”

Cold sweat ran down the back of Hye Yeon’s head.

‘That’s more than I’ve ever seen on the sparring stage.’

At that time, he thought it could be because the person was very angry, but now that he sees it, it seems he was just that kind of person.

Then Hyun Young said.

“But I don’t understand it either. Did I say that there is your way here?”

Hye Yeon nodded quietly.

“Yes, I saw and felt a lot of things at the other day’s competition. And… I felt that even my sect, which I thought was the most honorable, was not so honorable.”


Hyun Young nodded with a heavy face.

“I felt that I couldn’t go any further without addressing this issue. So I’m here to see and learn which path I should take.”

“Wha- What are you talking about?”

“…to see and learn……?”



Hye Yeon just tilted his head without knowing what was happening.

‘Is this such a strange thing to say?’

“…I mean…….”

Hyun Young peeked at Chung Myung’s profile and turned to Hye Yeon again.

“Who are you looking to learn from?”


Chung Myung proudly held out his stomach.

‘Is this guy out of his mind?’

It is as if such a sentence was drawn on Hyun Young’s face. And Mount Hua’s disciples whispering behind him.

Hye Yeon also looked at everyone alternately, shocked by the unexpected response.

‘Did I say something wrong?’

Then, Baek Chun, who was listening to the conversation in the back, coughed low and opened his mouth.

“I…… Monk Hye Yeon.”

“Yes, please tell me, Baek Chun Siju.”

“Why do you think that guy… No, what are you going to learn from here?”

Hye Yeon took a deep breath.

“Because I felt it is right.”


When Baek Chun asked back, he nodded quietly.

“As it is the case with Tao Sect, walking on the Buddha’s path is like fighting a constant illusion. It is by no means easy to carry out one’s own path in front of so many issues in the world. Therefore, I want to see and learn with my own eyes how to have such an unwavering will.”


“But I felt an unshakable will from Chung Myung Siju. Therefore, I try to learn how to have such an unwavering will with my own eyes.”


Chung Myung gently poked out his belly from the side. Baek Chun’s face turned red and blue when he saw it.

‘You don’t shake when you don’t think, that idiot!’

That’s not a good thing!

People sometimes need to turn left and right and be swayed!

In Baek Chun’s eyes, the current Hye Yeon seems to be jumping on his own feet in a fireball.

Do you have any reason to walk into hell on your own feet just because reality is difficult?

Hyun Young, who had been listening quietly, asked again.

“Did Bangjang grant this?”

“Bangjang didn’t permit me, but he didn’t stop me. Dharma should start by putting yourself right. Even if Bangjang blocks me, there should be no hesitation in the choice.”

Chung Myung blatantly picked his ears.

“Be brief, briefly!”

“…I just came. He did stop me.”

“Right. How nice of you to say that.”

Chung Myung smiled pleasedly.

But Mount Hua’s disciples who watched the scene had to soothe their stomachs.

‘Is it already starting?’

‘That monk is out of his mind, too. What the hell are you gonna learn from a guy like that?’

‘So this is how another guy goes.’

Hyun Young opened his mouth while watching how things were going.

“Then… you mean you want to learn something while staying in Mount Hua?”

“Yes, Elder.”

“Did Sect Leader ask you to come here for permission?”

“Yes, he said the permission of the person I want to see and learn is important.”


Hyun Young’s eyes are on Chung Myung.

“What would you like to do?”

“Well, there’s nothing to think about. There’s no reason to push him back when he’s the one who comes and offers himself here.”


Hye Yeon tilted his head.

‘Did I say that?’

But before he could ask, Chung Myung approached and put his arm around his shoulder. With a very gentle expression.

“Welcome. Welcome.”


“Keuh, this is what people are meant to be. If you get to know each other somehow, you’ll find yourself offering… No, it’s just that we have become good friends. Isn’t it so?”

“Y- Yes…….”



Chung Myung’s smile becomes slightly subtle. He looked directly at Hye Yeon and said,

“There’s no free meal in Mount Hua. You’ll have to work properly in exchange for feeding you and putting you to bed.”

“Amitabha, that’s natural. Siju. Shaolin doesn’t give free meals to people who don’t do their jobs either.”

“Oh, really?”

Chung Myung smiled delightedly and patted Hye Yeon’s shoulder.

“Then it’s simple. You can do some work in exchange for staying here. Then there’s no problem!”

“Are you giving me permission?”

“There’s nothing about permission. Just between us.”

“Ah…. Amitabha! Thank you, Siju!”

Hye Yeon’s face brightened.

He came without a plan, but he didn’t know they would accept him so easily. If they didn’t accept him, he was ready to beg for 10 days and a month in front of the gate, but it was solved much easier than he thought.

‘It’s really wide and spacious.’

If Mount Hua’s disciple had asked Shaolin for the same thing, what would Shaolin do?

Hye Yeon thought Mount Hua was a place where there was no more accepting sect than theirs.

“Then what do I have to do?”

“Oh, it’s nothing. Something very simple. It’s too easy for you.”

“…by easy is?”

Chung Myung giggled and laughed.

“Don’t worry. We’ll start immediately, so you’ll find out soon enough.”


Not knowing the situation, Hye Yeon smiled awkwardly after seeing Chung Myung smiling wickedly.

The next morning.

Hye Yeon looked up at the sky with a vacant face.

His face was red and tears dripped down from his eyes.

“The winner of the Murim Competition! The world’s best-rising star! This is Monk Hye Yeon of Shaolin! Everyone! For those who are entering Huayin Sect, this monk Hye Yeon will teach you Shaolin’s Fist Art! Let him teach you the power of Shaolin, the best martial art in the world!”

Instead of pollen, plum blossoms flutter in all directions.

The crowd gathered like clouds and shouted cheers.

“Is he really Monk Hye Yeon of Shaolin?”

“Would he gonna lie about that?”

“Oh my gosh. What do you mean Shaolin’s monk teaches Fist Art in Mount Hua’s subsidiary sect? What the hell is going on here?”

“Do we have to think about it? They’ll teach us, and we’ll be able to learn, that’s it!”

“My son or whatever, I have to go learn it! Oh my gosh, Shaolin is in Xian!”

Surrounded by thunderous shouts, Hye Yeon eventually closed his eyes tightly.

‘Dear Bhagavat.’

He felt keen that something was going wrong, but it was already too late to turn back.

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Return of Mount Hua Sect

Return of Mount Hua Sect

Return of the Blossoming Blade, Return of the Huashan Sect, Return of the Mount Hua Sect, RMHS
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Korean
The 13th generation disciple of the Great Mount Hua Sect. One of the Three Great Swordsmen. The Plum Blossom Sword Saint, Chung Myung. After slicing the head of the peerless Heavenly Demon, who threw the world into chaos, he slept an eternal sleep on the peak of the Hundred Thousand Great Mountains. Jumping over a hundred years, he comes back in the body of a child. But… what? Mount Hua declined? What the hell are you talking about!? It’s only natural to want to live if you’re going broke. “Decline? Even though I’m here? Who would dare!” Plum blossoms eventually fall. But when the cold winter passes and spring comes, plum blossoms shall bloom again. “But I’m gonna die first before Mount Hua gets revived! If you’re gonna go bust, might as well do it right, you bastards!” The beginning of the Plum Blossom Sword Saint, Chung Myung’s solitary struggle to save the thoroughly declining Mount Hua Sect.


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