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Novel Return of Mount Hua Sect Chapter 362

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Dung, dung, dung, dung!

The drums were very loud.

Chung Myung’s voice rang out loudly over the drumming.

“Shaolin Fist Art! Here in Xian, you have one last chance to learn about the world’s greatest power! The world’s best technique, which won the Murim Competition! Monk Hye Yeon will be your guide!”


People raised their voices in response as soon as the words were finished.

“An opportunity that you will never have again! If you enter Huayin Sect right now, you can take advantage of this opportunity!”

“Oh my God, I can learn the martial arts of Shaolin!”

“There is no Shaolin subsidiary sect in Xian!”

“Besides, you’ll be able to learn Mount Hua’s sword, so it’s really not like ditching and catching crayfish!”

The reaction exploded.

Can they be compared to Shaolin, which has been known as the Northern Head of Kangho for hundreds of years, no matter how much Mount Hua is rising now?

The greater a person’s knowledge of Kangho, the more distinct the difference in perception between the two sects. Shaolin is a sect that no passing child could be unaware of.

“If it’s monk Hye Yeon, isn’t he the one who will become Shaolin’s Bangjang in the future?”

“That’s right! That’s right! I’ve heard that he’s a talented person that’s hard to come by even once in hundreds of years! I can’t believe someone like that taught us martial art! Where in the world would we could go to have this luxury?”

People’s eyes began to swell.

This is a chance that cannot be obtained by entering Shaolin. Would Hye Yeon, who was favored by Shaolin, direct them even if they entered Shaolin?

It was a luxury that only a few of the Shaolin students could afford.

They can’t believe they can live in such luxury in this remote Xian subsidiary sect. Isn’t it the same as buying a grain of grain and getting a golden egg in return?

“I want to learn Fist Art!”

“You’re right! What’s the point of learning swordsmanship? We don’t usually carry swords! But it’s not just any Fist Art, they teach Shaolin’s Fist Art! I can’t miss this opportunity!”

Chung Myung smiled brightly as he watched the explosive reaction grow bigger and bigger without cooling down.

“Keueu, it’s Shaolin!”


‘Mount Hua? Southern Edge Sect?’

‘Ei. Come on.’

‘How can you bring Mount Hua or Southern Edge Sect to the shining splendor of Shaolin?’

But unlike Chung Myung, who was delighted with the situation, Hye Yeon’s face turned pale.

“Si- Siju!”


“Y- You can’t do this. Shaolin’s disciples can only learn Shaolin’s martial arts. I can’t teach others at will!”

“Tsk tsk tsk. Look at this child.”


Chung Myung twisted his face and clicked his tongue as if Hye Yeon was pathetic.

“He’s naive because he only lives in the mountains. Anyway, this is why disciples from prestigious sects are…”

Chung Myung sneaked up on Hye Yeon and wrapped his arms around the neck.

“I said you would teach them Shaolin Fist Art, but I didn’t say you would teach them Arhat Fist.”

“…Huh? Wha- What do you mean…….”

“What is Shaolin’s basic martial arts?”

“Of course, it’s Arhat Fist.”

“Right, but I didn’t say you’ll teach them Arhan Fist.”

Hye Yeon opened his eyes wide and looked at Chung Myung. It was hard to understand what he meant.

“What do you mean…….”

“Tsk tsk. Look at this jerk.”

Chung Myung whispered with a slightly serious face.

“Which disciple are you?”

“Of course, this monk is a disciple of Shaolin.”

“Right, you’re a disciple of Shaolin, and the martial arts you learn is Shaolin Fist Art. Even if you teach them Three Calamities Fist Art (삼재권법) spread out on the street, if Shaolin monks teach you, it still can be called Shaolin Fist Art. Isn’t it so?” (I guess it was a common martial method book that sold on the street.)

‘What nonsense is that?’

Looking at Hye Yeon’s face, Chung Myung just smiled pleasedly.

“So you just have to teach basic Fist Art. Do you understand?”

“Bu- But isn’t that a scam!”

“Oh my gosh, look at this monk? How could you claim this Dojang opinion was fraud? Are you asking for a beating!”

Hye Yeon blinked his eyes. But Chung Myung seemed to be okay with his reaction.

Chung Myung slightly loosened his arm around Hye Yeon’s neck and put his arms around the shoulder.

“Come on, smile, smile. People are watching. Quickly pretend to be friendly.”


“Don’t you understand what I’m saying? Pretend to be friendly. Smile!”


Hye Yeon started to laugh with an awkward face as the hand held onto his shoulder tightened.

And as they saw it, the tactless people admired it one after another.

“Oh! Doesn’t Chung Myung Dojang and monk Hye Yeon look pretty special?”

“That’s fascinating. It’s not easy for those two to get close because they matched against each other in the final round of the Murim Competition!”

“Oh my! There must be a deep relationship between a noble Taoist and a monk that no one like us knows! Aren’t those who recognize each other able to become friends regardless of relationships?”

“Exactly! It really is! Indeed!”

An indescribable strange expression appeared on Hye Yeon’s face.

And Baek Chun’s group, who was watching from behind, laughed pleasantly.

“He’s struggling.”

“It’s obvious that he’s being dragged away by a bully.”

“Wonder who it is.”

They could not help but feel sorry and sympathy for Hye Yeon, who was already starting to get into Chung Myung’s hands.

Why in the world would he walk in on his own…….

“No one is even suspicious.”

“Who would think that Shaolin’s Hye Yeon is being threatened. Of course, they would think the two were close.”

“What a world it is…….”

This scene is bound to look more amicable for those who do not know the circumstances.

“Come, Come! This is true!”

Chung Myung shouted resolutely.

“It’s not an opportunity that comes every day. We can’t receive disciples indefinitely, so if you’re going to enter, hurry up and get in line!”

At those words, the commotion grew louder.

“Please accept my appliance first!”

“It’s free for three months if you enter the sect, right?”

“What are you talking about?”

Chung Myung, who was standing with a kind face, suddenly glared his eyes.

“That was the story until yesterday! From now on, those who are entering and coming back in should pay!”

“…It was free until yesterday!”

“My boy was out two days ago, so shouldn’t you guys just accept him?”

“Did these yangbans sell their conscience! You went out on your own feet and came back without hesitation to get it for free… Eup! Eup!”


Hyun Young, who was watching the situation, reached out and covered Chung Myung’s mouth.

Then he slipped to the other disciples and began to explain instead.

“We’re working hard to invite monk Hye Yeon, so we can’t accept disciples for free as we’ve ever done. Instead, I’ll make sure you don’t waste your tuition.”

“Um. It’s not wrong. I’m learning from that monk Hye Yeon, but it doesn’t make sense if it’s for free!”

“I’m willing to pay a thousand gold to learn! How much! How much should I pay!”

“Me too! I’ll pay for it too! Please accept my child first!”

Chung Myung shook off Baek Chun’s hand covering his mouth and screamed.

“So-haeng-ah, take the customer! And now the tuition is paid in advance. Three months’ worth!”

“I- Is it still three nyang?”

“That’s ridiculous! It’s nine! From now on, the tuition will triple!”

“Yes, Dojang!”

Even though the tuition fee had tripled, the line didn’t seem to stop.

Literally, there are a lot of visitors.

Chung Myung looked at the scene with a proud face like a man with a golden calf in front of him.

“Threefold or whatnot, take my money!”


“Get out of my way! I’ll pay for a year’s tuition in advance! So please make sure to include my child!”


“Noisy! I’m going to put all five of my kids in at once and I’ll pay three years’ worth of tuition at once!”

“Kakakak! Kakakak!”


‘Money is rolling in!’

Hyun Young and Wei Lishan also didn’t know what to do. There was a stark difference from the other day when they were operating under the name of Mount Hua.

It’s indeed Shaolin!

No other sects in the world would beat Shaolin in fame.

“Oh, I didn’t know it was so easy to make money!”

‘When things didn’t work out, a godsend naturally……. No, the monk is rolling in!’

‘This is why you live! This is the taste!’

Chung Myung, who was full of joy, suddenly glared at his eyes and turned his head sideways. And he asked Hye Yeon.

“What are you doing?”


“People love you so much, so go out and show them your fist!”

At that moment, Hye Yeon’s face suddenly turned red as if on fire.

“…Si- Siju. I…….”

“The price of food!”


Chung Myung opened his ax eyes.

“The guy in the middle of nowhere, not even a beggar, trying to beg with your bare mouth! You have to pay for your meal!”

“T- That’s…….”

Hye Yeon looked at Chung Myung puzzled and eventually sighed deeply at the continued remark.

‘It’s a performance. This is also a performance.’

There is no way that Chung Myung would do this without any reason.

Didn’t he feel the weight inside Chung Myung himself, even though others didn’t know?

So for some reason…

‘No, is there really a reason?’


Hye Yeon, who eventually put everything down, stepped forward.

Looking at Hye Yeon slowly taking the posture of Arhat Fist, the crowd responded explosively.

“Hye Yeon Dojang is giving a demonstration!”

“Oh my gosh, I didn’t expect to see Shaolin Fist Art with my own eyes!”

“What the hell is going on? Southern Edge Sect hasn’t done this in decades! In less than 10 days, how can Mount Hua reach out to Shaolin!”

“It’s getting really interesting after Huayin Sect comes! It’s become so much fun! Hahahat!”

Hye Yeon slowly began to stretch his fists amidst the pouring roar.

Mount Hua’s disciples shook their heads together.

“This is how another one goes.”

“Look at him working hard in the meantime. That’s something to learn.”

“Poor thing.”

Baek Chun smiled as he listened to Yoon Jong, Jo-Gol, and Yoo Iseol.

“There’s a saying,

‘If I don’t go to hell, who else will?’

He is indeed a great monk.”

“…I think it’s a little different from that.”


‘In any case, it’s the same thing as hell.’

“Anyway, I think the problem is solved.”

“…even bad luck is luck…”

Mount Hua’s disciples looked at Chung Myung.

“Kakakak! Kakakak!”

“…What a ridiculous way to solve it. That venomous bastard.”

“I know.”

Mount Hua’s disciples sighed in unison.

“…Munju-nim, what should we do?”


Nam Jamyong’s face, who was watching the scene from afar, turned cold.

‘This is a stupid move!’

Hye Yeon, who is doing Fist Arts with a red face, and Chung Myung, who is holding his stomach and laughing behind, penetrated his eyes.

He has been through so many situations in his life, but he swears to God, that this was the first time he has ever seen anything so upsetting.

“Isn’t it impossible to suppress Huayin Sect directly….?”


Nam Jamyong’s face is completely distorted.

If Huayin Sect raised its momentum excessively, he was thinking of taking advantage of the absence of the disciples of Mount Hua and oppressing them or holding a demonstration under the name of the Southern Edge Sect.

However, it has become impossible as long as Shaolin’s disciple is in Huayin Sect.

No matter how much this is the hometown of the Southern Edge Sect, there is no strategy to press down on the place where Shaolin’s disciples are.

“Those cunning things! They can’t do it independently, so they invited Shaolin?”

“… It’s not even just random Shaolin, it’s Hye Yeon. Isn’t he the one Shaolin Bangjang so fond of, and also one who received people’s expectations as the future leader of Shaolin?”

“…Those worm-like things.”

Nam Jamyong grinds his teeth.

He was more enraged by Xian people cheering for Hye Yeon and Chung Myung than anything. How much and far has Southern Edge Sect done for them that they are so enthusiastic about outsiders?

“I was just trying to be patient!”

Nam Jamyong glared at the scene with ferocious eyes and looked like a snake.

“If they can’t understand it in words, we must let them know with their body! How gentle we have been all this time.”

“Are you going to hit Huayin Sect?”

“What a stupid thing to say! How can we deal with the aftermath if we touch where Mount Hua and Shaolin are together?”


“It is not Huayin Sect that needs to be struck.”

His eyes turned to the cheering people.

“I’ll make those who don’t even know what favor is pay the price.”

As Nam Jamyong’s eyes got colder and colder, everyone around him trembled.

‘Isn’t this going to get too big?’

‘It wasn’t supposed to be like this.’

But it’s already a sign.

Xian began to boil like a barrel of oil on a fire.

Without knowing that a crisis they had never experienced before was approaching.

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Return of Mount Hua Sect

Return of Mount Hua Sect

Return of the Blossoming Blade, Return of the Huashan Sect, Return of the Mount Hua Sect, RMHS
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Korean
The 13th generation disciple of the Great Mount Hua Sect. One of the Three Great Swordsmen. The Plum Blossom Sword Saint, Chung Myung. After slicing the head of the peerless Heavenly Demon, who threw the world into chaos, he slept an eternal sleep on the peak of the Hundred Thousand Great Mountains. Jumping over a hundred years, he comes back in the body of a child. But… what? Mount Hua declined? What the hell are you talking about!? It’s only natural to want to live if you’re going broke. “Decline? Even though I’m here? Who would dare!” Plum blossoms eventually fall. But when the cold winter passes and spring comes, plum blossoms shall bloom again. “But I’m gonna die first before Mount Hua gets revived! If you’re gonna go bust, might as well do it right, you bastards!” The beginning of the Plum Blossom Sword Saint, Chung Myung’s solitary struggle to save the thoroughly declining Mount Hua Sect.


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